Chapter 0:


Everywhere at the End of Hololive [HoloEnd]

We're doing it, shachou?" the purple-haired girl asked with a worried tone, doubting if it was the only thing they can do.Bookmark here

"Yes. And there's no turning back after this," the blue-haired girl with rabbit ears replied. Everything was in plan, and the least of their worries is its success.Bookmark here

Standing at the watch tower, she gave a sigh as she spectated the plane carrying the weapon of death to their enemies departed from their island base.Bookmark here

"Nuclear package inbound. Target, Hokkaido, Minato Aqua's main base."Bookmark here

"Godspeed."Bookmark here

In this world fond of Magic and Technology, humans and beasthumans lived together and signed an agreement that prohibited them from interfering each other's wars.Bookmark here

But nobody expected that a waging war would caused both of them to break their promises.Bookmark here

With the agreement losing its meaning, everyone started their own crusade, to either protect the world they know against its own doom, or change it so it could live without worrying about anything.Bookmark here

Now that the entire world is under a massive fire, 2 unique individuals decided to risk their all to fulfill their opposing goals. Only the humanity and supernatural could do is to watch both of them collide against one another.Bookmark here

Letting out a deep breath, she took over the microphone and saluted the army from below the watch tower.Bookmark here

"Glory to Pekoland!"Bookmark here

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