Chapter 2:

Wiped Out

Return of the Shadow CEO

Rey sat on his chair in his office, looking at the stock market from his laptop. When suddenly he heard a knock on the door.

"Sir, may I come in?" Came a coarse voice from the other side of the door

"Yes, Please come in Alex" Rey replied in a relaxed manner

The door opened, and came in a man with Blonde hair, white skin and average body ratio, he looked like a typical white man. This man was Rey's second assistant, and helped Rey in running his 2 companies, Shadow Tech and Stellar group.

"Sir, I came in to give you your coffee, and as well as some important info" Alex said while giving Rey a cup of coffee

"We are alone, just call me by my name"

"Yeah, Sorry, Alan as I was saying-" Alex said but was interrupted by his boss

"We are alone, and my name is not Alan" Rey said

"I am so sorry Rey, I am not in the habit of calling you that"

"Never mind, just tell me the info" Rey asked

"Well, actually sir, something very big is happening in the martial society, something that might bring chaos, total chaos" Alex said calmly. Alex was also a martial and had connections with the martial society and the martial syndicate

"Since the absence of the "King", the Laurence family along with Chu and Sung family might have been planning an all out war against the other five families"

"Okay, any other news regarding Shadow Tech or Stellar group?"

"Sir, don't you think your family might be in danger?" Alex asked

"Don't answer my question with a question, tell me if there is any new regarding our projects or not?" Rey asked coldly

"Yes, sir, The Gupta group has sent an offer to Stellar group regarding a resort construction, they want to collaborate" Alex said

"Gupta group seriously? You know what, this might be my time to make a return" Rey said with a grin on his face.

Gupta group was owned by Rey's family, and was one of the biggest organization in the world.

"Sir, should I arrange a meeting with them?"

"Yes arrange it"


In the compound of the radiance syndicate, there stood a large amount of people, standing in rows and columns, wearing blue futuristic full-body armor, these people had their helmets in one hand and a bladed weapon in the other arm. In front of these people stood Carolina and Alfred.

These people were squad 3's radiants and part of Carolina's team.

"Where is Alfie?" Carolina asked Alfred

"He is coming" Alfred quickly replied. Alfred was a Manager, and managed things like assignments and public appearances of radiants

"Ok" Carolina said softly. "Are you guys ready? To destroy those monsters? And become heroes? To bring back peace?" Carolina shouted to the crowd in front of her

"Yes, ma'am" came back the reply from the crowd. The team was motivated and hyped up to slay some monsters. They were fearless and ready to win. This is what Alfred, who was standing next to Carolina, thought.

"Then let's move!" Carolina announced


10 hours ago, Gaziland, The hell grade tower

"Move, Move, Move" A man wearing black clothing said in the earpiece he wore. The man then climbed onto a tree branch and started looking at the moon, and the stars. His peace was suddenly interrupted when he heard a scream in his earpiece.

"K2? K2? Can you hear me?" The man said

"Gian-" K2 replied, in a very soft voice, it sounded as if he was on the verge of death.

"Where are you K2? Anyone nearby?" The man worriedly asked, as he started leaping from a tree to another.

"Sir, J8, J9, and J2 are dead" A voice came

"What? I9 where are you? Everyone find each other and stick together" The man said while tree leaping, The man quickly pressed a button on his earpiece and said "Emergency situation, 4 members dead, threat level unknown, help needed". He then pressed the button again.

"Affirmative, I am about a mile away from the tower, on the east side."

After a few minutes, the man reached the place where I9 was. On arriving, he saw a pool of blood, and about 15 human bodies lying on the ground.

"What the fuck?" the man said softly

The man quickly started checking if someone was alive or not by checking veins and checking if the person was breathing or not. After checking all the bodies, he found that no one was alive, all died. All the bodies had cut marks and bruises. The man then stood up and started running to save his life and give the info to the syndicate

But before he could escape, he was attacked by someone wearing the same black uniform he wore. "Who are you?"

No reply came, the man then looked at the place where the bodies were, only to find that there was nobody there. The man was then attacked by the mysterious figure's sword. This figure looked like a human, but felt like a monster to the man.

"Wait, no, we are on the same team" The man said, trying to convince the mysterious figure

Still no reply came, Instead the mysterious figure slashed his sword against the man.

This time, instead of dodging, the man retaliated with his daggers. The man ran towards the figure and disappeared, in a fraction of a second the man appeared behind the figure and stabbed it. The figure then started bleeding heavily, and fell to the ground.

The man then went ahead to unmask this figure, when he removed the cloth wrapped around the man, he found that the man he was fighting was K2. K2's skin was blue, and eyes were green. Before he could make out the situation in front of him, he was stabbed by someone from behind.

The man then looked behind, wanting to find out who stabbed him.

"What? No way! You were dead" The man said while looking at his perpetrator, before eventually falling to the ground. His vision started getting blurry, and his breath became heavy. He tried to stand up, but couldn't, and eventually he died.


"Sir, your meeting with Vaniya Gupta has been arranged" Alex told Rey

"Good, Alex. Let's see if she can recognize me or not"