Chapter 24:

Chapter 24: Rope.

The Master and The Slave

Nesto keeps on grinning at the event transpires earlier. He is amused at the circumstance of the accident. If he was not there at that precise moment, that elf girl could have died of the third stories fall. That green hair girl certainly has Yana bless on her side.

Neya notice Nesto grin, annoyance rise in her heart causing her to elbow Nesto's stomach. He glances at Neya with a look of surprise, noticing her pouting lips and furrow eyebrows on her forehead. Nesto is trying to figure out why is Neya in a bad mood.

Nesto fastens his pace so he could reach Neya side.

"May I ask, what is bothering you, Miss Neya. Is it the surrounding people around us?" Nesto ask.

"Are you feeling uncomfortable?" Nesto worried.

"No... It's not the surrounding people that's bothering me," Neya still pouting.

"May I know, what is bothering you?" Nesto ask.

"I'm not really sure, but there is something about the way that girl look at you that rubs me the wrong way," Neya answer.

They both walk in the beautiful carve stone hallways, they pass by many doors on their left side. While on the right side a gorgeous glass windows that's span the entire hallways. They could see the courtyard below from where they traverse. They both navigate the corridor by following the direction; that's been given by the guards back at the academy gate.

"Isn't it beautiful here. The hallways, the students, and the well-maintained buildings," Nesto said.

Nesto tries to distract Neya from her paranoid thoughts. He smiles when Neya starts to glance around her, admiring the well-made carving on the ceiling.

"Aren't you glad that you got to study here? If it were me, I would be excited about it," Nesto said in a cheery voice.

"I guess..." Neya said in a gloomy manner.

"What is wrongs?" Nesto ask.

"I'm grateful that the prince is giving me the chance to study here, but I think it's a waste of everybody time. I don't see the point of me studying here," Neya said.

"The point is to make you smarter by gathering knowledge here," Nesto said.

"I could do that with just reading a book. Even if I gather all the knowledge here, what's the point if I don't have any goals or ambition to achieve," Neya said.

"There is more than gathering knowledge here. You can make lifelong friends or even find someone to spend your life with. Don't you worry about goals or ambitions because I have confidence that you will find something that you really want." Nesto said.

"What if I want something bad?" Neya ask,

"You won't. Even if you do, I will steer you to the right path, but if you find something that is noble and make you happy. I will support you with all my heart." Nesto gently raises his fist to his chest to show his commitment to Neya.

"You're putting a lot of pressure on me," she looks up into the ceiling and looks back down.

"I'm sorry, but I mean well," Nesto said.

"I know," Neya said.

The talk has helped to dismiss some of Neya bad mood, but while they are walking. Neya notices many stares coming only from the elf students, she examines the stare and found out that it's not directed at her. She looks closely at the line of sight and realizes that they all are looking at Nesto.

The stare was not malicious of any sort, but the stare is somewhat filled with curiosity and disbelief. It's as if they have never seen a human before. Neya glance at Nesto, she notices that Nesto knows about the stare, but he simply ignoring it.

"Nesto, why are they staring at you like that? It's as if they never seen a human before," Neya ask.

"Oh, that old thing. The answer is simple really," Nesto said.

"I'm sorry for asking this, back when you still live in the castle, did you have ever seen a human as a maid or butler before?" Nesto ask.

"Hmm, I never did any see human maid or butler in the castle," Neya answers.

"That's because humans have never given any position except for being a slave. A butler or maid position, especially in royals and nobles family, is usually given to an elf. Mostly because many elves believe that humans are inferior and a lower being similar to a cockroach," Nesto explains.

"What? I don't believe that." Neya answer quickly, denying Nesto explanation.

"I know you don't. I know there are people that don't think that way, but there are people that think that way. I accept it because that is the truth of the world, nothing is truly good or truly bad," Nesto said.

Neya mood change from annoyance, to gloomy, to nervous, and finally guilty. She knows what Nesto saying is true because she personally has seen the horrible treatment that the human receives. Neya also knows what it's like to be treated like an insect.

They both arrive at the administration office after a long walk. Before they enter the office, Neya knocks on the doors in which a male voice responds after hearing the knocks.

"Please come in."

Nesto opens the door, letting his master enter first and close the door behind him after he enters the rooms. Neya sees a young male elf with short black hair and a round glasses rest on the bridge of his nose. The elf stands across the room and overlooking the courtyard from the window. His black scholar robe flutters slightly when he walked to the chair and took a seat on it.

"Who might you be?"

Neya turns to look at Nesto then he nods his head at Neya; giving her courage. Neya looks back at the elf and walks closer to him until she reaches the desk that separates them.

"Neya Nimmith," Neya said then took out a letter from her pocket and place it on the desk.

"Nimmith... Interesting," The elf said.

"I'm sorry for saying this, but aren't you a little young to be a headmaster," Neya said with skepticism in her tone.

The elf stands up from his chair and walks to the windows; he then proceeds to open it.

"Looks can be deceiving," The elf said before looking down at the courtyard.

The door behind Neya and Nesto opens, revealing an old bearded satyr wearing the same robe as the elf. He walks in and surprised to see the people in the office. The satyr's eyes glance at the elf near the windows, his eyes immediately furrow in anger.

"Kinnith, how many times do I tell you to stop wearing my robe and pretending to be me!" The satyr yell at the elf.

Kinnith smile before grabbing what it seems to be a hidden rope outside of the windows.

"I couldn't help myself, I'm curious to meet the new student," Kinnith said while winking his left eye at Neya.

"Get your ass back to your class, immediately!" The satyr orders.

"See you later," Kinnith said after grabbing the rope and jump out the window.

Kinnith rappels down to the courtyard; Neya eyes widened to see Kinnith jump out the window without no fear at all. The old satyr sigh and shake his head while walking toward his chair. The satyr sat on his chair and turn to look at the elf girl in front of him.

"My name is Grok. I'm the headmaster here, what you just saw earlier is one of my students and adopted son, Kinnith. I apologize in advance if he bothers you in any way," Grok said.

"Um, My name is Neya Nimmith. I'm here to attend the school," Neya introduced herself again.

"Nimmith? Isn't that the queen of Weyshers family name?" Grok ask.

"Yes," Neya answer.

"But isn't her daughter been dead for several years now?" Grok said.

"It's complicated, I don't want to talk about it. If you may please read the letter on the desk," Neya said.

Nesto notices Neya fingers digging into her palms, and visibly shaking. Nesto was about to help her calm down by placing his hand on her shoulder, but he saw that Neya herself calm herself by breathing in the air into her lung.

Grok took the letter on his desk, he opens it and proceeds to read it. A few moments of silence befall in the room before Grok place down the letter and spoke.

"I understand the bare bone of it, but you do know that Baxorth academy is on neutral ground. We take no side here, and we don't instigate any form of war or take part in it," Grok said.

"For a prince of Targia to sent you here, I don't know if it is an act of kindness or something else," Grok continue.

"Do I get to attend here?" Neya ask.

"If you be willing to follow the condition," Grok said.

"What is the condition?" Neya ask.

"First off, don't use your family name, change it. I don't want any trouble to rise in my students," Grok explain.

"Second, you will be given three strikes, that's mean if you cause any sort of trouble, a strike will be given. And if you collect all three, you will be expelled from the academy," Grok said.

"Three is while you attend the class here, your past and also your ties to any kingdoms must be kept a secret from the other students," Grok said.

"But I did tell my full name to that boy earlier," Neya said.

"Don't worry about Kinnith, he won't tell anyone," Grok said.

"Do you accept the condition?" Grok ask.

Neya looks at Nesto for confirmation, Nesto gives her in a form of a nod. Neya looks back at Grok and nods her head; accepting the condition.

"I know it's hard to hide your past," Grok said while glancing at Nesto.

"As long as you have your allies, you will be fine here," Grok said.

Neya glance at Nesto and lay out a smile, she knows who is her ally here. She then turns her heads to look back at the satyr.

"Come on then, let's go. I will give you both a tour of the academy," Grok said after standing up from his chairs.


Targia Royal Castle.

A bloated elf merchant enters the room with a frown on his face. He stomps his feet to the beautiful female elf sitting on the sofa while sipping the tea in the cup that's in her hand. The beautiful, white, extravagant dress snug perfectly around the female elf waist and body.

Her long dark purple is tied into a bun and gold crown rested on her head.

"How dare you stole my cargo! Do you know how many coins you cost me!" The merchant said in anger.

"I do in fact know how many coins that it cost you," The female elf said in a calm manner.

"I don't care if you are the princess of Targia. If you think for a single moment that what you did has no consequence, then you are wrong. I know about the other Elven kingdom is banding together against this kingdom. I will make sure this kingdom economy will go down the drain," the merchant threaten.

The princess sigh then gently place her teacup on the table in front of her.

"What arrogant man you are. I warn you to release the slaves that you been keeping in secret, but you still didn't heed my warning," the Princess said.

"And yet here we are, your the one that didn't realize the consequence of your action," the Princess continued.

"You have no proof that I have been keeping slaves in secret," the merchant said.

"That's where you are wrong. At this very moment, one of your secret warehouses is being ransacked by my guards," the princess said.

"What secret warehouse?" The merchant pretends to have no idea what the princess is talking about.

"The one by the docks, you think I didn't know, I have been keeping my eye on your operation for a long time. Once my guards find the slaves you have been keeping, off to the dungeon you go," the princess

"Let me remind you, I'm not some pampered princess that live in the castle," the princess stands up from the sofa and turn her body to face the merchant.

She then looks down on the bloated merchant and grin, "I'm the freaking dragon, now bow before your princess."

The merchant's eyes widen in fear at the sight of the beast in front of him, his knee gives up causing him to fall to the floor on his knee. Then he lowers his head until it touches the floor in defeat.

"Please don't throw me to the dungeon, Princess Caretena. I will not cross you again," the merchant beg.

"Oh, I know you won't. If you ever cross me, I make sure there will be consequences that beyond your imagination. Now leave, you are bothering my tea time," Princess Caretena order in a calm voice.

"Thank you, Princess," The merchants said then he leaves the room with sweats on his forehead.

The close open and close after the merchant leave the room. Princess Caretena continues to sip on her tea then a small frown form on her lips after taking a seat on the sofa again.

"It's just not the same as the one he makes," Princess Caretena mutter.

A maid barged into the room, bowing her head first then Princess Caretena raises her hand to the maid ordering her to speak up. The maid notices her hand raise and raises her head again.

"Nesto was here princess, but Prince Ariamness has sent him to the academy with a girl," the maid convey the news.

"What!? A girl!?" Princess Caretena broke the cup handle after she tightens the grip on it, causing the tea to spill on the floor.

"Princess, your hand," The maid worried.

"Pay no heed to it," Princess Caretena said then she takes out a napkin and wipe her hands.

"Stupid Ariamness. Pack my bags, we are going to the Baxorth academy!" The princess ordered her maid.

The maid quickly left the room, leaving the princess alone.

"After three years of waiting, I will not let you escaped my grasp!" Princess Caretena exclaims and suddenly laugh maniacally.