Chapter 3:

Pink, Pervert, Princess, Pact

I Married a Perverted Pink Haired Demon Princess

I heard my doorbell.

*Wha…* I woke up five minutes ago.

Where can it be?

At this point, I have long since lost hope of seeing the beauty again.

Slowly I went down the stairs to open the door.

"I'll come" I called out loudly.

I opened the door and there she was a new beauty. Nearly as pretty as the girl in my dream, I guess.

But it reminds me of someone. Can it be… Emma? Probably not.

She stands next to me. My lust wasn't prepared for this situation.

No! I don't have time for a boner. 

I collected all of my strength to resist my lust. I only had this chance to meet her.

A so beautiful girl, right in front of me. I can‘t believe it.

I thought filled with happiness... and lust to be honest.

What should I do now, in the past I doesn't speak with a girl
And now directly a beauty.

Pull yourself together, you can do it!

"Good day, busty-"
"I mean beautiful girl, beautiful girl, not the other."
"You heard nothing, are you?"

I fucked up. Actually, I can close the door and bury myself.

Thereupon she only grins, blinks, and said:

"We will have fun together."

I don't know how I should react to this answer but I hope fervently, that no one heard what I said and she has understood the false.

"You have to be Nór, right?"

Why does she know my name and what did she want here? Probably she also wants to know where the next supermarket is, otherwise she wouldn't knock on my door.

"Yes Sir."


"I'm so sorry!"
"Yes, I'm Nór. And you are..?"

She smiled, but why? Was my fault so funny or did she smile because she thought that it was a funny joke?

"I'm Lilithy. You know me as Emma or beauty of your dream" they blink and show the victory gesture with outstretched arms.

She's so cute. Just a moment, what?!

"That’s impossible! Emma looks completely different."
"How do you can be Emma?!"

"May we talk inside?" she said trembling.

"Oh, yeah sure, come in."

"Thank you."

We follow me to my room. I live alone and only rent this one-room apartment. So, I hope she‘ll isn‘t disappointed.

A so beautiful girl is right behind me and visit now my apartment I‘m so excited.

I opened the door to my apartment before I realize that my whole room isn‘t tidy and my stuff lie all over the floor.

"I‘m s-sorry if I know that I get visited by a girl, I would have cleaned up."

She laughs loudly. *Ha ha ha!*

"It‘s all good." *Ha Ha!*

Her laughing is very beautiful and warm. I like it.

"Please take a seat. I only have a chair and my bed, so I sit on the bed and you on the chair."

"Thank you, but I standstill. I don‘t want to get pregnant from a chair or a bed."

I was very perplexed after she said that, but it was very very funny. 

"Okay then stand, still" I really had to resist laughing while I says that.

"So… why are you here and why did you say, that you were Emma? You didn’t look like her."

"Give me a moment and I'll prove it to you."

Now I'm curious.

"Do a step back."

Suddenly it got brighter and brighter in my room. I only could see a pink flash through my entire room. It was so bright that I had to close my eyes and hold my right arm In front of my face because the pink light begins to burn into my retina.

After I'd opened my eyes I could see her.

"E-E-Emma?!" I stuttered because I was completely shocked.

"No. I only switch my skin this time. My voice is the same which I had in my original body who you know as Lilithy."

That's too many abnormal activities in a so short time for a normy like me.
I feel sick.

"Do you believe me now?" She said that not with the voice of Emma but with the other sexy voice.

Can she transform herself back into Lilithy? Emma is even a very hot girl but Lilithy it's, without lying, the hottest girl in the entire world.

"You know that I can read thoughts. I'm a demon, did you forget?" she said clumsily.

"But for you, I transform me back to my original even if it costs much of energy."


After some pink flashing lights the beauty Lilithy stands in front of me again.

I love it with my entire body. But that also means that she's a demon...

+ + + + + + + + +

"Okay, okay, I believe you but not more surprise if you don't want that I got a stroke. Please tell what this has to mean."

"As you wish."
Oh, she sounds like a maid.

"As you know I am a demon. A half succubus."  

"Stop, stop, stop, stop! You are to half a succubus? The kind of demons who collect energy through lust, right?"

"Y-Yes, but why did you know that?!" She said puzzled.

"I'm an otaku. Is that enough as an explanation?"

That's why I wanted him to stop being an otaku. But now I can't do anything he already knows all facts, I guess.

*Hmm* noises with a cute offended face.

"I wanted to explain that to you. What a pity..."

I think she would have given a lot to explain it to me. So I let her the joy.

"But can you explain that to me again in more detail?"

"Yay." she called out loudly with a very happy face.

"Ehhh. I mean if it has to be. I'll do it for you."

He he. She doesn't want that I think that she is happy about that.

"Succubus is a kind of demon who collects energy for their life with the lust of other demons or humans. A thing that very few people know is that the lust of humans is better than the lust of demons. The lust of humans contains more energy than demons.
And the best energy we can get is from a human who loves one."

"So I've searched with my abilities for a boy who statistically fell in love with me. You were the first one I've scanned, but your energy level was extremely low. 
For some reason, I only wanted you at this point. And after we had our date I was sure, that you're the right one for me."

"All begins three years ago. You and I went to the high school in the same class and at this point, I watched you the whole time. Even when we were in the mall, you had sawed my pink flash."

It sounds like she's very proud of that what she had done. But at the time in the mall she went to the toilet, so why does she was watching me? A weird girl.

"But my father says that I'm not allowed to couple me with a 'low-level' like you."

That hurts. Why does she say that? She shouldn't have said anything.

"In the last four to five weeks, I've tried to convince my father that I'm allowed to were a couple with you. To convince my father you had to prove yourself?"

"And how did I done this? Or did I lose?"

"Do you remember the dream?"

"Sure. It was the best thing that ever happened to me." I said proudly.

"I'm pleased. The answer was correct. I had to delete all memories of people who can remember me so that you going to forget me. Your dream even wasn't a dream. We kidnapped you and you don't notice it." She was nearby to laugh out loudly.

Is this really so funny? I mean, she kidnapped me to put myself to the test, if I'm her worth.

But I'm very happy that I've picked the correct answer. Very happy. But does that mean that she's mine from now on?

"And your father accepted that from now on I'll be your couple?" I asked nervously.

"He was convinced that you'll never do it, so he makes me this offer. And I won."

"An important thing about humans in the reaction of succubus is that they gave more energy even more lust they have and when we were in the mall you had so much energy that you passed out or in your 'dream'. I can hardly imagine what will happen if I do more than simple underwear." she explained with a 'horny' face.

"Sounds logical. But why does it take so long that you visit me, although my answer was correct? And why do I pump my juice in my pillow if I were at your weird white room?"

"To the first thing I can say, that my father doesn't accept the answer 'Emma' because it's not my name, my name is Lilithy, and the court of demons had to check if your answer was correct or not."

"And to the second thing, I can say that you already juiced in your pillow before I arrived because when I arrived to take you with me, there was already a juice stain on your pillow." Yet again she was just about to laugh.

I don't know if that makes it better or worse. To be honest, why do I ask her this? What did I hope me out of this information?

"If I understand that correctly, you only want to be a couple because you want to extract the energy out of me?"

I was very unsure why does she want me.

"You've forgotten that I've watched you and also had many times the chance to come together with another guy. But I want your energy than from others."

That makes me very happy.

"And what should we do next? I mean... if we want to be a couple."

That will be my first relationship and so I'm super excited about what will happen or what we do together. She finally said that she's mine from now on.

"Before we don't close a pact I don't can your lust and don't gain energy so at first, we should close a pact. Slowly I get dizzy." She uttered. Also, she sounds like she's dizzy.

"Why are you dizzy? Do you consumpt so much energy while you stand here and speak?"

"Only that I'm on the earth ensures that a consume ten times more energy than usual. Normally I have to charge every twelve hours but now I have to charge every 72 minutes. And the biggest part of my reserves is already consumed."

She's really tough, for the fact that she is already over one hour at my home and standing in my room.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know that you need to charge so fast on the earth. But like you said we need to close a pact, what does this mean, and how it'll work?"

"Do you remember when I said that I'll be yours? If we close a pact you have the entire control over me and my body and can do everything you want with me. It doesn't matter what you want to do. I am a half-succubus so I also have my advantages if you use me as your toy. And all in all, it makes fun."

She's very lewd. I don't know if I really want to make this pact the hook has to be somewhere.

"Are you sure to close this pact with me? Outside are so many guys who would love it to do this stuff with you. And there are even much better than I, I guess."

"And that's one of the things I love from you. You only want the best for one. But be honest you also would touch my boobs or even something more, wouldn't you? I mean look how soft they are."

It's if she is able to read my thoughts or why does she know that. Oh right, she's able to.
I would die to touch these boobs and now they're directly in front of me.

"No panic you haven't to die to touch these." Lilithy said and blink with one of her beautiful big blue eyes.

She slightly jumped in front of me to show me these wonderful tits. And from that, I could see they're very soft. It's going better and better.

"You want to, aren't you?"

Of course, if you're mine I will do so many nice things with you and I can to you where I want! I will

"touch every centimeter of her skin, her beautiful long legs, her slim waist with the stomach. I want to kiss her and look into her beautiful big blue eyes. I'll touch her entire body, her feet, and the boobs and her mucous membranes!"

At this moment my brain stopped me to say to me; just a moment, Lilithy is able to read thoughts, isn't she? And why do you say this so loud that everyone in the building could hear what you've wanted to do with Lilithy? Moment, you've said my thoughts loudly?!

"Ha ha, that's new. Now I hadn't to read your thoughts you tell it from alone without that I ask. That's nice of you!" she reacts to my big fault with a wide grin.

The only thing that she said after this was
"But please be gentle to my body, I'm still a virgin."

It's going to be better, I'll take her and my virginity at once!

"You're also a virgin? Oh, right you were or are an otaku of course you are a virgin. Ha ha ha! But before we can do anything on your list we have to close the pact together.
My Lust-O-Meter is nearly empty so we have to do it fast."

+ + + + + + + + +

"If we closed a pact, I'll be your, you're my partner, and the pact only can be resolved by us if we say it at the same time or by the court of demons if there is a criminal offense, for example."

"Are you ready?"

"Y-Yeah I'm ready."

There is no way back, I must do it!

After I accepted she pointed her right hand at me - a pink demon circle appears on her hand - and says:

"Through the power and the strength, I own and  in the name of family Deviluke and the holy demon lord..."

Holy, demon, lord? Holy?

"... my father. Make me his, and protect him with the best knowledge and conscience of the demon world. From now on he will be my couple, also protect me with the best knowledge and conscience and give me the energy I need to live in this world." She preached very seriously and proudly.

Now it'll happen. What did I have to do?

"Now! Touch me and let out all your pent-up lust, to close the pact finally!" She urged me with a loud voice.

W-What?! Now I can touch her?!

She screamed "Yes! Touch me! Nór!"

"Okay! I'll do it!"

I take my whole right hand and press it against her wonderful big boobs, then I used my left and her left tit.

Oh well, how soft and fluffy they are. I want more.

She moans very perverted and loudly.

"Ohh Nór, I want more!"
"Press and knead they! Gave me more of your lust!"

I began to knead her tits and she moans more and more. After a few moments, I felt how I pent-up all my lust, but how can I give her them?

After a few more moments she gets louder and louder, she begins to drool out of lust and rolls her eyes like ahegao.

She comes. And breaths still heavily and sweats on her whole sexy body. Also, her face turns red.

She looks like she's oiled. Her red turned face is also so sexy, and hot.

"I'm a half succubus but also I girl. It makes very very fun but I'm embarrassed too." She replied embarrassed by my thoughts.

The moment she came, came out of me pink - the same pink as her hair color - particles which are flowed into her body.

"You were exceptionally good. And so much energy although you don't come..." She still breaths heavily.

"I don't know if this counts as to take me my virginity but as very nearby."
"You gave me enough power to live the next two days on the earth without charging my energy of lust. Thank you." She's still sweaty but her grin while she says that is the cutest I've ever seen.

And from now on we were a couple.

I haven't energy anymore.  I didn't even have the time to process it all. I fell asleep immediately

+ + + + + + + + +


Did I dream? My memories are so fuzzy from last night that I couldn't remember anything.

I turned around in my bed and the first thing I could see was two huge breasts directly next to me. Not only that, a whole naked beauty lies next to me in my bed.

"Wha?!" I screamed a little bit too loudly because she woke up too.

"Good morning, my Darrr-ling."

My memories came slowly back to me.

"Darling?" I ask cause I couldn't remember so far at this point.

"Oh, I see. You gave me so much of your energy..."

What did I give her?

"... that you simultaneously fell in a deep sleepy for meanwhile 12 hours. The next time you have to hold yourself back." She admonished me.

"For speeding up the process of your missing memories: We closed a pact so that you gave me your energy of lust and you get satisfaction. For this, you had to knead my tits."

I remembered.

"Yes, right. I remember me. You also said that you are mine now, is that true?"

"Yes! You're right. So how can I serve you, master?" She said submissively.

That sounds very good but in the publicity, we need, as hard as it is for me, another nickname. What did she say before? Darling, right?

"Lilithy, I love it that you called me 'master' but in the public, you have to call me different. Otherwise, the people think that I pay you to be with me. If we do something, you can call me as you wish but in public please call me Nór, Darling, or something like that."

"Understood! But right now we're at your so I can call you master, right master?"

It's so sexy.

"Of course, I even ask for it." I said lewdly.

But one thing I don't understand yet:

"Do you live with me together or do we have to move or do you want to live in the hell?"

"Good question but now I have you and so enough energy of lust so I can live in the world of humans too." She answered while she's smiling. Too cute.

"But I also have to learn a lot of things about what I must do or what I am not allowed to. Well, you can teach me the rules of the society, aren't you darling?" She asked pleadingly.

"Sure my princess. I'll teach you all that you have to know about our world."

"At first we should go shopping so you can buy new clothes..."
"...and underwear." I've whispered.

"Good idea!" She was happy.

She begins to run towards the door, but...


I've knocked her on the head.

"Ouch, why do you did that, master?"

"Have you looked at yourself?!" I said sternly.

"Am I so ugly that you cannot be seen with me in the publicity, darling?" She's already about to cry. She already has tears in her eyes. 

What?! Doesn't she gets anything?

"No you're all but not ugly, but you weren't cloaths! Here is rule number one: In the public you were cloaths! And I also don't want that other guys can see you naked than I."

"Oh well, I thought that humans were cloaths to emphasize their style or because they have an ugly body."

She isn't completely wrong but that's not what it is about.

"And so on I thought that I'm ugly." She ended.

"No, you're wrong. In the most basic sense, you put on clothes so that you are not cold in the winter and strangers cannot see all of you. You're also able to wear special cloaths which underline your beauty."

"Ah that's logical, in the hell all demons were body armor, I thought that I don't need body armor on earth, because human-made weapons are to 99 percent ineffective against us. But, how it seems now I must wear cloaths to hide my skin from views of other guys." She understands.

"Here you are. As long you don't has own clothes you can wear some of my clothes."

"Thank you, darling"

I gave her some of my clothes, she changed if you can call it that changed. And we begin to go to the mall where we had our first date to buy her new sexy clothes so I can spend her more energy.

+ + + + + + + + +

We arrived at the mall and the first thing she wants to try was ice cream.

"But you lived on the earth for many years. Why do you even haven't eaten ice cream yet?"

"You know already that it's very difficult for me to live on the earth until now, so after every school day, I went back to the hell and only come for the school or if I wanted to watch you, on earth." She answered, but...

"And if we had our date? What was that for a huge house?" I asked confused, because why should one buy a whole house if their lives in another dimension?

"Ah, you mean this house, well, this house was from a guy who posted a photo o his holidays in Germany on social media, so I've borrowed it for a few days..."
"... until the day he has called the police because he saw a strange girl lay on his couch, watched tv, and has a complete body armor on." She whispered fast

"What did you say?!"

"Nothing, it's nothing!"

I bought her ice cream and she really enjoyed the taste of it.

"Do you want to try it too?"

It's like an indirect kiss, right?


It was very tasty but I don't know if it was the ice cream which was so tasty I thought it was her saliva which was so damn tasty.

After she had eaten the ice cream we entered the first store in the mall. It was a normal clothing store for men and women.

At first, she wore a cute, little bit too big, pink hoodie that matches perfectly with her hair color so we bought that. After that, really nice skirts and tights.
She looks so beautiful in the skirt and socks. Nearly like a girl student uniform.

But then the most important thing; the boots.

I don't know why but it doesn't exist sexier things than big boots combined with knee socks and beautiful long legs, especially nice thighs.
Then the ankle makes the beauty.

Many people would say that I'm not healthy in relation to this subject. But I don't care.

I Love it! Probably I would allow it that she kicks me with her boots because it's too sexy for me.

"You look beautiful. Let us go to a shoe store so you can choose some boots."

Damn, in this store I left over 10.000 Yen... But I have a beautiful wife for that. It's fair so far.

As we arrived in the shoe store I immediately began to search for boots with heels but which don't go too high. So that you can still see the beginning of the calf.
And after a while, I've found them. The perfect boots.

They look big from the outside but only have a slim layer of snow-white leader, a black sole which are separated with a pink accent line, and a decent but recognizable heel.

They emphasize their slim and log legs perfectly.

I don't know why but I thought it is a good idea to go on my knees and implore her to wear these boots.

"Please my princess, wear these boots for me. Please!" I said nearly crying with happiness.

"Why do you cry? You don't have to cry, I wear them, darling"

As if she stands in front of me with these boots made my life meaningful again.

"Y-You look s-so b-beautiful." I stuttered with happy tears in my eyes.

"We buy them! How much do they cost?" I asked the seller.

"These boots cost 9.000 Yen, sir."

I've shocked, I only have 15.000 Yen anymore and this is all money was I saved the last two years. What should I do?!

"I-I'll buy them."

"Excellent choice, sir."

I only have 6.000 Yen left in my bank account.

As we walk out of the shop, it occurs to me that she still needs accessories.

"Darling. I also have some money to buy clothes you don't need to buy me all these clothes."

"If so, you buy accessories. Okay?"

I'm the last

"Sure but you must choose what I should buy."

We continue walking through the mall to an accessories store. And so on we found one but before we went to, she grabbed my left hand and pulls through the mall to a staircase floor near the toilets where there are no people.

"What do you do?" I asked nervously.

"Nór, my master, I need your energy now!"

[To be continued...]

+ + + + + + + + +

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