Chapter 16:

The second Y-file

The Y-files [GL]

General POV

Eline and Elodie were now alone in the communications room. After the others left Eline was still busy checking out the new PCs. But Elodie was looking around, a bit nervous, and walked up to the door and closed it with the key she just got. She wanted to talk to Eline, and did not want to be disturbed or overheard by Claire or Ms Lyst.

“Hey Eline, I know we signed up for all that spread the yuri stuff because we both like those stories in manga. But now that it is all becoming real, what do you think about real girls like Elsa and Tina liking each other that way? Don't you think it is strange for real girls to be into each other?”

Eline seemed to ponder for a bit and then checked out Elodie from tip to toe and then answered “You don't choose who you fall in love with, it just happens and why would I think something that I find beautiful in books weird in real life?”

After her answer Eline watched Elodie's anxiety being replaced with the usual excited puppy energy she was so comfortable with. She knew Elodie was stretching her capacity by trying to take the lead. Eline naturally felt that should be her task. They had been flirting for some time now but nothing had escalated further than the occasional hand holding during shopping or messing around like they did the other day in the park and it seemed that Elodie was now at her limit.

They were unexpectedly alone now so it could be an ideal moment to confess. "Could this be the moment Elodie's mom had referred too?" sh thought. But Eline was still a teenager too and had no experience in the matter either so she wanted to suss out her doubts before that. So she returned the question: “Well now you know what I think, what do you think yourself?” Eline stepped closer to Elodie.

Elodie became a little red and started stuttering a little but still answered “Wwell before this hole bureau stuff I thought platonic love between girls was beautiful. But ever since coming here with you, Claire and Ms Lyst I have been asking myself these questions. Like what if there is more? What if I want more?”

Because of Elodie's height, Eline gave Elodie a little push. She lost her balance and was forced to sit down on the chair that was behind her. Then Eline pushed her lips against Elodie's soft lips. Their kiss lasted for a short while and then Eline whispered “You mean like this?”

Elodie was speechless even though she was older and bigger, Eline had clearly taken the lead on her. But the warm rush and happiness she felt in her body swept her away and gave her a clear answer to her question. She nodded and then she closed her eyes and pursed her lips and they indulged in another kiss.

When the second kiss ended Eline smiled at Elodie and said “Sorry I got the order mixed up. I like you Elodie, please go out with me?” Elodie laughed happily, Eline could see Elodie's imaginary tail wiggle and then Elodie answered “Of course, I like you too!” Elodie said, then she embraced Eline and kissed her again.

Ms Lyst's POV

“And I think that is a wrap.” I shut down the hidden cameras in the communication room from my laptop. This would be more than enough to serve as evidence of our work for our case file. If I'd film any further I would be seriously disrespecting the privacy of those girls and after showing something as beautiful as that, they did deserve some privacy.

I had a silly smile on my face and checked around to be sure that I was completely alone and then I squealed “SO CUUUUTE!”

My heart was beating fast after seeing what I just saw. This was real life yuri! This could not be obtained anywhere else but to witness it first hand. Sure there was stuff like lesbian porn and some arty farty films that handled the societal problems of same sex couples, and there are plenty of same sex couples around these days, but that is not necessarily yuri in my eyes.

The most important part of yuri is the eye blinding purity and innocence, the love of the girls involved that lead them to let it blossom into something more. So far I had only ever seen the beauty of that in 2D. I thought it did not exist in real life. But thanks to this crazy awesome FBY job I landed, I got to witness 3D yuri first hand.

Now that I knew it was possible I would make it my life's work to spread it. I wanted more and dare I think about it? Maybe even experience it. That thought reminded me of the moment I whispered in Claire's ear. I did it to tease her, but I had not expected my heart to beat so fast from embracing her. But she clearly rejected me with every fibre in her bone. I am certain she hates me after I teased her so much. “Argh what am I thinking about a high school girl I am supposed to be giving guidance too! Not professional Anna!”

This whole thing has become so absurd that I am no longer seeing the line between working and just doing what I want to do. This would not do. Sooner or later this would get me into trouble and then this dream job would be lost forever. I could not let that happen. From now on I would watch my demeanor and be the strict and professional Ms Lyst. I had to make sure not to let my inner otaku shine through any more.

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I hope you enjoyed this cute yuri moment between Gazette and Elodie. Ms Lyst clearly did...

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