Chapter 12:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

***Jules’ garden…***

The former god of Chersea was doing what usually does best, spending his time at the front of his laptop, playing games and downloading stuff from the internet. Beside him were several bottles of empty wine bottles, and plates of barbecue sticks.


He had been gaming ever since his ‘last’ talk with Kuro. Just as he was about to kill the boss he was running after, his laptop lid suddenly closed, much to his shock and utter disbelief.

“For his world that is about to be consumed, you sure have a lot of idle time to play those stupid games, and relax,” the Saint of the Flame, Seirna, finally made her presence known.

“Seirna, you don’t understand! That’s an ultra-rare boss that I spent days on hunting,” Jules couldn’t hide his frustration; he kept on slamming his table. “And you just ruined my game!”

Milord, more than that game, shouldn’t you be concerned about Chersea?”

Bah, I’m not its god anymore,” the former deity grabbed a wine bottle and chugged it down in one drinking. “Isn’t it the heavens appointed those saints to take care of that world? They already rejected me!” Jules kept on ranting and whining about the treatment he received before, while the Saint of the Flame listened.

Then, not wishing to continue listening to the former god’s tantrums, Seirna cleared her throat, “I got some news about that black-haired otherworlder.

At once, Jules straightened up, as if he just went from dead drunk to being sober. He put down his wine bottle, and tried to listen to what Seirna was about to say.

Milord, that man, Kuro, is now being held like a prisoner by the Human Saint.”

“Yes, I am aware of that,” Jules nodded. “I was talking to him a moment ago so, anything new?”

“And she’s keeping everyone away from him, even from his students.”

“Heh,” the former deity grinned, “Lady Madelaine really takes after her mother, huh? That accursed woman also chased out the other wives of the Duke of Rubinforth before.”

Then there was a moment of silence. Seirna watched just as Jules drank another bottle of wine.

“Seirna, you’re need something else from me?”



“What is your plan?”

“What do you mean? The plan is to save Chersea.”

“No, I mean…why are you so fixated on that black-haired otherworlder?

Oh, that?” Jules chuckled. “I find him interesting.”

“Aside that it’s the usual answer of anime villains when they’re asked the same question, is that all there is to it?”

“I want him to succeed me as the god of this world.”

“Then why do you hide things from him, milord?

“Hide?” the former god turned to the saint. “If that’s easy, Lady Seirna, I would’ve told him before already. However, Kuro has already been smitten by the Human Saint, and I’m afraid that between godhood and love, he will choose the latter. Look, I’ve already been betrayed—twice, milady, one when I was still human and the other when Cassandra David was fooled by that woman!”

“The Seductress, milord?

“Who else am I talking about here, but that vermin?”

“So, what are you plans for the otherworlder, milord? You can’t keep him in the dark forever.”

Oh, just you wait, Seirna,” Jules grinned. “I can feel her sinister presence, that Seductress. She’s about to show herself soon. And Kuro, he needs to step up his game if he wants to save everyone…well, make that almost everyone.”

“He’s only a mortal; it’s impossible!”

“Well, even us gods have the trouble in trying to save all. That’s what I want him to learn; the path to godhood is difficult and sorrowful. Though he didn’t wish for it, he can’t run from his fate forever. Sooner or later, Kuro will have to make the difficult choice.”

Seirna took a deep breath, then sighed, “I just hope that his ultimate decision is what you expect, milord. After all, it is he who taught Cassandra David her ideals…”