Chapter 15:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

Alexa Cassandra David…


Cassandra David. Now, where did I hear that name again? It felt like there were a lot of things missing in my mind. Something that made me feel nostalgic. Something melancholic. Something painful…


“Sir Greg?”


My senses returned when I felt someone gently push my shoulder. It was then that I realized, I was in the middle of talking to Alexa. Lunch break was in progress, and instead of spending my time inside our faculty room, I would head out and play around, or have an idle chat, with our students. If I remember right, I saw Alexa eating alone, so I sat beside her to check on her, leading to the current situation.

“Sir, you’re spacing out again.”

“I do?”

She nodded. Alexa may be a snob, quite ill-tempered at times, but she’s pretty observant of the people around her. In fact, she could tell if a person was true or just pretending to get along for the sake of it.

“Well, returning to what we’re talking earlier, how’s your life?”


“I’m asking how are you?” I pointed to her left arm, which had a handkerchief wrapped around it. “You can’t hide that slash wounds from me, see? I’ve seen a lot of my old students do that when they’re going through something.”

My student fell silent and continued to eat her lunch. Then she stopped and laughed a little.

“You didn’t hit your head on something, girl?” I jokingly asked. “Why did you laugh suddenly?”

“Sir Greg, I really can’t hide anything from you, ’no?

“More like, my students can’t hide much from me,” I countered, “I’m always on the watch for sad kids, see? I don’t want to lose friends anymore.”


“Yeah…” I took a sip from the soda can I had in my hand. “So, why did you hurt yourself again?”

Another round of silence. Though the laughing noises of the other students on break filled the air around us, Alexa and I were in a world of our own.

“My stepmom…”


Alexa took a deep breath, obviously trying to fight back the tears, “She got angry at me again earlier this morning, and slapped me.”


“Well, she says I’m not helping in house chores,” she revealed. “I mean, yes, I know I’m not helpful, but does she have to tell me that I shouldn’t have been born? Did I even wish to be born?”

It was my turn to be silent. I just let her pour out her emotions.

“I want to find my mother. I want to ask her why she left me with my stepmother…”

I gave her a head pat, “Ah, I can’t blame you for that, you know? Those words are really harsh.”

“See? I’m right, sir!”

“Indeed,” I nodded. “However, you also have to consider, why they got angry with you.”

“I’m not helping with the house chores.”

“Exactly,” I grinned at her. “You know our parents; if we don’t get our sorry asses moving, we end up with some ass whooping.”

We both shared a laugh at that. Then Alexa continued on her story, “Well, the reason I wasn’t able to help with the chores is that, I was busy studying, even pulling an all-nighter yesterday, sir! That I’m not that smart like the other students, so I have to study hard to pass.”

“Yeah, I understand; that’s why I don’t believe that you’re someone that shouldn’t have been born.”

“Thanks for the words of consolation, Sir.”

“No, I’m telling you the truth!” I countered. “You may not be aware of this, but you see, you’re one of the students that has made a mark on me.”

“What do you mean, Sir?”

Heh, you know how much of jackasses your classmates are, right? But really, I appreciate how you try your best to help me even though you claim that you’re not that intelligent. For me, as a teacher, I think a good heart is better than a smart mind, though it would be better if one has both.”

“Hoh…” Alexa stared at me like I said something bad. “So, you’re really saying that I’m an idiot, is that it?”

“You’re kind.”

“So, I’m an idiot.

“Again, you’re really kind, Alexa.”

We burst into laughter. Alexa knew what I meant, and she’s aware of her limitations as well. We may trade insults from time to time, but it’s how we talk as friends…



“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“There’s none, and I will not get a student for a girlfriend.”

Oh, where did you get your confidence? Mind if you give me some?” she had a mocking look on her face. However, she turned serious moments later, “No, sir, I mean…if ever you get married, would you like to have a teenage daughter?”

“What? You want me to adopt you?”

Alexa chuckled, “Well, if only you’d want to.”

Then her words hit me. She may be smiling when she said that, but I could see the sadness in Alexa’s eyes. Her proposal might be covered in jest; nevertheless, her idea was serious. I could only sigh, “Alright, that is, if the girl I love would accept me.”

“She will! And don’t forget about me.”

“You really want to become my daughter that much?”

She nodded. “Sir, honestly, you’ve been treating me like your daughter, and I really appreciate that. You’re a family to me, much more than my stepparents. My attendance this eighth grade was perfect, because I always wanted to come to your class!”

“I-I see…thanks…” I couldn’t help but to blush. For a teacher, hearing those words from your students was like coffee…it gets us going. It’s much better than the superficial awards given by our higher-ups in stiff, formal ceremonies every end of the school year.

“Well, sir, I guess I’m going back to our room,” Alexa then cleaned the table where she was eating. “Thank you for talking to me!”

Ah, yes…” the fluttery feeling was still in my heart, but I called out to her. “Alexa, wait!”


“Be strong, alright? Don’t hurt yourself ever again!”

Alexa’s surprise on her face was clear. However, she understood what I meant, and smiled. “I will, Paps!


Sir Greg!”

“Wh-What?” I nearly jumped from surprise; but then, I realized this was another scenery.

“You’re finally awake, eh?” it was Sir Michael, giving me a cup of coffee. Apparently, I fell asleep on the chair I was sitting upon. “I think you’re tired; you should get some rest when you come home. Think you can still drive your motorcycle?”

“W-Where are we?”

My co-teacher threw a long stare at me, as if he couldn’t believe what he just heard. But then, he tapped my shoulder and said, “We’re at the funeral of one our students. Can’t you remember? She’s your former advisory class student, Alexa David. She’s been missing for a year now, and she was declared dead recently.”

“!!!” Hearing those words made my stomach churn; it’s as if I was punched in the gut. Alexa…she’s one of those students who made a lasting impact on me. That girl had always been longing for her real parents, though her mother abandoned her when she was young, and she never saw her father. I always check on her arms, for she would slash herself whenever she’s depressed, and would give her an earful if she did it.

“Sir, you’ve been treating me like your daughter, and I really appreciate that.”

“You’re a family to me, much more than my stepparents.”

“My attendance has always been perfect because I wanted to come to your class…”

Those words of hers kept on repeating in my mind, as I walked towards her empty coffin. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, messages of condolences, and topped with her picture where she was smiling, the distance between my seat and the coffin was short, but it felt like an eternity to reach there.

Now, everything went back to me. A month after I quit my job as a teacher, I heard the news that Alexa was missing. The police launched a search for her, but it was all in vain. However, a year later, someone found pieces of her clothing and other belongings in some hidden place near their house, though the authorities never saw her body.

She was declared dead soon after that.


Though she was not my real family, I always treated her like one.

I can’t believe I lost another friend tragically…


When my senses returned, I discovered that I already left Alexa’s wake, and I was standing at the façade of my apartment. In my hand was the key to my door, which I was trying to open. How and when did I come here was a blank sheet within my memories, as if I skipped a lot of events.

Maybe this is the effect of my depression.


For almost a year after I became jobless, I’d been seeing a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and it really affected my life. No work, no friends, and my own family was far from me. Then a close friend just died in the most tragic manner. It was a sad, lonely existence.


I finally unlocked my apartment, and stumbled inside. Fortunately, I could pay for this place because of financial support from my parents, since they were still hoping that I’m doing my best to find a job, even though it was far from the truth.


Heh, hope, huh? Finding work?

I looked around the cramped place I now call my ‘house’. The trinkets and certificates screaming to anyone who happened to look that I’m the best teacher chosen by the students of our school occupied the best and easily-seen spots of my apartment. Some of those were even framed, or laminated.

Best teacher…eh? Is it really true?


I, who had to quit my work because I’m afraid to die, is the best teacher? That’s bullshit!


Yes, I was scared. Though I claimed to care for my students, or ready to stand with them, the truth was, I said those things in an effort to increase my popularity…my way of grandstanding. I’m just a coward who wanted to save his ass when the real threat of death was knocking at my door. I left those who relied on me in the middle of trouble…


My eyes fell inadvertently on the box of medicines nearby. Inside were a variety of medicines; strong pills for my mental condition, as well as tablets for common diseases. With everything around me falling apart, I could only think of one thing…

This time, I’m not afraid to die…


“!!!” someone called my name from somewhere. I looked around, for it was a loud voice, as if a person said that right beside me. But except from me, my room was empty; not even a shadow. Where that voice came from, I don’t know; all I could guess was it was from a girl.

Is that Alexa, making her presence known from the afterlife?

My vision suddenly went dark just before I opened the medicine box. I was frozen; I never attempted to move, as the long, silent darkness embraced me. And then, I realized, everything that I saw just now were only dreams…Greg Santos’ dreams.

But, who is Kuro?

“Kuro, please come back…”

I am Greg Santos, and those are my memories.

“I love you Kuro…please open your eyes.”

Who is Kuro?

“We’re always beside you, Kuro. We miss you…”

I’m not…Kuro. I am Greg Santos.


I am…

“!!!” At that moment, a small white appeared, far from where I was. As it slowly drew nearer, it grew bigger, until it filled my eyes with blinding brightness. And before I knew it, I was already staring at a white ceiling, with several faces looking down at me.

“Kuro!” the beautiful girl with silver hair and silvery-blue eyes spoke. Though she smiled, tears were about to fall from her eyes…but why?

“I am…” I wanted to correct her, so I muttered, “…I am Greg Santos.”


***In some grassy plains somewhere in Chersea…***

“Looks like Kuro got your arm good, Umberto.”

“Yeah, it’s really…argh! Careful with that! It’s painful!”

“I guess only the Human Saint can heal this kind of wound.”

“Don’t fuck with me, Your Holiness; I’d rather have it amputated than rely on that woman!”

Hmm…that’s quite a statement, huh? Even when your arm is swollen.” the Saint of the Flame, Seirna, smirked as she gently let go of Umberto’s arm. “Well, if you die, I can always resurrect you.”

“I shouldn’t have helped you when you approached me,” he countered. “You can’t even heal my injuries, Your Holiness!”

“My authority is over life itself, not healing injuries,” Seirna couldn’t hide the irritation in her voice.

Oh yeah? Then why won’t you resurrect my family?” the former prince of Amaranth jested.

“Their spirits have departed to the otherworld, Umberto,” the saint countered. “You can’t make me go there and fetch their souls! My god-power has its limits!”

Tch. Useless saint, just like the others.”

“I heard that.”

Umberto let out a hearty laugh, while Seirna watched beside him, a little annoyed. Nevertheless, as she could see inside his thoughts, she knew that the former prince didn’t mean what he said. His goal in helping her was different, anyway. Although he had fought against the Human Saint before, Umberto’s concern for humans, his people, never changed…that’s why he served the Emperor in the first place! He shared the Emperor’s belief that only a unified humanity could stand a chance against the other races—especially the demons, when the time for conflict comes.

“The Knights wanted me to come back and observe the Human Saint,” Umberto revealed.

“Yes. The Lord Gaius never gave me any guidance as of late, so I guess he would ask the same of you.”

A round of silence. Umberto spoke nothing for a while; likewise, Seirna was waiting for him to say something. But then, the former prince sighed, and broke the ice…

“Your Holiness…”

“I’m telling you, the Lord Gaius may like him, but I’ll never forgive that black-haired man from another world for what he did to me.”

“Well, I don’t know,” Umberto chuckled. “The Lord Kuro of Arles is a formidable enemy; I could tell that he’s a person worthy of my respect.”

“What, he just defeated you a few times, and you’re liking him already?”

“That’s not it, Your Holiness. Have you noticed? That man has already united two realms under his name, and here we are working under the shadows to protect them, because the Lord Gaius told us so.”

“What are you trying to imply, Umberto?”

“I think, if the circumstances are different, we would have been great friends.”

“Pfft,” Seirna couldn’t keep herself from laughing. “Alright, I understand that you’re respecting your enemy. Nevertheless, it is different for me; I’m only here because the Lord Gaius said so. Under a normal situation, I would’ve killed him.”

“Well, it’s not my business to know your reasons, Your Holiness,” Umberto then turned away from the saint. “As for me, what I’m trying to say is that, this man…the Lord Kuro of Arles, may be the person this world needs after the Lord Gaius. I’m just concerned that we may be barking at the wrong tree.”

“Cease that kind of talk,” she countered. “Our only chance to survive being corrupted by ‘the Seductress’ lies in the Lord Gaius. He’s the god of this land, and of the other realms; no one else can fight back ‘her’ malign influence but him! How can a puny human—not even of this world—equal his greatness?”

Seeing that Seirna would never change her opinion, the former prince of Amaranth did not raise the topic anymore. He just continued from walking away from the Saint of the Flame, and onto the dirt road a few distances away from their spot.

“Umberto!” Seirna called out to him.


“That enemy you admire, Kuro, he’s currently unconscious after your attack in his school. Did you do something to him?”

“Nothing that I remember…”

“Not that I care for that guy, but…” Seirna turned her head towards the direction of the Holy Palatial Gardens, “…I think we’re about to march into the middle of a storm.”


***The Holy Palatial Gardens…***

The news about the Lord Kuro regaining his consciousness spread like wildfire in the whole palatial complex. The grey ribbons and curtains were quickly brought down. Armies of maidservants, and paladins, flocked into the guest house where the Commoner General was staying, eager to see and confirm the news.

Unlike the dull and heavy atmosphere before, the Holy Palatial Gardens was now in a celebratory mood. Bells in the Saint’s Cathedral were rung, and there were even impromptu festivities in the nearby town of Arles. The townsfolk thanked the heavens and their saint for the Commoner General’s recovery; free food and wine flowed into the streets, much to the delight of its visitors.


Inside the guest house itself was chaotic. Days earlier, the retinue of the Queen of Cherwind, Lady Ursura, arrived along with the Orphans—Kuro’s ‘tribe’ back in the realm of the Beastmen. Adding to the crowd were the guard details of the Queen of Amaranth, Lady Jessica, as well as that of the Duke of Rubinforth, the Human Saint’s father, Sir Albert Matthew Marcus Sidney, and the King of Nerfes, Simon Hugh Reed.

Everyone wanted a glimpse of the Lord Kuro, though his room was small in relation to the throng that wishes to see him. So preventing any stampede, the Paladin Guards were forced to close off the hallway and room—no one was allowed near save from the closest people to the human hero, under the orders of the Saint herself.


Indeed, it was a good thing that Maddie ordered the closure of Kuro’s room, for they were dealing with a different problem right now.

“K-Kuro, I know you’re joking, so can you please drop the act?” Ursura pleaded.

Across the room, at the headboard of Kuro’s bed, was the Commoner General himself. However, he was standing, his back pressed against the wall…as if trying to keep away from the ladies and children reaching out to him.

“$%^%#%^@$%%^&!!!” was what he said, nearly shouting.

“What’s the Chief saying?” Teviki asked, confused.

“I don’t know, little one,” Eris answered her. Her eyes inadvertently went to Maddie, who stood beside her with a horrified face as well.

“Master, are you okay?” Ruro stepped forward to approach Kuro, but he retreated to a corner.

“Your Holiness,” it was Lily, grabbing her arm. “Please don’t. He’s afraid of us!”

“Why? What’s happening?” Cherwind’s Royal Doctor, Rishnu, couldn’t believe what the Head Maid of the Human Saint revealed.

“Maddie, can you peek into his mind?” the Wolf Saint turned to her friend.

“N-No!” she was pale. “For some reason…all I can see is black.”

“@#**@#$%&^&!!!” Kuro screamed once again, retreating in fear and making himself as small as possible in the corner.

While everyone else was clueless on what to do, Queen Jessica of Amaranth slowly drew near him and spoke gently, “Kuro…it’s alright. You can trust us.”

The Queen of Amaranth continued to speak to him in soothing words; soon, Kuro calmed down and stared at her.

“Don’t be afraid; we’re your friends, remember?” she reached out a hand to him, complimented with a smile. “You saved every one of us…”

“Yes, Chief!” Minahaba backed her up. “We won’t be here if not for you!”

The human from another world, now back in his normal state, stood up and walked towards the Queen of Amaranth and Chief Minahaba. And then, he held their hands, as they led him back to the bed.

“Chief!” At that point, Teviki dashed into Kuro and crashed into his arms.


That nearly surprised him. However, Queen Jessica and Minahaba stood nearby, and their presence kept his calm.

Lily looked at Maddie, “Any idea on what happened to Kuro?”

The Human Saint shook her head.

“When we found him unconscious inside the Magic Supplies room, there were traces of nullifying potion nearby,” Lady Henristone revealed.

“Nullifying potion?” Lily was surprised to hear that. “Isn’t that used to reset the effects of curses or blessings?”

“Indeed. It was a whole bottle of nullifying potion that was broken, and the Lord Kuro’s head was bleeding by then. Perhaps that knave attacked him with that when they fought.”

“And you know how severe the effects of a nullifying potion if the dosage is wrong,” Lily quipped. “I heard some people went crazy when they consumed more than what is recommended.”

“So that’s why he’s acting like he doesn’t know us,” Ursura commented. “His head must’ve been poured with large amounts of that potion thing.”

“Wait, why would the Lord Kuro be affected by a nullifying potion?” Eris raised that point. “Is he cursed or something?”

Maddie remained silent the whole time they were talking about the nullifying potion and its effects. Then, finally, she took a deep breath, and told everyone, “I summoned Kuro from another world.”

“Yes, we know that,” Lily said to her.

“But to summon him, I used a magic circle given to me by the Saint of Darkness, Lady Natasha Bellingsen.”

“Who’s that?” Ursura asked.

“The Saint of the Demon realm, Cherflammen,” Ruro was the one who answered. “She’s a talented saint who can create magic circles that defy even the laws of heavens.”

“What’s this got to do with her?” Lily never took her eyes off Maddie.

“Well…” the Human Saint took another deep breath, obviously trying to keep herself calm. “…I read those circles she put in before I used it, it has inscriptions written there about a curse that seals off the old ‘painful’ memories of the creature it will summon.”


***The gates of the Holy Palatial Gardens…***

A black carriage, pulled by a group of four horses, was stopped by the paladin sentries at the gates of the Holy Palatial Gardens that was facing the direction of Arles. The human driver gave a short salute to the lead paladin, while the others went to the coach to check on the identity of its passenger. At once, the window was opened, and a demon lady, dressed in a chamberlain’s clothing, greeted them.

“Greetings! I’m Shevaun Ilkes of the Usarved-Hurion Demon Clan,” the lady chamberlain said. “My mistress, the Lady Noir Usarved, wishes to visit her teacher, the Lord Kuro of Arles.”

“Our apologies, Lady Ilkes,” the paladin replied. “Her Holiness is restricting visits to our hero; only the close friends of the Lord Kuro is allowed. We request you turn your carriage back.”

“I’m sorry as well, but my mistress wouldn’t accept ‘no’ for an answer,” Shevaun smiled, but there was pressure behind her expression. “And besides, Lady Noir is the stepsister of Prince Hurion Devras—a close friend of the Lord Kuro, and the one who helped him during the ‘Great Rising of the Dead’. Would you deny that right from her and her brother to see their friend’s condition?”

The paladin was taken aback by the chamberlain’s claim. Nevertheless, she asked them to give her a few moments, ostensibly to confirm what Shevaun had said to her superior. Then, minutes later, the paladin returned with the permission to allow them in.

“That paladin sure doesn’t know her place,” Shevaun commented the moment they went past the gate checkpoint.

Ah, you know the human realm, Shevaun,” Lady Noir answered. “They’re so understanding and kind to their subordinates, they empower them to have thoughts of their own. Such is humanity…”

“In any case, milady, why should we pay that teacher of yours a visit? He’s just your stepbrother’s friend, I even have to lie to make it appear that they are close.”

Hmm…I won’t say that if I were you, Shevaun. My brother is interested in him, and so as his sister, it is my duty to check on the Lord Kuro.”

“R-Right…my apologies, milady.

“Anyway, we’re approaching the palace courtyard. Prepare our gifts to him.”

The chamberlain bowed and did as she was told. A few minutes later, their carriage stopped at the façade of the Saint’s Palace, and a maidservant met them.


Kuro fell asleep after that ‘panic’ episode, though his friends never left his side. Since she’s the one who could calm him down, Jessica sat near the headboard, gently stroking his hair. Opposite her was Minahaba, who was using her wings to fan Kuro, and Teviki, who kept on asking questions…

“Will Chief wake up again?”

“Yes, little one,” Eris answered her. “But stay quiet, okay?”

The little tiger girl nodded and returned to watching Kuro. Meanwhile, the others were gathered around Maddie, listening to her story of how she summoned him.

“I didn’t expect I would summon a human…” she admitted. “All I know is that, I was bored, and asked Natasha to give me something interesting. Then, she handed me that magic circle.”

“Well, what I’m interested in is why she would put some kind of a curse in that paper,” Ruro raised that matter. “I know she has a lot of secrets within her, but to be that specific? Sounds suspicious.”

“We can only guess her intentions,” Ursura quipped. “If we want answers, as well as cure Kuro, then we definitely have to ask her.”

“That’s the problem,” Lily added. “She’s missing.”

“What?” the people from Cherwind were shocked at what she said.

“I don’t know what happened, really,” it was Maddie. “We were creating magic circles before, when we’re trying to bypass Ruro’s ban on the crossing between Chersea and Cherwind.”

Everyone’s eyes fell on the Wolf Saint, who retreated for a bit because of her guilt.

“The moment we’re successful, she suddenly disappeared, along with the magic circles we created.”

Err…Maddie,” Ruro spoke, “you know, bypassing a saint’s decree is an affront to the rules of heaven.”

The Human Saint nodded, “That’s why I can’t keep myself from suspecting that it has something to do with her disappearance.”

Just as they were talking, a paladin came in with a maidservant from the Saint’s Palace and whispered something to Lily. Then she passed the message to Maddie.

“Let them in,” was her reply.

At once, the maidservant opened both the doors to Kuro’s room, revealing a pair of demon ladies standing behind. It was Lily who greeted them first.

Oh, Lady Noir!”


“Our student,” Maddie said to Ursura.

“Greetings, Your Holiness, the Human Saint and the Beastman Saint,” the lady chamberlain bowed. “My mistress, Lady Noir Usarved, wishes to see the condition of her teacher, in the name of her brother, the Prince Hurion Devras. We hope that we’re not intruding that much.”

Ah, it’s fine,” Ruro smiled back. “There’s your teacher over there, Lady Usarved. He’s sleeping now, though he already woke up earlier.”

“I see…” Lady Noir then turned towards Kuro’s bed. “I hope he’s okay.”

“Thank you for your concern, Lady No—” Maddie was interrupted when she saw Kuro sat up, his eyes wide awake. It seemed like the noise roused him from his sleep.

Ah, hello, Sir Kuro!” Lady Noir greeted him. “It’s been a while!”

Kuro had a terrified expression on his face when he saw the demon lady. He blurted out, “^$&*^*^^$%&?”

Maddie and the others were about to rush to his side, worried about what he would do, when suddenly they heard Lady Noir speak…

“Huwag po kayo matakot. Ako si Noir, estudyante nyo po, Sir!” (Don’t be afraid. I’m Noir, your student, Sir!)

The others were astonished at what happened. They stopped in their tracks, and Maddie asked, “Do you understand what he’s saying, Lady Usarved?”

The demon lady nodded, “Your Holiness, Sir Kuro is speaking in ‘Filipino’, the language spoken by the ancient hero, Lady Cassandra David…”