Chapter 20:

Chapter 20: New Journey.

The Master and The Slave

The strong cold wind outside shakes the tent structure, the night was colder than any other night. Nesto tuck in the blanket over Eilna beautiful naked body; she hugs her saber between Nesto and her while sleeping. The saber is in its sheath, Eilna has always slept with her saber since the beginning of the war.

Nesto caress Eilna smooth golden hair while occasionally messing with her long ears. She twitches her nose every time Nesto rub her ear playfully.

"Are you awake?" Nesto whispered.

Eilna without opening her eyes, smile and whispered: "I am now."

"I'm sorry for waking you up," Nesto apologize.

Eilna places her hand over Nesto hand and said: "It's okay."

"Are you warm enough?" Nesto whispered.

"I am, thanks to you," Eilna mutter.

"About our mission tomorrow... I have a bad feeling about it," Nesto said.

"Tell me what are you feeling right now?" Eilna ask.

"Ariamnes said that tomorrow might be the most dangerous mission we had, I'm scared of losing you," Nesto said.

"You're not going to lose me. Remember, we promise each other after the war we would get married and have kids," Eilna said.

"Our promise sounds like a fairy tale ending," Nesto said, letting out a small smile.

"Isn't a fairy tale ending based on people desire to be happy. Don't you want to be happy with me?" Eilna ask.

"I do—I don't know how you can be so brave and wonderful," Nesto said.

"It's because I have you," Eilna said, biting her lower lips slightly.

"I love you," Nesto said.

"I love you too," Eilna said.

Everything went like a blur. Eilna cold lifeless body on his arm. The sound of thunder shakes the very mountain they are on. Pain, regret, guilt, anger and most of all the overwhelming feeling of sorrow. After that, Nesto opens his five gates 'Expeluno' and lashed out.

Great silver fire burn his enemy, he chases all them down the mountain path and when he was about to head to the Weyshers castle on his own to burn it down. The thought of Eilna stopped him.

He remembers the shaking hands and the coughing blood after he pushed himself over the limit. He places his hand on his head and tightly holds it together as his brain throb almost as if it was about to explode. He sobs furiously that day as he falls to his knee.

Nesto screams his heart out while surrounded by the burning corpse of his enemy.

He looks back at the path behind him. He realizes that he needs to head back, he needs to bring her body back home and buried her.


The sound of snapping finger snapped Nesto back to reality, He looks at Ariamnes hand, there it was Eilna saber. A single tear ran down his cheeks as he gazes at the beautiful sword.

"Nesto?" Neya tugged down Nesto shirt to grab his attention.

Nesto sniffs his nose and wipes the tear off his cheeks. He looks down at Neya standing beside him.

"I'm fine. It's nothing just a dust float into my eyes," Nesto reassure Neya that he is fine.

"Like I said before, we found a pack of girl cloth at the site, It might belong to you," Ariamnes said and look at Nesto hands.

Nesto looks down at his hand and saw Neya cloth wrapped in paper.

"Nesto, I know it tough, but you need this saber now more than ever," Ariamnes said.

"Nesto are you okay?" Neya asks again.

Nesto gaze went to Neya face and remember the coming battle he might need to face. Ariamnes id right he needs a weapon, Nesto push aside his feeling and took the sabers off Ariamnes hands.

"Your right," Nesto said to Ariamnes then he pats Neya heads; "Don't worry, I just amazed by the beautiful saber."

Neya was not convinced by Nesto words, she might need to investigate more into it, but for now, she needs to lay off the question. Neya smiles and nods her head to Nesto words.

"Do you need any coins? I can offer you some," Ariamnes offer.

"We are good, you already did so much for us. Thank you," Nesto said, bowing his head slightly.

"Thank you, Prince Ariamnes," Neya said.

"No, thank you, Princess Neya. May our alliance last for a thousand years," Ariamnes said.

Ariamnes took out something from his pocket. "And good luck to you, my brother," Ariamnes said, and he throws something to Nesto.

Nesto catches it in mid-air and opens his hand; revealing a Vignil family crest.

"You need it, the guards in this city can be a bit difficult. Use it to your heart content," Ariamnes said, then he turns his back and walks away while waving his hand slightly.

The guard closed the metal gate to the castle as Ariamnes walk back inside and head toward the castle.

"Where we should head first?" Nesto ask.

"Home, I need to clean up," Neya said.

"Home it is," Nesto said.

They both head toward the city gates while walking side by side. Arriving at the gate, Nesto only need to show the guard the Vignil crest and easily the guard at the checkpoint let him and Neya through.

It doesn't take long for Nesto to guide Neya back to the house. After they both clean themselves separately. Nesto did offer Neya to help with washing her body, but Neya cheeks suddenly grow red and demanded that she bathe alone at the river.

After they finish cleaning themselves, Nesto and Neya went back home. Nesto pack all the stuff he needs to travel, such as pan and pot. He also packs some cloth to wear and the ax that his been keeping.

With a heavy pack on Nesto back, they both head to the city gate. After entering back to the city, Nesto and Neya went to merchants street trying to find a transport that can bring them to the Academy. Arriving at the merchants street, Nesto found caravan getting ready to move. Nesto walks to one of the merchants while Neya stays behind.

"Afternoon, Sir," Nesto greets the elf Merchant.

The merchant turned his head to look at Nesto with a smile, but when he saw who it was; his smile turned to a disappointed look.

The merchant's sigh, "it's one of you people. Look, if you want to ride, you have to pay."

"Excuse me?" Nesto said.

"You are wasting my time. If you don't have money, you can't ride with us," The merchant said and turn his back on Nesto.

Nesto walks back to Neya. She is staring at the caravan while her hand is shaking and a few sweats running down her forehead. Nesto taps her shoulder with his finger, snapping her back to reality.

"Are you okay, Miss Neya?" Nesto ask.

"I'm fine," Neya said then she gulped down her own saliva.

"You don't have to force yourself to ride with other strangers," Nesto said.

"I can do it. I can ride with other people," Neya said with uncertainty clearly on her face.

"May I speak my mind?" Nesto eyes.

"You may," Neya permitted.

"You know what, I don't want to ride with other people, they are so disgusting and boring, and smelly. " Nesto said while making multiple gestures with his hand to amuse Neya.

Neya smile when she looks at Nesto acting, but her smile turns into a small frown again.

"But it's the only way to get there," Neya said.

"No, it's not. We can buy our wagon!" Nesto said excitedly.

"What?" Neya said confuse by Nesto words.

"Wait here," Neya watch as Nesto went back to the merchant. He said something to him, the merchant's face turn to a frown and show confusion. Then Nesto shows him a bag of coins and his face suddenly light up with joy. He gestures Nesto to follow him, then Nesto gesture to Neya to follow him.

Neya follows Nesto to a warehouse when the merchant opens the big sliding door. Neya face light up in joy when she saw the medium size wagon with a curved green roof on top of it sitting inside on the warehouse, collecting dust.

"This is one of my unused Wagon, I didn't use it anymore because it was made for traveling not transporting stuff. It should fit about four people in it," The merchant said while dusting off the dust.

Neya examines the wagon, it got a window on each side and a single door at the back. It also got two lantern holders, one at the front of the wagon for lighting up the way and another inside of the wagon.

Neya took a seat at the front of the wagon when she looks back. She notices an archway that leads inside with green curtain hanging at the archway for privacy.

"You only need one horse to pull the wagon," The merchant said.

"Can you provide a horse for the wagon?" Nesto ask.

"Yes I can, I have few spare horses in the back," The merchant said.

Nesto smile when he saw Neya happy and joyful face as she checks the wagon. He then turns to look at the merchant with a determined face.

"I'll take it," Nesto said.

"50 gold coins including the horse," the merchant said, Nesto easily paid the merchant.

The merchant took the money. "I'll go fetch the horse," He said then went to the back.

"Miss Neya, we are riding to the Academy on this" Nesto said.

"Are you sure?" Neya said poking her head out of the archway.

"Yep, just us both and a horse," Nesto said.

"Thank you, thank you, Thank you, Nesto!" Neya said excitedly.

The merchants come back with a black horse and attached it to the wagon. Nesto went inside of the wagon begins unpacking the stuff and remove the dust. He hangs pot and pan at the small hook in the wagon and makes the place more comfortable.

Nesto also buys a couple sleeping bag for the roads from the merchant. Then Neya and Nesto went around the street, buying stuff that they need for the road. Nesto mostly bought cooking equipment and ingredients.

Nesto also gave Neya some coins, so she could buy the thing that she wants. She bought a fairy tale book and a few educational books. She also bought some kind of lace cloth.

"Miss Neya, may I ask, what did you buy?" Nesto said while gesturing to the clothing that she bought.

Neya cheeks and ears blush red of embarrassment while averting her gaze from Nesto. "It's for my lady part... It's PErsoNAL!!" Neya shouts before dashing toward the wagon.

Confusion filled Nesto head then something click inside his head, "Ohh, I shouldn't ask," Nesto said to himself.

After a few moments of settling in, Nesto grabs the reins and flick it. The horse shakes his head and starts walking, pulling the wagon with it. The horse hoof clack on the stone road while the wheel turning. Nesto leads the horse toward the direction of the city gate.

The wagon passed the city gate. The guard that recognize Nesto, nod his head in recognition. Neya looks through the archway and saw the open road. At moment, she realizes about the journey that she will be making and the freedom that she always wanted.

She cheers he heart out at the open road, celebrating her freedom. Nesto smiles as he held the reins in his hand and looks toward the open road while Neya celebrates behind him.