Chapter 17:

Interlude A date!

The Y-files [GL]

Lisa's POV

I woke up late. I could feel some fatigue in my muscles from the rush in the brasserie yesterday. We were lucky that we had a talented cook like Claire that would always save us when we are in a pinch. My boy Frank was a great talented cook too of course. But Claire was on another level. That had been clear since a very early age. The intensity and commitment she practiced with were other worldly. I remember how she begged me to let her use kitchen knives when she was still in elementary school. Eventually I gave in but she could only do it if an adult was present. But it did not take her long to get better knife skills than all adults around her so that rule was quickly abolished.

I got up and went to the kitchen. Claire had already gone to school and Frank had already left to prepare everything for lunch in the brasserie. I found a note to tell me that there was pain perdu batter in the fridge. “My children truly are the best thing that ever happened to me!”

I baked a few soaked slices of bread and sat myself at what usually was Claire's spot at the kitchen table. I was thinking about these last few days. I had never thought I would have to help my daughter come out of the closet. I always thought she was not really interested in that kind of thing. That just shows how good teenagers are at keeping things from their parents. But in the end of that ordeal I felt very happy that she seems to understand we accept her whoever she likes. There was one of Claire's books lying on the table. I had seen her carrying those around the last few days and in light of everything that happened, I thought I'd better take a look to see what my kid was into these days.

It was a one-shot manga. It was about two girls, childhood friends, that went to school together everyday. One day one of them notices that she feels more for the other then just the regular feelings one has for a friend but she does not dare to speak out. The angst builds up between the two of them until in the end her friend is starting to be interested in boys. The girl with the feelings for her friend gathers her courage and confesses. All the angst is washed away, apparently the other girl had always felt the same and had started talking about boys to bait the girl into confessing. Followed by a kiss. All is wonderful, the end.

It was a silly little story but for some reason it had touched me and tears were rolling down my eyes. I couldn't help but let my thoughts wander to my childhood friend Bernie. We had always been inseparable but we had lost contact after I got engaged and married Louis .

Luckily after Louis died she showed back up and saved me. She had been like an angel reaching down pulling me from darkness back into the light. I did not remember much from the first weeks and months after Louis' death but Bernie had taken care of me and the kids and all the paperwork while I was just a sobbing mess.

Eventually I pulled out of my depression and without a doubt since then I considered her my best friend. No, she was even closer than that. She was like family. Hmm that did not feel completely right either... I could never repay my debt to her. She was one of the shining lights in my life.

My phone rang, speaking of the devil, it was Bernie.

I swallowed and answered it

“Hi Lisa, it's Bernadette. Are you alright dear?”

Oh no she must've heard by the sound of my voice that I had been crying. I did not want to worry her when there was nothing to worry about. I put a smile on my face and tried to sound as chipper as I could

“Of course Bernie, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“First of all sorry I did not manage to call you sooner. I have been swamped with work since we had a new counselor that started a large project here in the school. But you know you asked me to look after your little girl, how much do you know of what happened the other day? I know you talked to Ms Lyst.”

I told her about how I helped Claire come out of the closet and come to terms with herself and that I knew she had been assigned as the poster girl of an awareness project.

“I see you weren't told everything.” Bernie said. She then started explaining to me that the police first had tried to blame Claire for the death of that shy girl Louisa that had come to visit me. They had been taking it in the direction of involuntary manslaughter but Bernie had interfered and managed to steer everything to Claire working for the FBY as a form of community service. Unawareness had become the guilty party.

I started crying again. Bernie had really saved mine and my little Claire's life once again.

“I would not know what to do without you. What can I ever do to repay you?”

The line remained silent for a little while and then Bernie suddenly said:

“Then how about a date? It is impossible for me tomorrow but how about next Thursday. The brasserie is closed on Thursdays isn't it?”

Huh, I did not see this coming. I had not dated since Louis died. Was that why Bernie had always remained alone? I thought about everything we had been through together and the feelings still lingered in me from the story I had just read. That combination made me feel a little excited about the prospect. So I answered “Sure, sounds like fun!”

My heart was beating like crazy. I had just agreed to something crazy didn't I?

After that we exchanged a few more pleasantries and hung up.

Next week I had a date with my oldest friend. For some reason all my fatigue was washed away and I felt like there was nothing I couldn't handle.

It was an understatement to say I looked forward to Thursday so I marked it with a big D on the calendar.

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