Chapter 19:

Chapter 19: Offer.

The Master and The Slave

Neya let out a yelp when the door behind her hit the back of her head. The thud in the back of her head stops her from breaking out into tears. She back away from the door and turn to face it. Neya ready her wooden spoon to attack whatever on the other side of the door.Bookmark here

"You need to fix the door, Ariamnes," Nesto complained at the other side of the door.Bookmark here

"Nesto...?" Neya sniffled.Bookmark here

"The door work just fine. Let me try," Ariamnes said as he opens the door easily.Bookmark here

"See?" Ariamnes said.Bookmark here

Neya rush to hug, she slams her shoulder to his gut and wrapped her arm around him. Ariamness let out a grunt as Neya slam into him, mistaking him for Nesto.Bookmark here

"Uhm, What's the occasion?" Ariamnes said as he looks down at the elf girl who just hugs him.Bookmark here

"You're not Nesto..." Neya eyes widen when she looks up.Bookmark here

"No, I'm not," Ariamnes said.Bookmark here

Neya starts panting as she let go of Ariamnes body, she back away from him while her mind starts to panic. Dizziness and nausea begin to rose inside her. Her heart beating faster than normal almost if somebody trying to pull her heart out. She places her hands on her chest and then falls back.Bookmark here

Nesto catches her before falling, and then everything went dark as Neya faint.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Neya heard a loud snapping sound close to her face. She opens her eyes and saw Nesto smiling face as he snaps his finger in front of her. Neya smiles back at him while leaning his head closer to Nesto chest, then she pukes the content of her stomach on Nesto cloth.Bookmark here

"Oh my god, I'm going to puke too," Ariamnes said as he looks away.Bookmark here

"You have been to war, you have seen worse than a child puke," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"Oh no, blood, gore, and shit. I can deal but puke. Erhh, blame Caretena for that, she the one who makes me disgusted by puke. Oh no, Bad memories coming back, I'm staying out of the room until you clean up," Ariamness shiver as he walks out of the room.Bookmark here

Nesto looks back at Neya, he pulls back her hair trying not to get her hair dirty by the puke. Neya finishes spewing her gut out and wipes her mouth.Bookmark here

"I'm glad you are okay, I was worried," Neya buried her face in Nesto chest while wrapping her arms around Nesto.Bookmark here

"Did they treat you okay?" Nesto ask.Bookmark here

"Yes, they didn't touch me or anything. They even gave my glove back," Neya said.Bookmark here

"I'm glad to hear that. Come on, let's get you seated and clean up," Nesto said.Bookmark here

Nesto helps Neya walk back to her chairs, he then takes off his jacket and wipes Neya cloth clean out of the puke. He then combs her messy ginger hair with his finger, after throwing his stained jacket to the floor.Bookmark here

"Are you sure, you okay? I saw you got stabs in the backs by a dagger," Neya ask.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm okay. The healer tends to my wound after I was captured," Nesto said.Bookmark here

Nesto looks at her hands and notices a wooden spoon in her grips.Bookmark here

"Miss Neya, why are you holding a spoon?" Nesto ask.Bookmark here

"It's for protection," Neya said as her cheek blushes, she places the spoon on the table.Bookmark here

"Protection?" Nesto let out.Bookmark here

"Are you presentable because I'm about to come in," Ariamnes said as he enters the room.Bookmark here

He quickly plugs his nose when the smell of puke linger in the air. He took a seat across Neya while still holding his nose. He closes his eyes, when he opens it again, he unplugs his nose and a visible shiver can be seen.Bookmark here

"How are you, Princess Neya?" Ariamnes ask.Bookmark here

"H-how do you know who I am?" Neya asks, her joy face turned into worried one.Bookmark here

"Please do not be alarmed. My name Ariamnes, I'm the prince of Targia," Ariamnes introduced himself then nodding his head to show some respect to Neya.Bookmark here

Neya turned to look at Nesto with a frown on her face. "It's not like I was keeping it a secret from you but, I'm the former Princess of Weyshers. I'm sorry for not telling you, Nesto," Neya apologizes.Bookmark here

"Do not worry, Miss Neya. It doesn't matter to me whether you a princess in the past or a queen. It matters to me who you are right now, and right now, you are my Master, Miss Neya," Nesto said with a comforting smile on his face.Bookmark here

Neya frown turns into a smile, then she turned to look at Ariamnes.Bookmark here

"Are we in trouble?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"Not at all, but you did break a few laws," Ariamnes said.Bookmark here

"Then what is going to happen to us?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"How old are you right now?" Ariamnes ask.Bookmark here

"Uhm..." Neya look at Nesto wonders whether she should answer the question. Nesto nods his head, "sixteen years old."Bookmark here

"That's a perfect age then, I have an offer for you," Ariamnes said.Bookmark here

"No, I don't want to marry anyone!" Neya declined.Bookmark here

Ariamnes let out a laugh while Nesto only slightly smiles, they both amused by Neya trains of thought.Bookmark here

"I think you have mistaken my intention. It was not an offer of marriage, but still, it pains my heart that I was rejected so quickly" Ariamnes jest.Bookmark here

"If that was not your intention then what is the offer?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"I'm offering you a scholarship to Baxorth Academy," Ariamnes answer.Bookmark here

"What?" Neya said surprised.Bookmark here

"Why? I was once your enemy, this must be a trick. I won't be fool by your offer," Neya said.Bookmark here

"It not a trick," Ariamnes take out an envelope from under his armor and place it on the table, "Here, open it."Bookmark here

Neya grabs the envelope and opens it. She takes out the piece of paper inside of the envelope and read it.Bookmark here

[I, the prince of Targia, Ariamnes Vignil.
Hereby support this child to a full scholarship at the Baxorth Academy.
Bookmark here

This child will be educated by the elective that she would choose fully without any problems. She is under my protection and will always be.Bookmark here

This support must be kept a secret between the person who receives this letter and the child.Bookmark here

Sincerely, Ariamnes Vignil.]Bookmark here

"But why would you do that?" Neya asks after placing the letter down.Bookmark here

"Why offer me this?" Neya asks again.Bookmark here

"I know about your current condition. It must be hard for you to trust anybody, but you do trust Nesto. So he will explain to you why," Ariamnes said as he looks at Nesto.Bookmark here

"I told the prince about your current condition, and I ask him for a favor to let you live a life that you deserved," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for saying this but, you just a human. How can you ask a favor of a prince?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"He is not just any normal human, he is my stepbrother," Ariamnes said.Bookmark here

"Stepbrother? What?" Neya said.Bookmark here

"My mother adopted him when he was still a child. He has been raised by her and accepted into the family, but even after all that Nesto still considers himself an outsider," Ariamnes explain.Bookmark here

"I am an outsider," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"No, your not," Ariamnes replied.Bookmark here

"I am," Nesto replied back.Bookmark here

"Nope," Ariamnes replied againBookmark here

"Stop it!" Neya said stopping both of them.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for not telling you Miss Neya," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"Like you said It doesn't matter to me who you were in the past, but still I don't know if I should take the offer, this too much," Neya said.Bookmark here

"It too one-sided," Neya said.Bookmark here

"It's not actually," Ariamnes said.Bookmark here

"It is a one-sided offer, you don't get anything in return," Neya argued.Bookmark here

"I do get one thing, a chance to make a new ally," Ariamnes said.Bookmark here

"Will you accept the offer?" Ariamnes ask.Bookmark here

Neya turned to Nesto again for support on the decision, "You should take it Miss Neya, it's a good opportunity." Nesto assures her.Bookmark here

Neya turns back to look at Ariamnes, "I will take it."Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

In the Council room.Bookmark here

Silences were the only thing left in the room after the meeting has been dismissed. The King of Targia overlooks the city through the window in front of him. He smiles when he saw at the entrance to the dungeon, Prince Ariamnes step out from the entrance with Nesto and the former princes behind him.Bookmark here

A noble enter the room and stop when he is close enough to the king; bowing his head first before speaking.Bookmark here

"Sire, may I speak freely?" The noble ask.Bookmark here

"You may," King Orpheus permitted.Bookmark here

"Are you sure about the new law?" The noble ask.Bookmark here

"Why are you asking me this?" King Orpheus response.Bookmark here

"Sire, the new law is spooking the other Elven kingdom. They are worried about their own slave revolting against them after they heard about a chance to be free," The noble said.Bookmark here

"The new law is giving hope to the humans," The noble said.Bookmark here

"To combat this new-found hope, the other Elven kingdom might start to band together and target us," The noble said.Bookmark here

"I know full well of your worried, but sometimes the world needs a new change of direction," King Orpheus said.Bookmark here

"But Sire, I'm worried about the survival of our kingdom," The noble said.Bookmark here

"Have faith in me, I will make sure this kingdom survive as I rule it. In the meantime, why don't you think of a way to combat the low number of job opportunity in the city," King Orpheus said.Bookmark here

The noble sigh.Bookmark here

"Don't despair, here have a cupcake," King Orpheus said, grabbing one of the cupcakes from the table beside him and gave it to the nobles.Bookmark here

"I made it myself," King Orpheus said.Bookmark here

"It tastes wonderful my king," The noble said after taking a bite off the cupcake.Bookmark here

"I'm glad you like, but it still not good enough," King Orpheus said.Bookmark here

"You may dismiss yourself," King Orpheus said.Bookmark here

The noble bow and leave the room, leaving the king alone in the room.Bookmark here

"167," King Orpheus called.Bookmark here

167 step out from the shadow in the room with a smile on his face.Bookmark here

"Keep an eye on them please," King Orpheus order.Bookmark here

"As you wish my king," 167 response.Bookmark here

He bows his head then steps back into the shadow of the room and his presence disappears entirely.Bookmark here

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