Chapter 1:

The End and The Start

Return of the Shadow CEO

"This a new start, Rey, Don't be sad, you will be just alright." A man said, in a calm tone, to a teen stuffing suitcases in the trunk of a black sedan.

After hearing this, the teen nodded and said, "Yes, father". After putting his luggage in the car's trunk, the teen walked towards his father and hugged him tightly, after that he moved towards a woman standing behind his father, and hugged her, while she cried.

The woman mumbled, "Promise, you will be alright, darling".

"Yes Maa, I'll be just fine," The boy said, trying to convince his sad mom

The boy then settled down in the car's backseat, and looked at his parents, and said, "Tell, Viti, to not cry. Bye Dad, Bye Maa". After saying bye to his parents, the sedan took off.

Rey, was leaving his home, for his transition training, something that every heir, and every boy of the Gupta family had to go through. The boy had to live alone, with no family support, except an apartment, with rent paid for 2 years and money in his bank account, enough to last him a year.

The goal of this training, was for him to learn about his martial prowess, and explore them, he also had to learn and appreciate money that he earned, and had to understand the importance of minor comforts in his life.

After about 2 hours the car stopped in front of an apartment complex, which looked very old and dirty, Rey grabbed his luggage and went up to the second floor of the four-story building. There were 4 doors in front of him, The boy quickly pulled out a pair of keys from his pockets, and unlocked the door numbered 202.

On the other side of the door was a tiny room, it had a small bed, a small kitchen in the corner, and a study table. The room had a small bathroom as well.

On seeing his room for the first time, he said, "A new start? Huh?", Rey was visibly annoyed.

"Just twelve more years!"


Twelve years have passed, a lot of things happened, the warmhearted teen has now become a cold businessman. Even the working of the world has changed, people have started "Radiating", people have awakened supernatural powers, like super strength or pyrokinesis. Many tall tower-like structures, appeared all across the globe, and around these towers, appeared monsters, like goblins and ogres.

Rey sat on a leather office chair, in front of him was a table on which a few papers and documents were kept along with a laptop. On the same table was a nameplate with "Alan Parker" written on it.

It looked as if, the man was sleeping, when suddenly he opened his eyes, and sat with his back straight. Rey started panting heavily, and quickly grabbed the glass of water kept on his table.

"Again? That dream?" He said, still panting

Rey got up and entered the bathroom in the same room. He splashed his face with water, a couple of times, and then slowly wiped his face. He then saw himself in the mirror. In the mirror stood a tall handsome man with black hair, sharp jawline, brown eyes, and chiseled cheeks.

Rey just stood there looking at himself, deep in thought, when suddenly he heard a feminine voice, "Alan, I am coming inside"

After hearing this, Rey quickly walked out of the bathroom, to find a beautiful pink-haired girl sitting on the couch, sipping water from Rey's water bottle.

"What brings you here, Carolina?" Rey asked excitedly

"Ah, nothing, I just wanted to inform you I will not come back home for the next few days, I have to go on a raid to a hell grade tower" The woman named Carolina told Rey

"When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow, early morning"

"Then why not go out for dinner? What do you say, wifey?" Rey asked the woman ecstatically

"Don't call me that"


"Yes, Alright"

"Thanks, wifey"

Carolina, was a "Radiant", a person who awakened supernatural powers, and hunted monster, to keep the people safe from these monsters. Carolina married Rey, on contractual terms, she only married Rey because her family was a second-tier rich family, and wanted to marry her off to some rich heir, but she didn't want that, so she married Rey, a friend of hers from university, before she could get married to someone else.

Unlike Carolina, Rey was actually in love with her since he first saw her, that's why he said yes with any delay, when he was proposed with the idea of him marrying his long time crush and friend Carolina


After having dinner at a somewhat expensive restaurant called Stellar, the couple exited the building when they saw a black Rolls-Royce stop in front of them, and a man wearing an expensive two-piece suit, and gold-framed glasses, along with a gold chain.

"Rey? Is that you?" the man said cheerfully

"Oh, Hi, Brock" Rey said hesitantly

"Who is he? And why is he calling you Rey?" Carolina asked her husband, who she knew by the name Alan Parker

"Oh he? He is an old friend of mine, from high school" Rey quickly replied, "Brock, this is my sweet wife Carolina Parker, and Carolina this is my friend, Brock Kain"

Brock was a childhood friend of Rey, he was from the martial family of Kain, and was a strong martial himself.

"Hello, Mr Kain, Nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you too, Carolina, If I am not wrong, you are the famous radiant, second in command of squad 3."

"Yes, Brock, nice too meet you, I suppose I am somewhat famous?"

"When did you guys get married? Mr Old Friend? And why wasn't I invited?"

"Umm, 3 years ago, and it was just a court marriage" Rey quickly replied

"With all the rumors going around, I actually thought that, Carolina was married to a wimp" Brock said jokingly

Rey looked at Brock with fury on his face.

"Just joking" Brock said, after realizing how close he was to death

"Really? Good for ya, well then I will catch up with you later, see ya" Rey said as he moved towards as he walked toward the parking lot of the restaurant.

"Bye, then"


After saying their goodbyes, the couple took their car and went home.

The next morning, Rey woke up, only to find himself alone in bed. He looked at the clock hanging in his room, and learned that it was six in the morning. In his half asleep state he thought where did his wife go, and after a while realized she went to the office of Radiance Syndicate, the government department for all thing related to radiants.

"Okay, that's where she is!" Rey thought to himself


In the Radiance Syndicate office

"What do you mean by they all died!" An angry old man said

"Sir, the reconnaissance team was wiped out" A young man said calmly, he clearly looked like that he was afraid of losing his job

"As planned earlier, send second seat Carolina with her team. Send third seat Alfie with her as well" the old man announced

"But sir-" The young man send but was stopped by his boss

"No buts, Mr. Alfred"

"Yes, sir"