Chapter 28:

Interlude: Reminiscing over breakfast

The Y-files [GL]

Belgian Trivia

Peter GoossensBookmark here

The only 3 Michelin star chef in Belgium and thus considered to be the best chef of the country (3 stars is the maximum you can get btw). He is always rather arrogant about it when he appears in the media. His restaurant is called ‘T hof van Cleve. Eating a menu there including wine would cost you 490 Euros (575$) a person. So I cannot tell you anything about the taste because it is a bit outside of my budget and nobody has ever been generous enough to invite me.Bookmark here

Interlude 11: Reminiscing over breakfastBookmark here

Mari Nade’s POVBookmark here

I woke up after hearing the door of my apartment close. That’s right Tory! I could not believe all of that actually happened yesterday. But it did, didn’t it?Bookmark here

Oh no! What just happened? Did she just leave so she wouldn’t have to face me? I wanted to make her breakfast. I sighed. I guess I should be prepared that it probably will just be left at a one night stand. Not everyone went into these things with the same intentions. I had been hurt like that before. I always expect too much. I should know better than to invite someone to my apartment just after getting to know them.Bookmark here

Well, anyway, time to get up! As soon as I opened the door of the bedroom,I noticed the smell of oriental food coming from my kitchen. It seemed like Tory had helped herself to breakfast. I looked around and noticed that there was a note on the table.Bookmark here

Hi MariBookmark here

Sorry, you were so cute sleeping that I did not want to wake you. Bookmark here

I had to leave to go to class.Bookmark here

I made you a Japanese breakfast. I hope you’ll like it.Bookmark here

You just need to bake the okonomiyaki batter in the fridge.Bookmark here

See you later at work!Bookmark here

Xxxxxxxx….Bookmark here

ToryBookmark here

She just had to leave for school. I felt so relieved. All the depressing feelings I was having immediately left my mind and I was back on cloud nine daydreaming about my new adorable girlfriend.Bookmark here

I turned the note and saw she also left me her line ID.Bookmark here

I immediately added it to my phone and sent her a little message to thank her and took a little selfie of me in my negligé, baking the okonomiyaki. To be honest, I was surprised she was able to make this with what I have in the house and even more surprised that I did not wake up from the noise when she was making the batter. Well I did fall asleep really exhausted last night. Images of everything that happened last night went through my mind and I felt myself starting to blush heavily. I put the okonomiyaki on a plate and started eating breakfast. Knowing that it was Tory who made the batter made it all taste even better.Bookmark here

It seemed like my life was finally getting in order. If yesterday was anything to go by, I would learn a lot in that kitchen even if it was only a brasserie. Frank was a great cook, but his sister Claire seemed like a prodigy to me. I think even Mr 3 star chef, Peter Goossens, would leave the establishment crying in disbelief if he ever got to eat one of those éclairs.Bookmark here

I had to make sure she taught me some of that culinary magic. She looked like a really nice girl so I am sure she would not mind me asking her some pointers when we were both in the kitchen.Bookmark here

After all, I left home and moved to Brussels to get some experience in a real kitchen. I was a certified chef but I needed some money and wanted some more experience before opening my own business. I wanted to learn the trade from people who worked in the business for years and had a respectable restaurant. At least that was my intention. Bookmark here

That, and if I am honest I have to admit that I was happy to leave my parental house. My parents and I got along fine as long as there was some distance between us. Living under the same roof just wasn’t working out. Especially after they found out that I swing the other way.Bookmark here

I was so happy when I got hired in the Fruits de mer, but I learned soon that the owner just hired me for my looks and expected a lot that I was not prepared to give to him. The second he pushed it too far I kneed him in the balls as hard as I could and left. Men are such disgusting pigs. I hope he suffered.Bookmark here

After that I tried getting a job in several restaurants in Brussels but they all refused me immediately or asked sexual favors in return for hiring me. I later heard that that asshole from the Fruits de mer had called all the restaurant owners he knew to ruin my chances of ever finding a job in a kitchen again.Bookmark here

Just when I was about to give up, I met one of my old colleagues from the Fruits de mer and he told me that the Femme Fatale was hiring. It was only a brasserie but according to him the chef was really good. Apparently it was a family business and the chef in question, even though he was still young, had had plenty of job offers from great restaurants, but always refused them in favor of working in his family's brasserie. Bookmark here

The only downside was that you had to take a test to get the job and so far he had refused anyone that had ever applied for the job. Bookmark here

I really needed a job, I really did not want to move back home. So I decided to go to to the Femme Fatale to investigate. I talked to the regular customers to find out if they knew anything about that test. One of them told me that Frank usually asks to make him an omelet but nobody ever got it right.Bookmark here

So I just decided to eat an omelet at the place. That way I would know what it is he wanted.Bookmark here

After eating that omelet, I had to say I was surprised. It was not burned, not completely solid but not too runny either.Bookmark here

I was amazed how rich a basic omelet could taste. So I went home and practiced for the job interview and it paid off because I was now a sous-chef.Bookmark here

My phone buzzed me out of my thoughts. I took a look, Tory had sent me a little video where she was playing the piano. “God my girlfriend is so adorable!” I could not wait to see her tonight at work.Bookmark here

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