Chapter 27:

Bully Mia and the Prince.

The Y-files [GL]

Belgian Trivia

School lunch

Most Catholic schools no longer provide lunches after elementary school. Everyone brings their own lunch too school which in 99,9% of the cases consists of homemade sandwiches.

Where I went to school you were only allowed to go home for lunch if you lived within a certain radius of the school. Otherwise you were not allowed to go outside of the school premises during lunch break. So no getting a quick snack at the corner of the street.

Ridder Walewein en het schaakbord (Knight Gawain and the chess board)

Is a 13th century dutch novel about a knight of the round table named Walewein who is sent on a quest to get a flying golden chess board for King Arthur. It all ends up in saving a damsel in distress and a fight with the black knight. Everyone here has to suffer through this story in high school because there aren't many dutch novels from that period that made it too this day and translated works have been banned from dutch classes.

Chapter 17: Bully Mia and the Prince.

During the short morning recess at school an incident occurred. Therese and Eve who were by my knowledge Elsa's friends had paired up with one of the most notorious school bullies. A sixth grader named Mia.

Mia was rather skinny but everyone knew that even despite that, she was incredibly strong. She always dressed a bit punky (as far as school regulations would allow of course) and always had a really feisty look on her face. She always seemed angry at something or someone. Everyone called her Bully Mia but nobody dared calling her that to her face.

They had started by throwing the content of a garbage can and throwing all kinds of insults toward Elsa and Tina. Tina reacted first and wanted to defend her girlfriend, but she received a hard punch in the gut and was then held by Therese and Eve. Bully Mia then went up to Elsa ready to hurt the crying Elsa in front of her crying girlfriend. “Girls shouldn't be touching other girls, I will show you how disgusting that is!” You could see that that sadist bitch was really enjoying the situation.

I immediately made way to interfere and I noticed Elodie, Gazette and Fien were doing the same thing. But before any of us could do anything Bully Mia was suddenly forced to the ground and forced to lose her grip by another sixth grader. At the moment of this new development Therese and Eve quickly released Tina and ran off.

The one interfering was Valerie Eugene. She was considered by many as the most popular girl among girls at our school. She was really strong, she performed very well at last year's under 18 judo national championship and it was said she was a black belt in aikido too. She had short dark hair and a rather manly demeanor. Even I thought she was rather handsome. She had earned herself the nickname “the prince” among the student body and was known to be somewhat of a Casanova.

What is the matter Mia, can't handle someone your own size?”

It was clear Mia was furious. She was trying to break free but whatever she tried the prince was clearly stronger than her.

I could see the surrounding masses ready to turn into a lynch mob on Mia. But at that moment the prince shouted. “All of you move along, I will take care of her.”

Elodie, Gazette and Fien ran up to Tina and Elsa who were still recovering to give them support.

Since the situation seemed to be under control, I kept watching from a distance and saw that the second bully Mia gave up her struggle, the prince released her and they started talking.

In the end Mia ran away angrily and the prince kept gazing at her while she walked away.

I could smell a new Y-file and I would need to take the initiative if I wanted to stay on top of things with that woman. That way it would cut the least possible amount of time for my cooking because if I introduced the work I would be in control. If I wasn't in control who knows what kind of crazy roller coaster plan that woman'plans would make me go through. It realized very fast how important it was to be leading when in the presence of that woman.

I went to where the team was gathered around Tina and Elsa, and asked them to come to the FBY office at noon. I invited Tina and Elsa too. Tina replied “It is not like we are grateful for what you did for us, but if you really need us I guess it can't be helped.” Then Elsa gave Tina an approving hug. It seemed like I recruited two more members to the cause.

Then I decided I would be needing a little more leverage to stay on top of things with that woman and went to the headmistress' office and knocked.


I opened the door and Ms Lourdes seemed a bit surprised to see me.

What can I do for you Claire?”

I explained to her about the bullying I had just witnessed and asked if she could let the FBY handle it because it was clearly directed at yuri-couples.

She looked at me like she was trying to measure me up and then said. “Okay, it is always better if students can handle these things themselves but you will keep me posted via email and let me know if the school can help and if we can, we will. I will not have anyone say that the school just watched while people were being bullied. We are not that kind of school.”

I know that I can always count on aunt Bernie” I said with a happy smile.

Ms Lourdes clearly took a few critical damage hits from my smile and then gathered herself together and answered “That is Ms Lourdes at school, Claire!” pretending to be angry.

Thank you Ms Lourdes!”

Excellent. I had taken the necessary steps to once again be ahead of that woman. This time I even made sure I would have more power to back it up by having Ms Lourdes' support.

I hurried back to the courtyard when I heard the bell ring.

We had two hours of dutch, so of course it was Ms Jenny Tiff that came to pick us up. Ms Jenny Tiff was an alumni of the Immaculate institute and a bit of a stickler for the rules and traditions. She always demanded the students to be in straight rows before leaving to go back to class. If we weren't in straight rows she didn't say a thing. She just kept waiting at the assembly point staring strictly at us until we were in the regulatory straight rows.

Of course the atmosphere in class was awkward because of Therese and Eve going all out like that against Elsa and Tina so they were being glared at by the rest of the class. This was gonna take some serious work to ever go back to the way it used to be.

The strain made the classes seem even longer than usual and on top of that we were discussing some medieval novel about a knight named Walewein nobody really cared about. So that didn't really help.

Our teacher, Ms Jenny Tiff, was doing her best to keep the spirit into it but she did not know what had just happened on the courtyard and seemed a bit bummed out that nothing was working to raise our spirits and get us into the lesson. So the two hour lesson passed at an excruciating slow pace but finally the bell rang to announce lunch break.

Ms Tiff was rather set on the old traditions and made everybody pray and thank for the food we were about to receive before we were allowed to leave class.

After that Gazettte and Elsa ran up to me to go to the FBY office together. I could see some jealous glares from Eve and Therese. What were they being jealous about? They were the ones ostracizing Elsa earlier. Well whatever. If all of my plans panned out, we would deal with them soon enough. So we started making our way to the office.

On the road we picked up Tina who immediately went and took Elsa's hand. Soon after that we met up with Fien who zipped around us like a happy dog talking excitedly about the new action yuri web novel 'Radiant-Prism' by the author of Sleeping Princess. Fien kept going on and on about something with green tomatoes in that story. Hearing it had some connection to food, it had really peeked my interest, so I made note to look into that series soon. But I hoped this new series didn't meant the author had forgotten about Sleeping Princess. I got really invested into that story and I think everyone wanted to know what was going to happen after that big cliff hanger that ended the last volume.

I was a bit worried that this morning's events would have put a bit of strain on Elsa and Tina's new relationship but if I could go by their demeanor and the look in their eyes, it seemed like they were even more determined now.

When we arrived at the office, I opened the door. I no longer bothered knocking because I was appointed director after all and I decided to act more like it. Ms Lyst and Elodie were talking in the salon. When they noticed us Elodie ran up to Gazette and jumped her excitedly. Gazette petted her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. After that she seemed to calm down.

We all went and sat in the salon. Everyone took out their lunch boxes. It seemed that Gazette had prepared sandwiches for Elodie and Tina and Elsa were dividing their own equally among each other. It was a tender sight and I felt somewhat proud that I helped to get them together. I took a glance at Ms Lyst and apparently she chose the exact same moment to take a glance at me. We both turned our heads immediately. Gazette whispered something to Elodie and they gave each other a knowing smile. They were clearly talking about me. I wondered what that was all about.

Deciding that I should not let myself get distracted. I put myself in my professional dramatic detective mode and cut to chase.

While you girls eat I will go over why I called you here.” I started. “Like most of you have witnessed and some of you even suffered, there have been some regrettable incidents this morning during recess.” Ms Lyst, the only one out of the loop, looked up, surprised. 1-0 for Claire, I hoped I could keep the advantage.

I started making a schematic on the blackboard to make things look more impressive. Like they do in crime shows when discussing a murder case.

After analyzing that bullying situation where we were lucky the prince interfered. I concluded we have two different root causes.

The first problem is people like Therese and Eve who are angry that their relationship with their friend has changed after getting into a lesbian relationship. Instead of talking with their friend, they decided to blame the lesbian part of it. Now they are spreading yuri hate around school."

Elsa looked with big eyes. Her penny dropped, she clearly realized that she had been neglecting her old friends ever since she became infatuated with Tina.

I noticed that so I continued “Of course there is no blame with Elsa and Tina, but they might become a part of the solution. We need the four of them to make up and become friends. That way they will witness yuri from up close and once they see the yuri light from up close there is just no way they would be able to continue spreading hate. I want all of you to think of ways we can make this happen over the weekend.”

I drank a bit of water because my throat was getting dry. Then I proceeded.

The second root problem will be our next Y-file”

At these words everyone looked at me dumbfounded.

I am talking of course about Bully Mia and the Prince. I witnessed what happened after the situation resolved itself and it was clear to me that the prince likes Mia. Seeing them talk afterward for a short while I thought I could even spot some affection in bully Mia's eyes. Analyzing the situation versus our massive yuri resources I noticed the pattern of the knight and the delinquent. All girls fawn over the knight, the delinquent gets jealous. The knight is dense about it and the delinquent starts doing bad stuff to get attention, forcing the knight to intervene and interact with her. They become adversaries instead of lovers. So the question is what can we do to turn them into lovers before the situation escalates?”

Ms Lyst and Fien's eyes were sparkling. “Brilliant, you are truly cut out for this job. I have never seen someone recognizing 2D patterns in 3D with only one light glance.” Ms Lyst said excited not falling back into her pro mode like usual.

The other girls were also looking at me full of admiration. “I did it!” I screamed inside my head to myself. “I took control. I pulled one on that woman.”

We decided that each of us would try to come up with ideas on how to deal with Therese and Eve over the weekend. I was tasked with making contact with the prince. I was a bit nervous about having to go up alone to the most popular girl in school, but the girls all thought I was the one most suited for the task and Elodie who was in the same class as Valerie even said that nobody else would stand a chance. I wondered what she meant with that. Was she that hard to approach? Well it was no use wondering about it. I guess I would find out soon enough.