Chapter 1:

I: The Rabbit's Past

Everywhere at the End of Hololive [HoloEnd]

"It hurts... What the hell happened?" The rabbit girl coughed due to a big smoke covering the entire village. She can't see anything, except some fire coming out of houses nearby. A lot of her kinds were dead, bleeding on the ground It was unexpected. Earlier was just a peaceful day, a moment passed and everything she knew was devastated

Hearing the sounds of people marching, she believed it to be arriving towards the scene. But something was off. They weren't allies. That was the time when she realized...

They were under attack.

The rabbit girl ran heading her home, but the smoke made her struggle to see her own path, causing her to stumble from the debris. Not giving up, she kept on going. She was crawling when she reached her house. It was hot in the area and the blazing flames was already huge to be extinguish. Tracking the burning house, she saw her mother, lying under the rubble and was severely injured. Her mother glanced at her, full of hopes on seeing her beloved daughter alive.

"Pekora... Go to the shrine. Take your father's gift for you. It's your time to inherit it-" they were interrupted by a gunfire.

"Go. Now-" her mother haven't finished her sentences as she immediately got shot. And it wasn't enough, barrage of bullets came towards her lifeless mother.


May 23, 2023

7:11 AM, Okayama Prefecture


"Holy crap, shachou!!" A purple haired girl jumped from being startled, almost dropping her coffee she was holding. Regaining her composure, she took a glance on the rabbit girl, sitting on the bed, awoken from her sleep.

"Oh, you're finally awake. Another bad dream?" Moona placed her cup of latte on the table beside Pekora's bed

"Yeah," Pekora grabbed the cup and took a sip of coffee.

"Uh, that's mine."

"Oh sorry, peko."

"Nevermind, I have another one. Lemme just grab it," Moona left the room leaving Pekora sitting at the bed, staring at her reflection on the coffee. It was 2 years ago when the genocide happened, and her fresh memories of the incident kept worsening her trauma.

"Finally, we got our revenge from these nasty creatures! No one can get in our way anymore!!" The soldiers began to celebrate when they found Pekora, who's still kneeling on the ground.

"There's another one. Shoot it," A soldier yelled as they pointed their marksman rifles at her.

She bit her lower lip as she looked at the ground. Those soldiers were 10 meters away from her and she felt those rifles aiming at her, with the brutal intent of murdering her.

"I'm going to die, I guess," she murmured as she closed her eyes. She felt that it was inevitable.

Suddenly, a loud bang was heard, making her deaf for a moment. Holding her ears, she looked at the soldiers which seemed like they got hit by a flashbang.



Without any notice, a figure dashed towards her and carried her away from the enemies.

"So uh, sorry for the flashbang. Did you get hurt?" Taking a glimpse at the figure, it was a girl with a purple hair who was carrying her in a bridal manner. Her worried face was visible from an angle.

"Uh no, just hearing rings. Um, who are you?" the rabbit girl seemed confused from discovering her unexpected savior.

"I'm Moona. Hoshinova Moona. Your family saved us when we're under danger. And as a payment, I'm going to make sure you're alright," Moona gave a cheerful smile at her.

"B-b-but my mom-"

"Oh right, condolences. But we have no time to mourn. We need to keep running," hearing the gunshots behind, she started to speed up.

"Put me down. I have feet, you know." Pekora requested, slightly squirming from the arms of Moona.

Without hesitation, she smirked and immediately obliged, "Suit yourself. Besides, I know you can run faster than me."

Setting her foot on the ground, she nodded and prepared herself, "Okay then. Let's hurry up."

"I'm back Pekora-shachou!" Hearing her voice, she found Moona coming back with another cup of coffee and a newspaper.

"Uh, what's that?" Pekora stared at the newspaper Moona was holding.

"Oh, about that?" she handed over the newspaper to Pekora, revealing the headline. Her eyes widened as she saw the first sentences of the newspaper.

Operation: Hare Hunt

Wanted: Usada Pekora

Reward for someone who can find this criminal, Dead or Alive: 100 million ¥

"What the fuck? or maybe, How the fuck?"
The rabbit girl crumbled the newspaper in disbelief.

"Well, we had connections with the former Minister of Defense so yeah, that would make sense. They can just frame us up just to gain the upper hand," Moona smirked as she nodded from her hypothesis.

"So. We should start now, peko," Pekora stood up from the bed.

"As you wish, Shachou."

"Pack up, and call the private jet. We're going to leave Japan tonight."


2:01 PM, Shimane Prefecture

Pekora gazed at the mountains, where a lot of her species lived, and killed. She started trekking on the cemented path to search for an important item left for her.

After reaching the top, she went to an old shrine, owned by her family. She started looking for the item until she found a familiar box. She opened it and saw what she's looking for.

"This sword was used by your ancestors against the invaders of our land. And it is also used by your father. It is old but still tough enough to withstand a lot of damage. It is named as 'Sword of the Righteous.'"

"Woah, what an amazing sword. Mama, can I touch it?"

"No, daughter. You need to be mature enough. But for the meantime, enjoy your childhood"

Tears fell from her eyes after remembering her mother.

"Your death will never be in vain, mother," Placing the sword back inside the box, she carried the box with her and headed back to the car, which was below the mountains. Inside the car, her partner was typing something in her phone. When she noticed that Pekora's already came back, she shut down the phone and glanced at the rabbit girl.

"Oh, you're back! You got what you need, shachou?"

"Yes," she stared at the box for a moment and gave it a pat.

"Let's go then."


8:28 PM, Yamaguchi Prefecture

"Usada-san, nice to meet you. I'm the pilot of the private jet," The pilot bowed, welcoming both of them.

The staff carried their baggages inside the jet.

"Is the island already prepared for us?"

"Yes ma'am. They are already waiting for you."

"Hey Moona, did the former Minister still has control over any military forces in Japan?" Moona checked her phone just to look for updates.

"Yes, Pekora-shachou. Still loyal to the country," Moona nodded in affirmation.

"Usada-san, for a century, your family served well in the country. Your family helped us against the enemies of our country, even if the Treaty of Humanity might cause you some troubles. And now, I need your help," The former Minister of Defense took a deep breath before resuming.

"As you may know, there are rumors about corruption and talks about selling our country to others. And I'll confirm that those rumors were true. The one who replaced me as a Minister of Defense are allied with the Resistance Army. There are possibilities of them invading the country. The battle of your family against them are not yet over. So as I said earlier. Can you help me in this war? Oh, by the way, we will give you military supplies and support. As a fact, we made a military island just for you," The former minister offered, holding the rabbit girl's hands.

Pekora didn't hesitated. Those Resistance Army killed her entire race, including her mother.

"Yes, sir," giving a nod, she accepted his request, which made the former minister smile.

"Thanks, Usada-san," they shook their hands as a sign of agreement. "You can travel to the island anytime you want." he added.

"Yeah, I just need time, peko."

"What are we waiting for?" Just before she entered the plane, she took a view of her surroundings. She's going to miss this country.

As they entered the jet and sat, the pilot announced from the cockpit.

"Military Base, Sulu, Philippines. Fasten your seatbelts, we're going to take off."

Pekora grinned. Military island? Sounds insane, right. She thought to herself.

"This is gonna be a tough fight then."