Chapter 4:


The Girl I Met Yesterday

" hey hiroshi, hiroshi !!, are you okay ?? "
" yeah i'm fine "
(I'm still confused about what he said, what he meant ???)

today is Saturday

                         It's been two days since that strange incident and my house is empty as usual, my day is still boring.
(" i'm still wondering what he meant and maybe it's just me, but i think i've seen that guy somewhere ")
when i was mumbling to myself, someone knocked at my door
" it was definitely harumi who knocked at my house, harumi what does she want ?, why does she keep picking on me ?!, harumi you scum !! "
I open my door to answer the knock
" what do you want ?!?! " I was surprised when I saw the face of the person who knocked on my door.
" M-mom, w-what are you doing here ? " i said to her
instead of answering my question but she just ignored me and went inside to the house.
" hey mom, why don't you answer my question ?! "
when she heard my words she looked straight at me with a very sharp gaze.
":why did you say that to your mother?, aren't you glad your mother came home early ?? "
"that's not what i mean, I was just surprised to see you come home so soon "
":okay then, and make me some tea "

                    when I was making tea for her, she asked me something
":hey hiroshi, many neighbors say to me, you often go home with girls, is it true?, is she your girlfriend ?? "
My face turned red for a moment when she asked that
" w-what do you m-mean ?!?! "
":it's okay, you can be frank with me "
(" it's rare for her to act like this, there must be something weird ")

" what happened to you ?, Did you hit your head with something ?, you've been acting weird lately " i asked her in a mocking tone.
And we laugh together.
( " it's been a long time since we've been like this, like a real family, when my days are still good, and i don't have to think about anything else " )
I gave the tea I made for her and she asked me again.
":hey, seriously I want to know about your relationship with her, I was shocked when I heard my son who said he hated everyone, walked with a girl "

             " okay if you insist, i will tell you, but don't make fun of me, if the story's weird "
":okay (chuckle), but remember you have to be honest " she said
" The first time I met her, when I came home from school and I saw her on the bridge like she was looking for something, suddenly she called me as if she knew me, at that time I was very surprised to see her did to me. "

":and then ?? "

"and then, she came up to me and asked about my life, as if we had been friends for a long time even though I only met her the day before, and a lot of things happened after that "

":okay.......i see, but i think i'm familiar with your story, it seems like you or someone else has told me, but i seem to have forgotten the face and name that told me about your story "

" but I don't think I've ever told you this story "

":Ohhhh......I remember now, the person who told me this story, was a girl at your age but in that girl story, the boy died in an accident "

" w-what do you mean ?!?!, that doesn't make sense !!! " i was shock when hear her words

": did you forget what i told you ?!, i told you to be honest and you lied to me instead !! "

" b-but i didn't lied to you !!! "

": If you don't lie, the story can't be the same as the one that girl told me !! "

" I told you, there's something weird about you and why would you be so mad if I lied about this ?! "

": it's because.....i care about you, and I don't know how to tell you "

that answer really touched me
"I-i care about you too, a-and i don't know the right way to tell you "
for the first time in my life I told my mom how I feel about her.