Chapter 22:

The climax of the first Y-file

The Y-files [GL]

Finally the bell to mark the end of the 7th hour rang. School was finally out. Time to set everything into motion.Bookmark here

Ms Lyst was responsible for preparing everything inside the locker room during the 7th hour. PE was always given in 2 hour blocks so there was never anyone there during the last hour of the school day.Bookmark here

Now that the time had come, Elsa looked very nervous, so Gazette and I went over to give her some mental support.Bookmark here

We helped her clean up her make-up, Therese and Eve looked a bit jealous at us hanging around Elsa but when they saw I noticed them Therese hmphd us and they both went on their way together.Bookmark here

We did our best to pump Elsa full of confidence before letting her go to the locker room.Bookmark here

I looked down over the courtyard and saw Elsa enter first.Bookmark here

Then I saw another girl making way toward the locker room. She was purple haired and dressed very flashy, she looked like someone that could take everything in her stride. Carrying around a violin case, it was clear she was into music and most likely attended the local music academy.Bookmark here

“That must be Tina” I thought, and indeed, I witnessed her enter the locker room too.Bookmark here

Then I saw a small blonde dot move very fast toward the door of the locker room. After it stopped moving it turned into a girl and I recognized Fien. She fiddled a bit with the door and then ran off again as fast as she came.Bookmark here

Part one of the plan had been successful. We had arranged via Ms Lourdes that the concierge would not open the door before 6pm right before he went home. So there was no way that door was going to open before then. The rest would be up to the two of them but we had done our best to stack the chances in their favor.Bookmark here

I was curious about what was happening inside of the locker room and knowing Ms Lyst's antics, if I went to the FBY room. There was a pretty good chance that I would be able to follow what was happening there, so I hurried toward the office.Bookmark here

When I arrived it was clear I wasn't the only one with that idea. Ms Lyst Fien, Elodie and Gazette were already watching the insides of the locker room on the projection screen. I guess great minds think alike.Bookmark here

“Quickly join us, it is starting” Fien shouted!Bookmark here

Ms Lyst had set it up that we could start watching from the moment Tina entered the locker room. So we could all enjoy the complete show.Bookmark here

We started watching.Bookmark here

Tina walked up to Elsa who was clearly very nervous again.Bookmark here

“So what did you want to talk about, it is not like I like wasting time in the locker room after school. Why did you choose a place like this, why did we not meet at the usual place?” Tina asked with a rather aggressive demeanor.Bookmark here

Elsa was clearly gathering her will to respond but before she could say something there was a sound at the door.Bookmark here

Tina rushed back to the door and tried to open it.Bookmark here

“Fantastic and now we are locked in. This is your fault you know! ”Bookmark here

Elsa looked like she was about to burst out crying.Bookmark here

When Tina noticed Elsa's emotional state she changed her demeanor and went over to Elsa and hugged her.Bookmark here

“There there, I'm sure we will get out of here.” It is clear she misinterpreted the reason behind Elsa's state. But who would suspect foul play like we had done.Bookmark here

Because of that Elsa started crying heavily in Tina's arms. Tina patted Elsa and when the sobs died down Elsa started speaking.Bookmark here

“I am sorry this is all my fault.” The emotional distress had apparently knocked the tsundere out of her.Bookmark here

“It is just after you said that you did not like me, I did not know what to do.” and Elsa started crying again.Bookmark here

Tina was obviously shocked, she had clearly not realized Elsa had heard that and then Elsa continued “I asked for help and my friends helped me set this up and I bought you flowers, but now you hate me even more.” Elsa started sobbing again, she looked a bit like a panda with her make up completely destroyed.Bookmark here

“I'm sorry that I said that. I don't not like you.” Tina said silently, still maintaining her tsundere looking away a bit shy, clearly blushing.Bookmark here

“Really you are not saying that because I am crying” Elsa asked with a new hopeful shine in her eyes.Bookmark here

“Ah dammit”, Tina kicked one of the benches in the room. “So that was why you suddenly avoided me! I thought you were angry with me because I said I could not come to your place last time we met.”Bookmark here

Elsa looked like she was trying to remember that. Then she stood up decisively and walked to the back of the room and came back with the purple lilacs. “Tina, I like you, please go out with me.” She shouted while presenting the lilacs. After that Elsa turned completely red and let her panda gaze turn to the ground awaiting judgment.Bookmark here

Tina was clearly baffled and the cogwheels in her head were clearly trying to register what was happening in front of her. This could go either way. Then her eyes changed, you could see she made a decision. She walked up to Elsa and lifted her blonde pink ribboned panda head upwards and smiled tenderly. “Thank you for the lilacs, I will treasure them forever.” and then Tina brought her lips to Elsa's. They shared a deep kiss that became more and more intense. I saw Elsa's ribbon come loose and they were so close that the blond and purple hair seemed to fuse. At some point Elsa lost the power in her legs and laid down. Tina kept kissing Elsa all over while she placed herself on top of Elsa and started opening the buttons of Elsa's blouse.Bookmark here

“Okay I think that will be more than enough for our case file!” Ms Lyst said nervously while desperately looking for the button to shut the screen down and after a few more seconds the screen went finally black.Bookmark here

I could see relief on Ms Lyst's face.Bookmark here

“But we were just getting to the good part!” Fien said disappointed.Bookmark here

“Seeing this, I am happy the two of us weren't a case.” Gazette said. “Yeah, being filmed would have been so embarrassing,” Elodie added.Bookmark here

Ms Lyst and I did our best not to make eye contact. I think we dodged a bullet by keeping our mouths shut there.Bookmark here

To be honest it all went far more easily then we predicted. We even had food and drinks stored in the locker room in case we had to keep them there overnight. It all resolved in a second the moment they were both honest. I guess sometimes problems become bigger in your head. But it is better to be prepared so I had no regrets about all the work that we had done.Bookmark here

“Well, it seems like a celebration is in order. What do you guys want? The bureau is buying!” Ms Lyst said.Bookmark here

“How about everyone coming over to visit my place tomorrow. I'll cook for everyone because I feel I need to make up for something. No crazy éclairs, I promise.” My cooking skills were very well known throughout school so everyone was cheering.Bookmark here

But first, where is Fien?” I looked around the room and she was sitting on the floor next to one of the cabinets reading one of our yuri novels with very big eyes. “FIEN!” I shouted, immediately she looked up “Yes, is something the matter?”Bookmark here

We are not done yet. Since we are successful, how about you go and release them?”Bookmark here

Her eyes lit up because she got to do an important FBY mission. She saluted me, shouted “Yes mam” and scurried off. It was clear she was having the time of her life.Bookmark here

Then I went to Ms Lyst and gave her a quick rundown of my theories on yuriology that I came up with during physics.Bookmark here

“I knew you were one of us the first second I saw you.” She answered me with bright approving starry eyes.Bookmark here

Then she settled back to the serious Ms Lyst and said “That is very interesting, indeed a department of yuriology and research might not be a bad idea. We are lacking scientific sources after all. I will take the lead on that one because it is very close to the subject of my thesis.”Bookmark here

Ms Lyst took out the phone and called someone. After a few minutes chatting back and forth she put down the phone and said “They will start building the annex tomorrow.”Bookmark here

“Annex, what are you talking about? I asked perplexedBookmark here

“Where else are we gonna put the lab?”Bookmark here

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