Chapter 13:

Ch-14: ‘Son of The Fool’


What the fool does is not desirable to the wise.
Prometheus, represents the 'wisdom of mankind', is foresight, a fore-thinker, first think, then proceed. 
Epimetheus, represents the 'ignorance of mankind', is hindsight, a after-thinker, do first, think afterwards. 
Fear is the greatest fuel for the chariot of wisdom of humanity. Only because of fear will we try to find the strength of the other party and then research countermeasures. 
It is because of fear that we can understand when to escape from danger.
It is precisely because of the existence of fear that the ancestors of human being were able to find a way to live in the perilous environment, and thus become the final winner of evolution. 
When Roy saw Michael's blazing, golden eyes looking at him, he felt deep terror gnawing his heart, there was boundless fear knocking his soul as if to warn him. 
This 'fear' warned him to escape, warned him of the danger of the existence in front of him.
If you are a wise man, you will definitely choose to turn around and run, because hitting a rock with a pebble is not a solution that a wise man would choose.
Only a fool would rush up stupidly, and then he would be as brilliant as fireworks before going out, and finally be wiped out by the source of his fear.
It is absolutely impossible to defeat a God, it is absolutely impossible for mortals to even touch the Gods. This is the cruel truth.
It is not without reason that Campiones are called the 'Bastard Children of Epimetheus', Titan of hindsight. 
This is because only someone who, like Epimetheus, acts without thinking of the consequences, would face a Heretic God rather than running away.
However, only the fool can find the only tiny ray of miracle in that sea of fear! 
So, Roy with the thinking of the wise, without hesitation choose to embrace foolishness. 
"The Book of the Law, Chapter I, Section 11, people praise the fool, 'The Fool' is the Almighty God!"
"...The word that signifieths The Great Work accomplished— Abrahadabra!"
"I create as I speak! "
Roy chanted the contents of the original grimore, 'Book of the Law' and activated the spell recorded inside.
With the end of the chant, Roy felt a sweet, metallic taste inside his mouth and he spited out a mouthful of blood.
The original grimore as a Book of Magical Ways contains deadly 'toxin'. The 'toxin' is not a substance, but rather extraordinary knowledge that will pollute the human spirit.
If you cannot understand the knowledge and content in the original grimore, just observing the original grimore is enough to cause people to die. 
The 'Book of the Law' is the essence of Aiwass's knowledge. It contains knowledge that does not belong to the mortal physical world. 
Countless wrong solutions are used to conceal the true knowledge inside, but it is not to hide the content, but rather a defense mechanism. To prevent fools from interpreting without authorization and losing their lives.
And Roy, as a fool, is now interpreting part of the knowledge in the 'Book of the Law' in the correct way. This piece of knowledge alone has brought him deathly, spirit polluting 'toxin'.
"Fool, this is not the way of thinking that humans should respect. Let me tell you how stupid your behavior is!"
If all of the humanity becomes a foolish, it is certain that the human race would have perished long ago, because only the wise can guide the humanity forward.
Michael, who was about to chase Metatron, was attracted by Roy's 'ignorance'. When he saw Roy abandoning fear and plucking up the courage to run towards him, Michael knew his purpose.
Michael was the victor in the battle with Metatron. He was not a defeated God who was injured or close to dying, and there was no possibility of being killed by a mortal with no power. 
No, it should be said that even a God who is on the verge of death will not be killed by a mortal, because killing a God is an impossible miracle.
"Since you don't listen to admonitions, then, like all fools that come and go, welcome your end!"
With a wave of Michael's hand, the Archangel symbolizing 'fire' conjured the flame of heaven that can burn everything.
This was just a casual blow from a Heretic God, but for ordinary people like Roy, it already represented the end.
"Ah ah ah ah ah------ "
Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Heart wrenching Pain! 
His skin scorched due to the flame, turning into a layer of coke like a molting snake, exposing the flesh and blood under the skin. 
The pain transmitted from the peripheral nerves reached his mind, causing Roy to make a painful cry to vent the unbearable agony that seemed to consume his sanity. 
The brain wanted to use the defense mechanism to make him pass out, but Roy abruptly confronted against his brain on the basis of his own will. 
Even in this state, he tried to maintain his final sobriety and a trace of reason.
The flame used by Michael was enough to turn Roy into ash, but under the protection of the 'Book of the Law', it only gave him unimaginable burning sensation, causing Roy to cry out in agony. 
However, Roy tried his best to endure this pain. He knew that this was the closest distance to 'victory' and create a 'miracle'. 
The distance lessened to ten meters.
The awe-inspiring and righteous Angel did not expect that Roy would be able to resist his attack, and his handsome face showed a hint of surprise.
"Fool, I have to marvel at your bravery and fearlessness, but that's it!"
The Archangel Michael raised his red long sword that looked like cross in his hand.
He once terminated 185,000 Assyrian army soilders with this sword.
He used this sword against the beast of the apocalypse. 
He used this sword to imprison the ancient dragon Satan for thousands of years.
He is the most dazzling and famous Angel in the religion of cross- St. Michael the Archangel. 
That sword pierced out, and the divine power surging on it was enough to turn any human into dust. 
Michael didn't care about the fragment of the <Holy Lance of Longinus> that Roy was holding tightly in his right hand. 
It was indeed a sacred tool that could kill the Heretic God, but that requires the Heretic God to give up his defense.
A baby is still a baby even if he picks up a knife. It is impossible to defeat an adult. Even if a mortal obtains a god killing tool, he cannot pierce the protection of the Gods.
Even if Michael, whose forte is not defense, stands still, as long as he doesn't give up his defense willingly, he can't be killed by mortals with divine tools.
This will be another victory for Michael, who represents the 'inevitable victory'. For the Archangel with endless victory, it is also a trivial victory of his life.
——It should be so, but the miracle is something that turns impossible into possible. 
"Let's start, Angelic Ritual- 'Angel Fall'!"
At the moment when Roy was about to be killed by Michael's sword, he activated the Angelic ritual that he had previously arranged. 
At the same time as the ceremony was launched, Michael's 'nature' fell from the top of Kabbalah, The Tree of Life, to the bottom into a 'human'.
This ritual affects Michael for only one second, but this second is enough to decide the final winner!
Roy didn't fend off Michael's long sword, because that would make him lose his last chance.
He straightened his chest and shifted his position a little bit, not allowing the long sword to pierce his heart, only allowing it to penetrate through the side of the heart. 
If this long sword is still the 'Sword of the Heretic God' , the divine power on it is enough to kill Roy instantly.
However under the influence of the 'Angel Fall', this long sword temporarily turned into an ordinary 'human sword', and it was no longer enough to kill him instantly.
Although Roy is seriously injured now, he will not die soon, he still has time before he dies of blood loss due the injury received from the 'human sword'.
And Roy while being penetrated by the long sword, also pressed the fragment of the <Holy Lance of Longinus> in his right hand into Michael's heart.
Immediately, the Angelic ritual 'Angel Fall's effect was lifted, and Michael's personality returned from 'Human' to 'Angel' once again.
The lance that once killed the Son of God broke into fine pieces. But the fragment had already completed it's job.
In that exact second, when Roy pierced Michael's 'heart', the attribute of pieces that possessed the characteristics of 'Killing the Son of God' blasted on Michael's 'supernatural core'. 
That one in a billion miracle appeared! 
The awe-inspiring angel, his handsome and beautiful face showed a moment of astonishment, and then he laughed heartily:
 "...What a beautiful job done, Son of the Fool! This is the ending I'm looking forward to, returning to the Lord's embrace. In the name of the Lord, defend the Lord's authority under the seat of the Lord!"
"...I am Archangel Michael, the 'Holy Force Against All Evil', and the 'Angel of Infinite Victories'. Here I send my blessings and curses to the Son of the Fool!"
"Go forward with my 'victory', and with my fearlessness annihilate everything until the final end ushers in!"
Roy seemed to have heard what Michael talked about in a daze. At this time, he was slowly slipping into coma due to serious injuries he previously received.Bookmark here

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