Chapter 23:

Chapter 23: Lilia.

The Master and The Slave

Lilia woke up to an unfamiliar extravagant room. A bed so expensive she only has seen it in a castle and the wooden furniture with a carving of beautiful flowers. She looks down to her ample chest and found that she is wearing what looks like a white nightgown.

She took a couple steps backward and slip off the balcony behind her. She screams as she falls from the balcony. Her green curly hair is all over her face because of the wind pushing it from below.

Lilia quickly closes her eyes waiting for the inevitable to happen. When she suddenly landed on someone else arms.

"I have never seen someone fall for me this hard," Lilia heard the gentle voice of a man.

She opens her eyes to a handsome man with short hair and a gold crown sat on his head. Lilia's cheeks blush when the handsome man smile at her while gazing into her eyes. She looks away and notices that they both are on top of a white horse.

"Is this a dream?" Lilia ask.

"It can be whatever you want, my beautiful flower," The man said.

He then leans in for a kiss, Lilia begins to panic and blush even harder. Her arms flail in front of the man face and causing him to drop her. Her head hit the ground hard that cause her to open her eyes again. When she opened her eyes, she was back in her dorm bedroom and everything else that happened earlier was just a dream.

She looks up at the wooden ceiling above her then her eyes went to the empty top bunk of her bed and grunts. Her legs are still on the bed while the entire upper part of her body is on the floor. She really hit the floor hard this time. It's not the first time she had this kind of dream, but it is rare. Especially since she been studying at Baxorth Academy.

A sudden flash of the handsome man lips in her mind causes her cheeks to blush again. She shakes her lustful thought away and raised her upper body, so she could stand. Lilia looks at Digia's empty bed and didn't see any sign of her sleeping on it last night.

Digia must have slept at the club room again; Lilia thought. She let out a sigh and walk to the three small potted plants sitting on the window stool that she been growing in her room.

"Good mornings, you three," she said to her potted plants.

With a smile on her face, she went to her bathroom and clean her self up. When she comes out from her bathroom, her attires change from a nightgown to her academy uniform. Lilia left her dorm room and head down the hallways. The beautiful hallways with windows lining up on the opposite side of the rooms. She walks toward the cafeteria with her notebook in her hands.

While she was walking down the hallways, she was met by a few stares from the other elf. They whispered to each other and giggling while glancing at Lilia. She hunched her head forward a bit, trying to avoid the stare of the other elf.

The stare and giggle are common things that happen to Lilia occasionally. It is because of her history in the past, the event that shaped her life and gives her quite of reputation among the other young elf in the academy. Lilia couldn't help but hear the whispered from the two elves.

"I don't know how she slept at night after what she did."

"She is the one that kills her own parents right?"

"Yep, my father said she burned her manor down because she didn't get what she wants."

The rumor is obviously blown out of proportion from the truth, her parents did die in a fire, but it was not her fault. Despite the anger rise in her heart, she remembers her foster mother words.

'They are just words, it has no power as long as you ignore it'

Lilia took in a long breath and straighten her torso. She kept on walking to the cafeteria with her pride in her heart. Upon arriving at the cafeteria, her eyes were greeted by the massive amount of elf and satyr students. The cafeteria is a familiar scene to her, the table that is long and can be fit by six people.

The beautiful hanging chandelier at the ceiling and the well-kept plants that always fill Lilia heart with joy when she looks at it.

The academy students are mainly filled by these two race, but not just any commoner elf of satyr can attend the academy. You need a massive amount of wealth and reputation to be able to attend here. So the students here is mainly the sons and daughter of a wealthy merchant or nobles.

Lilia walk passes the elf butler and a couple elf maid to reach the cafeteria serving counters to grab a tray of breakfast to start the day off. She brings the tray of food to an empty table and sat alone while enjoying her breakfast. While she was enjoying her food, her eyes glance to the other elf student with servants serving them their foods.

Lilia has blur memory of her butler, but what she remembers is he always served her the same cake when she was alone back when she still lives in the manor. But that was memories that exist before the fire. Her butler is gone now, she breathes in the air to and shakes the depressing thought away.

She finishes her breakfast and went to her apothecary class. She sat in her chairs and listen to the lecture with focus.

"Today, we are discussing the use of poison, you first row on the right, tell me what is poison used for?" The professor asks.

"Killing people?" the student that was called answer the professor question.

"Yes, that right. One of the uses of poison is to do harm to other living beings, but that is a crude of using poison. Poison in some way is medicine if used properly and in a correct way. It has a wide variety of advantage and disadvantage to the body of living beings when used." the professor explains.

"Poison is medicine? But medicine doesn't kill people," one of the students said.

"You are actually wrong, medicine, if used in a higher dose, can kill a living being. Anything that is used in excess dose can kill for example food, water, mana and many more," The professor explained.

The students begin to write down what the professor has explained. The lecture continues and the banter between the student and the professor grow until the class end. Lilia had fun listening to the banter between the students and professor, it's where she truly learns about the subject.

"Okay students, remember to study for the test that's coming in next week and please be careful during the one moon dance that is happening in the ballroom in two days," the professor said before leaving the classroom.

Lilia packs up her notebook and heads out of the classroom. She takes a couple moment on where she should head to next. Whether it's her garden or the club room, she let out a smile and head to the club room to see Digia.

She walks to her club room which located on the third floor of the building just above the classroom. Lilia knocks on the door before opening, the first thing she sees is the short brown hair satyr resting her head on the table.

"Digia?" She calls to the satyr.

Digia moans while her heads turn to look at Lilia; turning her head cause the blueprints on the table to fall on the floors.

"Mornings, Lilia" Digia yawn.

Lilia smiles and walks past by the machine and contraption laying on the floor to her plants on the window stool. Arriving at the window, she opens it; letting in fresh morning air into the room.

"Lilia....?" Digia calls out to her.

Lilia turns her head to look at Digia with her eyebrow raised.

"I finally did it!" Digia shouts excitedly which cause Lilia body to tense out.

"I did it! I manage to turn the three sentence rune into one sentence," Digia said while showing the scroll in her hands.

"Isn't that a magic scroll?" Lilia ask.

"It's not just any magic scroll, it's a one sentence magic scroll rather than three sentences long," Digia explains.

"You keep on telling me that it's one sentence, but I still don't get it," Lilia said then she grabs the water sprayer on the floor; right next to her feet and start watering her plants.

"Okay, okay, let me explain so you common folk can understand it," Digia said but immediately apologize when Lilia glare at her.

"Geez... I was just joking." Digia said while Lilia continues to water her plants.

"We learn in class that rune magic is still barely new, right?" Digia asks, Lilia replied by nodding her heads.

"The rule of rune magic is the rune must be written with mana flowing into them and it must be written with three logic sentences. Which takes a lot of times to make, but what I did is shortened the process to make a more efficient way of creating a magic scroll," Digia explain.

"The professor said that we shouldn't carelessly change the fundamental because it could lead to a disaster effect," Lilia warned.

"She said, he said. Look, Lilia, you have to understand if we don't push the limit of the fundamental, we can't change or make new progress in the study of magic," Digia explain.

Lilia rolls her eyes, it not the first time that Digia went mad when it comes to a breakthrough in magic.

"Ha ha ha, judge me now, will ya? Wait and see when my name is carved into history as the genius inventor!" Digia said after she stands up from the chair underneath her.

Lilia still has a look that lacks confidence while looking at her friend. Digia pouted her lips and hold the scroll tighter in her hands.

"I will prove it to you! This scroll contains a simple wind magic, watch as I change the law of magic!" Digia claim.

Digia holds the scroll up in the air and reveals its content. She then let the mana flows from her hand and into the scroll to activate it. Lilia watches the scroll closely and spots a small jumping electrical energy between the runes that shouldn't happen.

"Digia, throw the scroll!" Lilia warned.

Digia has a worried look when her friend warned her, she throws the scroll up into the ceiling and the scroll explode with a blast of strong wind. The wind blast Digia and the stuff around it to the wall.

Unfortunately for Lilia, the wind was too strong that it pushed her off the window. She was shocked when it happens that cause her entire body to freeze. Lilia heard her friend screaming her name from across the room.

Lilia is falling to her death, but the realization hasn't sunk in yet. Her life flashes before her eyes when it's finally sunk in, she screams her heart out.

She was about to die.

When someone catches her in his arms, she looks at her savior and saw a handsome human with long silver hair tied in a ponytail. His green eyes gaze upon her face, her heart skips a beat when their gaze met. He wasn't like the prince in her dream, but somehow she doesn't care.

The man let out a gentle smile.

"I have never seen someone fall for me this hard," Nesto jest.

That words cause Lilia cheeks to redden like a beet, she closes her eyes and waits for the kiss. She was snapped back to reality when Digia screams for her from the third-floor window.

"Lilia are you okay?!" Digia shout.

Lilia opens her eyes and saw Nesto eyebrow raised when he looks at her. Lilia faces change to embarrassment when she realizes that this is not the dreams.

"Put her down, Nesto" A girl right next to Nesto order.

Nesto gently lowers the girl down, so she could stand on her legs. Lilia looks at the ginger-haired girl with a scar running on left eyes standing beside her savior. The girl frowns while slightly glaring at Lilia.

Then she pouted as she starts to walk away from her, her savior follows the girl after nodding his head in a gesture of goodbye to Lilia. She gazes at her savior as he walks away from her, she then places a hand on her chest and felt her heart pumping so hard that it might explode.

"Nesto," Lilia mutter his savior name.