Chapter 9:

Interlude: Fetch!

The Y-files [GL]

Belgian trivia

Rosa and Sandra:

It is a little joke of mine to pair these names together. There is a classic Dutch song from the '70s called “Rozen voor Sandra” (translated Roses for Sandra) by the Belgian artist Jimmy Frey. The song is a crooner song about chasing the girl of his life, Sandra, with a bouquet of roses before she leaves forever. It is a Dutch cover of the song "Roses To Reno" by Bob Bishop

If you really really want, you can listen to it on youtube, but don't expect anything flashy or trendy .

Eline's POV

Interlude 3: Fetch!

We were finally alone. Elodie was running around excited and I could not help but find her utterly adorable. She really did remind me of a puppy. That image started to register in my mind after reading a yuri manga about a girl playing a dog for a senpai who lost her dog, in Elodie’s room.

Elodie would be so cute doing that!

“Hey Elodie, you know that photography assignment we have this week? How about we start with it now, since we are together after school anyway...” She thought for a second, and then her bright smile came back and she answered “Sure, but let's pass at my place first. Then we can pick up some material and my mom can see I am with you, otherwise she gets worried that I might be out with a boy.”

That bright smile was so cute. If she were a real puppy I would cuddle her silly.

When we arrived at her place, Elodie invited me inside. Her mom, Sandra, came over and when she recognized me she gave me a hug and a kiss.

Elodie went up to her room to get the photography stuff that we needed for the shoot.

“It is nice to see that my Elodie has such a nice friend. When I was your age I also had a very dear friend. But we lost contact after I got married, what a mistake that had been.”

I knew Elodie's parents were divorced, just like mine. It was one of the reasons we first started bonding. The divorce was clearly still a touchy subject.

“I wonder how Rosa is doing these days? You know you remind me a bit of her.”

This could not be possible. My mother's name was Rosa.

“Do you mean Rosa Doorn by any chance?”

“Yes that is her, do you know her?”

It really was... What would be the chances for such a coincidence? Normally these things only happen in novels...

“I would say so. She is my mom.”

I saw Sandra's eyes go bright, I could see who Elodie got that from.

“Could you give her my contact info?” She was already looking for a business card.

“I can do even better, I can let her pick me up when we are done with our photography session. Then you can give it to her yourself.”

I think I broke her and that she would explode any given second.

“Tonight!? You can say both of you are invited for dinner.”

I could see that she was really nervous about how I would react to that.

I nodded.. “And let us keep who you are a surprise.” This would be a nice scoop. I had to make sure to make a recording of their reunion.

I called my mom, she was okay with it. I knew she would. Ever since she got divorced she jumped at any chance to spend time anywhere but at home.

Elodie entered the room again, she was wearing a pink tracksuit.

“Oh what is going on?”

“Your mom invited me and my mom for dinner, so we get to spend the evening together too” I said happily.

Elodie looked really happy with that answer. I could see her imaginary tail wagging.

“But first let's go take those pictures!”

We walked to the local park, we had quite a bit of material with us.

We set up a tripod. I would be taking the pictures today so I started putting the settings of the digital camera like we learned in class.

Then I took a ball from my backpack.

“Elodie, as my model, can you chase the ball and bring it back to me like a dog would?”

I know it is bad of me, but ever since I made the comparison with that cute yuri manga, I wanted to do the same with Elodie because she always reminded me of a puppy and this was a way I thought I could get away with it. After all we often did stupid stuff to get that one right picture.

She nodded happily “Sure thing, I hope you get the shot you want!”

I started throwing the ball, and watched her retrieve it.

“So cute!”

I really wanted to pet her as a reward.

I started blushing from embarrassment, because I forgot to take pictures. I was just watching her chasing that ball.

“Sorry I did something wrong, can we do it again?”

I threw the ball again, and Elodie went after it again. I would say with even more vigor this time. I did not forget to take pictures this time. I am sure I am gonna treasure these pictures forever.

While I was finishing up with the camera Elodie had laid down in the grass. I could not resist and ran up to her and petted her like I would a dog.

“You were such a good girl!”

We both started giggling about how silly we were being. After a few more moments we got ready to get back to Elodie's place. On the road I explained the situation between our moms and that I wanted to record their reunion.

Elodie thought that that was a brilliant idea!