Chapter 21:

Physics and yuriology

The Y-files [GL]

Ms Cath Odes, our physics and chemistry teacher came to pick us up to go to the physics lab.

Ms Odes was one of the older teachers on staff and was in her early fifties if I would have to guess. She had white permed hair and if you looked at her style of fashion, you would think she never left the 80's with her bluejeans that comes up to her navel, white socks over her pants and always very intense multi-colored blouses. But whatever she was wearing she always wore an open lab vest over it to finish it off. Sometimes I wondered if she wasn't still wearing the same clothes as back then. She always wore a pair of very thick glasses. They were so big a part of her image that It was hard to imagine her without them.

She was known throughout school to be scatterbrained. She once invented her own descaling agent and applied it everywhere throughout school but she had not calculated in the fact that plastic would also dissolve and all the leaks and broken equipment had forced the school to close down for a week. The students were very happy but the school board wasn't. Because of that she was a bit ostracized by the other teachers and the school board did their best to give her a difficult teaching schedule in the hope that she would quit. But she had persevered and was still here. Ready to descale anything.

Our lesson was about magnetism. I did my best not to listen too much to Ms Odes. It was usually easier to understand this stuff if I just studied it at my own pace on my own at home. Ms Odes was the kind of teacher where I would understand less if I listened to her explanation.

I was reading in our physics study book and was thinking that there were a lot of points of comparison to yuri attraction. If we exchanged positive and negative with top and bottom the similarities were astounding. There was of course the switch type, but in magnetism, if the right conditions were met, the poles could also be reversed.

It needed more work, but if my theory was correct it would mean that yuri-attraction or yuri-magnetism was a real scientifically provable force of nature.

It might be worth it to create a yuriology department in the bureau to look into this matter.

Realizing I was having these kinds of daydreams I suddenly shivered. What had happened to me? Normally I would have worked out tonight's menu or something of the like. It seemed I had been completely yurindoctrinated. Well to be honest, this fact did not really bother me as much as I thought it would, but still, even though it might be fun, cooking is more important! I needed to get myself together. I had to be more in control! After setting myself straight I quickly made notes of those thoughts because they might become relevant later.

Having my mind occupied, the class quickly passed and we had to move back to our regular class for French. Ms Conne was already waiting for us when we arrived so we had to hurry to our seats.

After learning more about the subjonctif it was time for lunch break and our strategy meeting in the office with all parties involved. Elsa and Gazette came up to me clearly waiting for me to go along with them.

When we arrived in the hallway of the office Elodie and Fien came running toward us. Elodie jumped and hugged the little Gazette and Fien jumped and hugged me. It seemed that the FBY pack of yuri dogs had grown bigger. We now had the puppy-like Elodie and loud and feisty chihuahua-like Fien.

They looked at each other and started laughing. “I see you met Claire too, cousin.” Elodie said.

So the canine resemblance seemed to run in the family.

“Yes, she said I could join the FBY too!” Fien shouted while doing a little dance.

“Alright, alright let's get into the office before the teachers complain about the noise in the hallway.” I said and I opened the door.

Ms Lyst was already inside and was talking with Elsa. They seemed to be having a quite serious conversation. Ms Lyst started rounding up their talk as soon as she saw us enter so I had no idea what it was about.

Fien rushed off like a storm toward our yuri-library. She was super excited.

“Wow, you guys even have the first print of Fireworks Warning which was instantly sold out everywhere. That story is so fuwafuwa! How did you get your hands on it? I had to wait for a new print because the first print sold out its 3000 copies on comiket in under 3 hours! If I join you, can I really read all these?”

She was so excited that she was again speaking very fast, only a little faster and she would probably break the sound wall. I needed her to calm down because we had to discuss what to do after school and lunch break did not last forever.

“That's right Fien, but right now we have other stuff to do. You promised not to get in the way today! So please be good.”

Fien immediately calmed down, and walked back towards me, looking up to me like a puppy awaiting instruction.

Elodie seemed to be amazed at how I handled Fien.

“I gotta give it to you. I have never seen her listen when she's in that state.” Elodie said while patting Fien, making Fien show a cute pout at her because she was being treated like a child. When I was small I used to hate it too when people talked about me in the third person like I wasn’t there so I could understand the pout. But it was having the opposite effect because the pout was really cute.

“If you guys are finished with your routine, come over and sit down, we have work to do” Ms Lyst said. Dammit I got caught off guard. Now Ms Lyst got to act superior to me. How was I going to get in control if I allowed these kinds of situations. While I was reprimanding myself to get my act together, we all sat down around the table. Gazette stood up with a red face and said:

“As of yesterday Elodie and I are dating. We wanted you guys to be the first to know.”

Elsa and Fien looked surprised. Elodie also turned red and it was clear she was a little surprised that it was announced like that in public but she still looked happy at Gazette and got up and hugged her.

Since Ms Lyst and I already knew because of Ms Lyst's hidden camera antics we reacted a little less surprised. Everyone congratulated our first FBY yuri couple and when they saw everyone accepting them, they both seemed to shine a little brighter.

“The light of yuri is so beautiful!” both Ms Lyst and Fien said with sparkling eyes at the same time. They looked at each other and giggled like they just shared an inside joke even though the two of them just met, it seemed like they were going to get along just fine.

Then my eyes accidentally met with Ms Lyst's, she gave me a little wink and I felt my heartbeat go up. I turned my face away immediately. I was clearly still experiencing aftershocks from the éclair aphrodisiac madness this morning. That woman really had regained her control over me, I had to pull myself together!

“Okay, back to business everyone, we haven't got much time left!” I went into a serious professional mode to get those thoughts out of my mind. I needed to occupy my mind with something else. Ideally, it would be cooking but sadly that was no option right now.

So we sat around the table and carefully laid out our plans one last time. We went over the little adjustments we had to make because of my éclairs turning out dangerous and worked the excited Fien into the plan.

We were ready for this. After this afternoon's classes, we would see the results of our work.