Chapter 5:


The Girl I Met Yesterday

"I-i care about you too, a-and i don't know the right way to tell you "
for the first time in my life I told my mom how I feel about her.Bookmark here

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                            We became closer and often greeted each other.
At night, someone called me from outside the house
     " hey, hiroshi, hiroshi, Get out of the house quick !! " 
i panicked and immediately left the house.
" hey, hiroshi (Hand waving) "
it turned out that the one who called me was harumi.Bookmark here

" heyy !!!, what are you doing out late at night ?!!!! " i said to herBookmark here

" what's your business, I just want to visit you " she answer meBookmark here

" Come to my house at night, What's wrong with you ?!, are you dumb ?!! "Bookmark here

" Why are you so angry?, All I wanted to do was visit you " She told meBookmark here

": hey hiroshi, who are you talking to ? " Said my mother from inside the house.Bookmark here

" Who is that ?, is that your mother ?? "
" hey hiroshi, can i say hi to her ? " she ask to me
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" nope ! you can't !! " I said to her
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" but why ?? "
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suddenly my mother out from house and called us
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": hey, hiroshi who is she ?, is she the girl we are talking about ?? "
" nope !!, SHE DON'T !! " i answered quickly
but she recognize my lie and answer
": hey hiroshi, have you forget what i have told you "
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Suddenly, harumi greets my mother
"Hello, i'm hiroshi's friend, nice to meet you "
she said to my motherBookmark here

": what a lovely girl, it's nice to meet you too and by the way, what's your name lovely girl ?? "
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harumi's face become red and she answers my mother's question with shyly.Bookmark here

" M-my name is s-sato harumi "
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": sato harumi huh ? " my mother's face looks confused
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(" i bet her reaction like keisuke ") i told myselfBookmark here

": WHAT A LOVELY NAME, just like the person, please come in "Bookmark here

I was shocked when I heard my mother's reactionBookmark here

" MOM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?!, shouldn't she go home ?! "Bookmark here

": Hiroshi what do you think ?!, leave the girl alone at night, we'll let her stay in your room, and you sleep on the sofa "
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" W-WHATT ?!!!!! " I was so surprised to hear thatBookmark here

": come lovely girl, we're come in, we leave him outside "  My mother ignored meBookmark here

harumi look at me with mocking face and saidBookmark here

" bye-bye (hand wave) "Bookmark here

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Inside the house, me, my mom and harumi were talking about my relationship with harumi.Bookmark here

":so first of all, are you guys dating ? "
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" NOPE !!! "
" N-not YET !! "
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We answered at the same time, but I was surprised to hear harumi's reply.Bookmark here

" W-what do you mean by not yet ??! "
" N-No, I said the wrong thing "
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": Wow, there has been misunderstanding between both of you, and it's curious to me, why harumi answer is so different from hiroshi, can you tell me why, harumi ? "
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" n-n-no, i-its nothing " Suddenly, she burst into tearsBookmark here

": hey, what's wrong ?, did my question hurts you ? "
" hey, are you okay ?, i told you mom, talking about this, is a bad idea "
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" no, this is not your mom fault, it's because i'm to emotional, and sorry i don't want to talk about this, let's talk about anything else "Bookmark here

" well then if you want like that, okay, how about we talk about hiroshi childhood  ?? "Bookmark here

" yess, it's sound exciting  " harumi looks excited
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" no-no, my childhood is plain, there is nothing to talk about " i said
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": c'mon hiroshi, Your childhood is not that plain, come on lovely girl I'll show you a photo of little hiroshi "
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I went outside to get some fresh air, 'cause I couldn't stand the two of them.
In the house, they were talking to each other, which I don't know what they were talking about.Bookmark here

Twenty-two minutes later, my mom walks up to me outside the houseBookmark here

": hey hiroshi, i want to tell you something, can you please be nice to her ? " I was shocked when I heard what my mother saidBookmark here

" what do you mean ?, Why should I be nice to her ? "Bookmark here

": Just do as I say, people will only realize if they had a precious person in around them if that person gone in their life "
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And she went right back insideBookmark here

" What the hell does she mean ?, so absurd "
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