Chapter 29:

A date with the prince!

The Y-files [GL]

During afternoon classes, my mind was preoccupied with what I would cook for everyone at the party tonight. I needed something festive because we were going to celebrate our first solved case. While my mind was thinking of the pros and cons of all the possible dishes I could possibly make, time had passed a lot more quickly, and before I knew it, it was time for recess.Bookmark here

I really did not like approaching strangers, so I pumped myself up a little and went looking for the prince. After walking around, I noticed her in a corner surrounded by a bunch of girls that were vying for her attention.Bookmark here

I decided to ask her to meet outside school. I did not want to discuss our case in public, and I certainly did not want everyone's attention on the fact that I was talking to the prince, especially not bully Mia's, who might spot us at school. If that were to happen her bully attention would shift toward me.Bookmark here

So I pulled myself together and tried to do my best to look as confident as possible, although I was still a bit nervous going up to a popular sixth grader. “Hi Valerie, I'm Claire. I would like to talk to you for a bit about something. Would you have some time tomorrow to meet up somewhere?”Bookmark here

She looked a bit surprised and checked me out. “Oh, I've seen you around. You're that mystical beauty from fourth grade. That might work...” she saidBookmark here

M-mystical b-beauty?” I lost my demeanor and felt my face heat up. I must be looking like a ripe tomato. It took all my willpower, but I kept looking her in the eye. My mind was being fried; I was not used to being targeted by such high levels of charm attacks.Bookmark here

You know nobody has ever been so bold to ask me out like that in public. Usually, I am the one chasing the skirts. You've got me intrigued. How about 11 am at the Bourse tram stop?”Bookmark here

Okay, I'll be there.”Bookmark here

“Okay, I will make sure it will be a date you will never forget.” after that we exchanged line IDs.Bookmark here

Huh, what just happened? I just wanted to meet up to discuss our case, but suddenly I am having a date with the prince?Bookmark here

The girls around the prince were glaring daggers at me, and I saw one of them sending a message via line; she had apparently filmed our conversation and my phone started buzzing not even a minute later with all members of the team asking me what was going on. I made my way through the courtyard to explain what had happened when bully Mia bumped in to me, making me fall. She looked back down on me and grinned an evil smile. “Oops!” she said to me, and then walked away.Bookmark here

This whole situation sure backfired quickly. I got the opposite result of what I wanted to achieve.Bookmark here

When I arrived where the rest of the team was hanging out, Gazette shot my way. “I did not know you were into those manly types like the prince?” she said, “I always thought you were more into the slightly older professional looking types like Anna.” “M-Ms. Lyst?” I turned completely red “W-Where did you get that idea? She is my nemesis!” Elodie and Gazette giggled at my strong denial, they were clearly sharing an inside joke.Bookmark here

Before things got out of hand, I started explaining what I tried to do and how it had backfired. After I explained everything, it was silent for a second, and then a thunderous laugh broke out. Everyone was laughing at my expense. Fien was laughing so hard she was laying on the ground crying and holding her belly.Bookmark here

I guess the prince lives up to her reputation” Tina said, “She sure is one hell of a Casanova if she can get you out on a date.” What was that supposed to mean? Thinking a bit about it, I might have been known as a cold heart breaker. I always refused all confessions, and up to now, I only went out if it was in a large group and it felt like a social obligation.Bookmark here

Argh how did things end up so messed up!Bookmark here

After the bell rang, we quickly arranged to meet up in the office after school before going to the Femme Fatale for the party.Bookmark here

In the last hour of the week, we had psychology, so we were under the care of Ms. Stick again.Bookmark here

The last hour of the week always went by so slowly, and I was looking forward so much to cooking for a large group. It had been a while since I could make something different than the food from the brasserie's menu for more than the 3 of us at home. So I was really looking forward to it.Bookmark here

Ms. Stick noticed that I was preoccupied with something other than her wonderful course and put me on the spot. This was most likely revenge for last time. “Well Claire, could you elaborate a bit on what we were talking about and join the conversation”Bookmark here

I'm sorry Ms. Stick I wasn't paying attention. What were we talking about?”Bookmark here

She sighed, and looked at me with eyes that projected “Here I am sharing this precious knowledge with you and you do not even bother to listen.”Bookmark here

Does the name 'Pavlov' ring a bell?” she asked me. I could feel the anger underneath because she had to repeat herself.Bookmark here

No, but it makes my mouth water.” I answered. The entire class except Ms. Stick was laughing.Bookmark here

I don't know what got into you lately young lady, but if you keep this up, we aren't going to be the best of friends.”Bookmark here

I looked down and cursed myself and my big mouth. I had to make sure to start a bit of a charm offensive toward Ms. Stick, or I would get into serious trouble with her. She had the power to cut into my free time for cooking after all...Bookmark here

After class, we all gathered at the office to quickly discuss what we had decided today, when we got an unexpected visitor. Ms. Odes entered the room.Bookmark here

Ah Ms. Odes, I am glad you could join us.” Ms. Lyst said.Bookmark here

Girls, I have recruited the services of Ms. Odes for the Bureau. She will be the head of the lab for the department of yuriology. Our lab is still being built, but in the meantime, Ms. Odes will use the school lab. She was very interested in your theories by the way, Claire.”Bookmark here

I felt myself become shy from the unexpected praise. But at the same time, my mind became a bit weary. Ms. Lyst was planning things that I wasn't aware of. I had to know more about what she was doing and who she was associating with. Could it be that she was already planning a major come-back after her defeat during lunch break?Bookmark here

Ms. Odes quickly walked toward and was inspecting me through her thick glasses from really close by. “Haven't we met before?” She asked me.Bookmark here

Yes, I am in one of your classes, 4H.” I answered her a bit frustrated. It had never happened to me that someone did not remember me after they had seen me and even been in the same room as me the day before...Bookmark here

Ah, no wonder you could outline such a brilliant theory. I heard you were also the creator of that powerful aphrodisiac? You sure are an interesting one, aren't you?” and then she patted my head. I just let her do it. It was clear to me that she was so weird it wouldn't help to fight it.Bookmark here

We just got another troublesome member in our ranks.Bookmark here

We will have to talk about it a little later since we have a party to attend. Ah, but since you are a member now, you are of course welcome to join us.”Bookmark here

Ms. Odes seemed a bit shocked to be invited to a social event and decided to decline the invitation and started mumbling to herself. It was something about wanting to run some tests and needing to calibrate some biomarkers.Bookmark here

So the rest of us got ready and left for brasserie Femme Fatale.Bookmark here

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