Chapter 14:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

***The Holy Palatial Gardens…***

For several days after the incident at the Academy, the dullness of the color grey filled the entire palatial gardens, from its huge cathedral curtains, down to the ribbons tied on the pillars of the smallest of gazebos. The paladins also closed the holy complex from any visitors, both common folk and from the nobility.

“The month already ended almost a week ago! When will Her Holiness conduct her mass?”

“Shh! Can’t you see? Everyone here is in official mourning!”

“Mourning? That’s just the Commoner General, and it’s not like he’s dead! I get that he’s a hero, but why do we have to mourn so much for him?”

“Careful! The servants and paladins of Her Holiness might be listening!”


“They love the man. At least have some respect.”

“…” Eris took a deep breath, and sighed. As much as she was offended by what she heard, she had to keep herself from confronting those nuns talking about the Saint and her master. It’s not like they were wrong, anyway. Her Holiness had been neglecting her duties as Chersea’s most revered holy leader, while never leaving the Lord Kuro’s bedside.

In any case, she should just ignore those petty talks, and hurry to his room. She’s in-charge of bringing the food there, for now.

As she neared the guest house, Eris couldn’t help but take notice of the increased security checkpoints, accorded by the Paladin Corps. In contrast to the rest of the palatial gardens, the place where the Lord Kuro’s room was located looked like an army camp, with tents and banners erected, and provisions positioned around the building.


And as if it was not enough, there were squads of paladins patrolling inside the hallways of the guest house. The only ‘private’ place was the room of her master, but even then, Her Holiness the Saint and another servant (usually it was the Head Maid) remained on a vigil.

Ah, Lady Braunhauer!”

“!!!” the young maidservant stopped in her tracks the second she heard someone call her. Turning around, she saw the ambassador of the Queen of Cherwind, Chief Gislaine, along with another person, and a maidservant from the Saint’s Palace.

“Lady Braunhauer,” the servant hurried to Eris, her face was visibly distressed, and she spoke in whispers. “The ambassador of the Queen of Cherwind keeps on insisting that she meets with Her Holiness, even though we told her that we are not accepting visits. What should we do?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take it from here, Lady Segova,” Eris reassured her. “Please go back to your duties.”

Relieved, the maidservant curtsied before she left. Now alone together, Chief Gislaine wasted no time in telling Eris her purpose, “Lady Braunhauer, can we request a meeting with Her Holiness the Human Saint? It’s been days since we sent a letter, yet we still have to receive an answer.”

“My apologies Lady Gislaine, but Her Holiness won’t accept anyone in her presence for now; not even her father,” Eris bowed. “It would be best to wait for the saint to send an official reply to your request.”

“I…haa…Look, I understand Her Holiness the Human Saint’s feelings,” the Eagle chief replied. “But you also have to know, the Lord Kuro is forever our ruler—Cherwind’s king. Any offense done to him is an affront to my queen, our people, and our kingdom. So, as one of his faithful subjects, I request to personally see his condition.”

Eris could feel the pressure being exerted on her by Chief Gislaine. However, as someone who’s assigned as a servant to the Lord Kuro of Arles, she had no power to allow or forbid any visit. But then, the envoy from Cherwind had no intention of backing down either.

She has to pick her words carefully…

“Chief Gislaine! Your presence is a welcome sight in the hour of our mourning!”

“!!!” Everyone’s attention fell on the other person who appeared behind Eris, no other than the Head Maid, Lily.

Ah, Your Highness, just in time!” the Eagle chief smiled.

Eris could finally take a breather, now that the one who’s in authority had arrived. Nevertheless, she remained with them for a while.

“I was wondering what’s taking Her Holiness’ food for so long, so I came out to find Lady Braunhauer,” Lily explained. “I didn’t expect that we’re going to have a visitor today. Anyway, Her Holiness has forbidden visits for now, Lady Gislaine. It’s unfortunate, but you have to turn back.”

“Your Highness, as I told Lady Braunhauer, the Lord Kuro of Arles is our king—whether or not he stepped down. What happens to him affects our kingdom as well. I hope you understand, but we request—no, we demand—to see his condition after that incident at your school.”

Lily fell silent for a few moments, pondering on her options. Nevertheless, since the Chief Gislaine kept on insisting—and had no intention of giving up, she finally allowed an exception. “Alright, Lady Gislaine, we’ll allow you to see him, but only for a short time. However, my I know who is the gentleman with you?”

Oh, right, I almost forgot. He’s Sir Melchor Gavelotte, head of Her Majesty the Queen of Cherwind’s Research Ministry,” the Eagle chief told them. “Our queen sent him to check on His Majesty’s condition, and see if we can do something about it.”

“That would be most helpful!” Lily nearly clapped her hands in happiness, yet they could still trace hints of exhaustion in her smile. “Please come with us.”


When they arrived at the façade of the guest house where Kuro was staying, Lily, Eris, Chief Gislaine and their companion came upon a commotion. The paladins were gathering, some of them were running around the hallways, and suffocating tension hung in the air.


Lily and Eris exchanged worried looks, and they hurried to Kuro’s room, leaving the food cart Eris was in-charge with. However, just as they approached the corridor near his place, they were blocked by masses of paladins standing guard.

“What’s happening?” Eris asked a nearby paladin.

“Someone broke into the Lord Kuro’s room!” she answered. “And we’re guarding this area, Lady Braunhauer.”

“What?!” Lily nearly shouted. At that moment, however, Chief Gislaine came swooping down, picked Lily and Eris, flew above the paladin patrols, and landed in front of the doors to Kuro’s room. It was already wide open, as some paladins had come inside as well.

“Master, don’t die on me!” was the ear-splitting scream that came from the room.

Lily, Eris and Chief Gislaine squeezed themselves through the paladin crowd to see what’s going on. Much to their pleasant disbelief, they saw Her Holiness the Beastman Saint, Ruro of the Wolf, together with the Human Saint, sitting on Kuro’s bed. Ruro held her unconscious master in her arms, while Maddie tried her best to get the Beastman Saint to leave him alone.

Err…any context of what’s happening?” Lily asked the paladin beside her.

“Her Holiness the Beastman Saint broke into the windows, Your Highness. She escaped our patrols.”

Well, that’s the Beastman Saint for you, Lily thought. Aside from her god-powers, Lady Ruro was a member of the ‘almost’ extinct Wolf tribe, famous for their running speed and shape shifting abilities.

“Maaaasteeeeeer!” the Beastman Saint shook Kuro, in a futile effort to wake him.

“You might break his neck, Ruro! Stop it!” Maddie cried out in horror.

“At least mate with me before you die!” Ruro never paid attention to her saint friend, “I want many of your children; I still have to rebuild my tribe, Kurooo!!!” That last part nearly became a howl; good thing the Beastman Saint kept herself from howling, or it would not be pleasant to the ears.

“Kuro’s not dying!” the Human Saint insisted. “And I will get his first, not you! I’m his first wife!”

“…” Everyone else watching either turned their heads away, or silently let themselves out of the room. But in any case, seeing the two most holy saints bicker over the most trivial of things was a welcome respite from the gloomy days that followed that incident at the Academy.


***Somewhere in Chersea…***

Umberto could not lift his face. Fear had gripped his heart for the first time after a long while. In front of him was the hooded leader of the ‘Knights of Cassandra David’, seated on his wheeled chair as if it was his personal throne, still as intimidating as ever. Around them were the other high-ranking members of the ‘movement’, who stood quietly as if silently judging him.


The silent treatment continued for a few moments, until someone eventually broke the ice, “Milord, not only did this foolish human lose the weapons we gave him, he also failed to kill the Human Saint, greatly delaying our plans.”

“Yes, milord, I confirm our brother’s report. The best of our weapons are now in the hands of the humans, and that accursed saint is still living!” another one spoke, backing up the first speaker’s claims. “I recommend we throw this useless man in Cerberus’ den.”

Umberto’s heart almost stopped when that terrible monster, the three-headed Cerberus, was mentioned. Everyone who deals with the ‘Knights’ knew that once someone was flung into its den, the victim would be devoured to its last bone, as if they didn’t exist. It was a cruel punishment meant for incompetence, dating back in the old ages of the demons. The practice was revived by the Knights to include any dissenting faction, or for the ‘useless’ members within their ‘movement’.

He may have been prepared to die, but not in that way…

“Bu-But, milord—

“Silence, foolish human!” the first member interrupted. “How dare you show your pitiful face in front of our lord after that pathetic failure! And you went further by opening your senseless mouth? Have some shame!”

“Let’s not be too hard on him,” the leader of the Knights finally intervened. “Poor exiled Amaranthine prince Umberto Benicci might’ve failed this time, but to think that he could wound that saint is something already. Maybe give him a few more tries and encouragement, and he will be successful.”

“Y-Yes, milord,” Umberto’s accusers immediately backed down. “We will desist from our uncouth behavior at once.”

The former Imperial spy chief felt he could finally breathe free. However…

“Aargh!” a painful, burning sensation suddenly shot through his injured arm. The feeling quickly became so unbearable, he went down to his knees, with his fingers burying deep into his flesh, and sweat fell from his head like tears.

“Your Highness, the former prince of Amaranth,” the leader of the Knights slowly approached him. “I don’t think you can relax, even though I vouched for you. You still owe us an explanation why—even though we taught you to use that accurate ‘sniper rifle’—can’t you kill the saint?”

As much as Umberto wanted to speak and defend himself, the burning pain was so intense he couldn’t open his mouth. He kept on biting his lips, in a vain effort to ease his suffering.

Then, the sensation suddenly stopped.

“…” The former prince, though with great difficulty, picked up himself. Deep within him, he was regretting his decision to lend a hand to Seirna, when she approached him to enlist his help in infiltrating the ‘Knights’. However, when he regained his composure, the thoughts of regret dissipated; he couldn’t afford to get caught, or die here…

Between humans and demons, Umberto will always side with his people.

“Speak,” the leader of the Knights ordered. “Tell us why we shouldn’t feed you to the Cerberus?”

Milord, though you provided knowledge in using that ‘sniper rifle’, I found out that its bullets would change its mark once you fire it from longer distances,” he explained. “There was a significant drop in its trajectory if the target is out of a bow’s reach.”

“Are you saying that our lord’s instructions are wrong?” the first member who accused him earlier blurted out.

“Forgive me, but I never said it was wrong,” the human countered. “That sniper rifle is just unwieldy—”

“You insolent—”


The member that was about to attack Umberto suddenly froze, like a stone statue. Everyone was shock at the turn of events; nevertheless, the leader of the Knights was unfazed.

“I apologize for his behavior. Some members of our movement can get way too zealous for their own good,” he chuckled. “In any case, I cast a petrifying spell on him. It’ll wear off in a bit, but please, do continue on your explanation.”

“Y-Yes…” Umberto’s eyes never left the petrified demon as he continued where he left off. “As I said before, on longer distances, the bullet never goes to the center of the telescope, as intended. When I tried to shoot the Human Saint’s head, she was hit on her stomach instead, at the left side. Trying to confirm what I just witnessed, I fired another shot, which did the same and hit a clay pot nearby.”

The demon leader remained silent; his hand rested on his chin as if listening intently on Umberto’s words. When he finished his story, the demon did nothing; it seemed like the leader of the Knights were expecting more from him. The former prince was quick to pick up his hint, so Umberto added another information.

“It’s the same with the ‘revolvers’ you gave us, milord. When we ambushed the saint’s servant, the Commoner General Lord Kuro of Arles, one of my men aimed at one of the paladins’ head. Instead, she was hit on the neck.”

“Are you sure you’re telling us the truth, human?” asked another member.

“He is, don’t worry,” the leader of the Knights reassured the others. Then, without warning, a spectral monster with seven snake-like heads appeared behind him, terrifying everyone inside the secret chamber. “If not, then my familiar here would’ve devoured him.”

Umberto was utterly horrified by the demon leader’s revelation. Honestly, he wasn’t aware that this person had something like that—a monster that could see through lies and deceit, a power akin to the blessings given only to the saints. His desire to leave that place as soon as possible grew stronger. He was afraid he would get caught; for he couldn’t be sure for how long he could keep up the pretense with that creature around.



“I trust your report,” the demon leader then turned to the nearest ‘Knight’ and nodded. The lower-ranked member brought out a bag of gold coins, and threw it at Umberto’s feet. “I know your men were killed back at that school. That’s money to hire for replacements; I want you to monitor the Human Saint once again.”

“T-Thank you for your chance, milord.


“Need something else, milord?

“This mythical monster from another realm, they call it ‘Hydra’. I believe I told you earlier that it can see through lies.”

“Yes, you did.”

The leader of the Knights nodded, “But do you know? This familiar of mine cannot know a person’s true motives; what his mind is thinking. The real reason someone would do—and pursue—something he sets his eyes on.”

“What do you mean, milord?

“Anyone can say, or claim that they hate someone, or even act as if they really are after their stated goals. The Hydra would see through spoken words, but it will never detect what’s really in the heart of a person. However…”

“!!!” The demon leader’s familiar suddenly extended one of its ugly heads close to Umberto’s face, unnerving him.

“I can always find out the answers, Umberto. Be careful where you place your loyalties; we demons never forgive traitors.”


The leader of the Knights then retreated into the darkness, followed by the other members of the demon movement. As for Umberto, when he realized he narrowly missed being killed, he picked up the bag of gold coins and hurried out of that dreary chamber.



This was…my own table. And this was…if I remember right, the faculty room of my old school on Earth.

What am I doing here?


And these trinkets at the tabletop, these were the gifts I received from my students every ‘Teacher’s Day’. I tried confirming whether these were real, and…

Whoa! These are real, indeed!


My eyes went around. What I immediately noticed was that I was wearing the white polo we teachers were required to wear every Monday, as part of our uniforms. Then, I saw my co-teachers, busy with their own responsibilities and silently typing in front of their laptops.

“Hey, sir!”

“Wha—” I nearly jumped in surprise when someone tapped my shoulder. Turning around, I saw my office friend, Sir Michael, standing behind me with a huge grin on his face.

“Are you alright?” he asked, quite surprised at my reaction. “What? It’s the first day of classes, and you’re already tired?”

Huh? First day of class? I immediately reached for my pocket, and stared at my phone’s screen. The date clearly said ‘June 4, Monday’. Yep, it’s really the start of the school-year. But, wait, I remember I’m at the school in Chersea…


Chersea…what is that?

“Oi!” I was brought back to my senses by Sir Michael. “Your mind is clearly flying!”

Uh, yeah…but, who’s Kuro?” I muttered.

“Kuro? That name sounds like anime, sir! Let me guess, you’re watching your anime shows ’till the wee hours in the morning?”

“Sir Michael,” another co-teacher of mine, Ma’am Ling, entered the conversation. “You know he’s always watching those anime girls with big tiddies; you don’t have to ask that basic question!”

They both laughed, though I could only manage a smile. Well, it’s not that they’re insulting me. In fact, I was a well-known ‘weaboo’ teacher in my school. I carried anime pins on my teacher’s uniform with pride; the good result of it was the students were open to me. However…

I feel like I’m missing something. There are names floating in my head, like Eris, Lily, and Maddie…and I don’t know who they are!

“Sir Michael, looks like Sir Greg is really shaken.”


Ah, I know it’s the dreaded first day of classes, Sir Greg,” Sir Michael put his hands on my shoulder. “I can feel your fear, but how about we eat some burger after class, huh?


“What are you saying?” my co-teachers chuckled. “You hit your head, or something? Your name is Greg Santos, right? Don’t tell me you have amnesia!”

Greg Santos. This is my…true name.

Oi, Sir Greg,” our guidance counselor suddenly entered the faculty and stood beside my table. “Here’s your subject schedule for this school year, Filipino 8, right?”

I just nodded as I was handed a small piece of paper with the itinerary. Honestly, I felt like everything happening around me was surreal.

Oh, and you’re also the adviser of Class Ruby; our granny principal decided just now,” she added before she went to other teachers.

I’m…an adviser? And that last section of the eighth grade, too? Well, shit…


It was the custom of our school to have the adviser meet his/her class at the first hour of the first day of classes. Our principal reasoned that the homeroom teachers should lay down the ‘house rules’ first thing before other subject teachers come; it was our arrangement ever since.

In other terms, we advisers are in-charge of telling the students who’s the boss in this place.

As for me, the decision of becoming Class Ruby’s homeroom teacher came in late; their original adviser was pregnant, and was expecting delivery soon. So she had to take a two-month maternity leave—enough to cover one term, passing the responsibility to me. Well, fuck, I was not really prepared for the role. Imagine my shock when I was given my students’ master name list, and found 80 young souls under my guidance.

Yes, that’s 80 people. And it’s slightly better than my other years, some of which reached 100 students in one class.

Fuck, 80 kids…you got to be shitting me!” (1)

I could only shake my head as I dragged my feet to my classroom, knowing full well that for the next hour, I would deal with 80 ill-mannered students.

Well, Class Ruby is not labeled the ‘last section’ for nothing…

See, it was the start of June, meaning that summer was about to end. However, in my country, the end of summer was no cause for a celebration. The days—especially in the afternoon, at the start of our classes—were torturously hot. And, as if to add to our woes, our school’s classrooms were built to accommodate 30-45 students, but because of stupid policies from the higher-ups, we had to fit all 80 children inside.

I think the only class that doesn’t reach the 80-student population is the top section, Diamond. They only got a manageable 67 kids…


And so, it was not a surprise to me that when I reached the door of my classroom, I was immediately greeted by the humid and stuffy atmosphere inside. Adding to the suffering was the smell of sweat, perfumed powder, and cologne mixed together.

The students are all drenched in sweat, though we have seven electric fans inside.

“So, uh, this is Ruby?” I asked; yes, I’m aware it was the right room. However, I needed something to break the ice.

“Yes, sir!” they answered in unison.

“Well, alright,” once I settled in, I took a marker and wrote my name on the whiteboard. “I’m sure a lot of you knows me already, since I’ve been the teacher in this room when you’re in seventh grade. But for those who don’t, I’m Greg Santos, the most handsome teacher in this school, according to my mother.”

Upon hearing that, the students laughed and cheered. I knew that it’s just a joke—me being handsome and shit, but at least, I’m having cracking jokes, just as my class was enjoying my presence as well.

“To those students who don’t believe my words, tell me your names so I can fail you,” I jested.

Another round of laughter.

“Anyway, before we proceed to the roll call, let me welcome you to hell—I mean, our school! We always take pride in competing with the actual hell when it comes to the temperature inside, and the deathly smell.”

By that time, the students were comfortable; they were clapping their hands as they laughed like there’s no tomorrow.

“Okay, so our class got some 80 snotty-nosed brats, eh? Let’s begin our roll call then!” I brought out my master list. “When your name is mentioned, you can raise your hand, or act like a slipper, so I can see who the fuck are you.” (Pardon the colorful language, it’s just my way of getting close to them.)

The cheers were deafening, as if my class was in the presence of a celebrity. But I had to tell them to be silent so as the other rooms won’t be disturbed. When my class settled down, I called the first name on my list.

“John Mark, are you here bruh?(Yes, I call them on a first name basis. I only use their last names if another classmate has the same name.)

The roll call went on for a while, since I had to read all 80 names. Everyone was present, but there were some students who had to be called twice, because their minds were flying off somewhere.

“Whew!” When I finished, I was about to read my ‘house rules’, but our guidance counselor suddenly showed up at my door.

And yes, her face tells me she got some bad news.

“Sir Greg.”


“Sorry to interrupt your class, but we’re still accepting late enrollees.” (2)

“Don’t tell me…”

She nodded, though I could tell from her expression that she was giving me some sympathy. Nevertheless, the guidance counselor gave me the papers of our new student.

“The other class are also brimming full,” she explained. “So, as the only one with 80 students, I put her under your guidance.”

I took out the new student’s report card from her seventh grade, and looked for the name. “You’re…Alexa, huh?

She just nodded; there was never a word from her lips. Looks like this girl is a snob.

“I’m Sir Greg, and welcome to my section, Ruby.”

“…” Still, deafening silence.

Oh well, just find some vacant chair somewhere and bring it inside our room. We got no spare for you, see?”

“I’m sorry, sir, but all the chairs in our school are not available anymore,” the guidance counselor revealed. “Haa…see, the enrollment this year is so unreasonable. We’re still struggling with the late enrollees and their entitled parents, some of their kids have to sit on the floor!”

“Hooh…” Well, not that I could do something about it. But in any case, I could tell that Alexa’s a neat kid, so that ‘floor option’ was not for her. Likewise, I won’t dare ask a student to give up his/her seat for her—that would be unfair.

“Just give her some makeshift mat and have her sit on the floor,” the guidance counselor suggested. “Alright, sir, I’ll leave you guys for now to check on the other rooms!”

And just like that, she ran from her responsibility, as usual.


“Hey, get my chair and use that instead,” I offered. “I’m used to standing for long hours, anyway.”

“But, sir…” Alexa finally spoke, and she was uncomfortable with my suggestion.

Heh, a teenage girl has to be clean with her body at all times, or she’ll be susceptible to diseases,” I winked. “And sitting on the floor isn’t hygienic, you know?”

“Th-Thank you sir!” Alexa lowered her head as she followed my instruction, obviously hiding her embarrassed face. She dragged my chair towards the spot she wanted.

Meanwhile, I returned to my class, “Alright, boys and girls of my cult—I mean, my section. It seems like we are blessed with a new classmate, at the very first day of school. Please welcome, Miss Alexa Cassandra David!”

Author's Note:  (1) Public schools in the Philippines typically don't follow the international standard, with a classroom population that can reach as high as 100 students. This is because of government policies regarding education budget, population control, and domestic immigration (from rural provinces to urban cities). I experienced handling 100 students in one section, and it's not easy.

(2) Because of unreasonable government policies on our education system, we still have to accept late enrollees even though it's been a week after the start of classes. Yes, I know what some of you are thinking, and no, we can't refuse the parents, or the government will punish us. We teachers are forced to do impossible arrangements to accommodate their demands.