Chapter 2:

II: The Revolutionnaire's Past

Everywhere at the End of Hololive [HoloEnd]

"They're coming right now! We should hurry!" A man in his mid-30s locked the door and took his marksman rifle outside the cabinet, preparing for a gunfight.

"Aqua, here's a phone where you can call the army just in case of trouble," a women gave her phone to a purple-haired girl, which was her beloved daughter.

"Go to the attic. If something's gone wrong here, don't go back. There's a window and a rope that you can use to escape. Then, run through the forest and hide.There's no time to ask what's happening, you're a big girl now. You're now prepared."

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Go go go!" Scared for her life, the girl started sprinting and climbed to the attic to hide.

Below, she heard someone knocking through their doors. She peeked through the gaps of the ceiling.

"Hello, anybody here? We would like to ask some questions," No one seemed to answer.

The knocks became louder. As if they're attempting to force their way inside the house.

"Anyone here?" Silence continued as they rammed the door.

"OPEN UP GODDAMNIT!!" The door started breaking. She shivered as the cracks became bigger.

After a moment, gunshots filled the room below. As her mother told her, she immediately ran through the window, didn't bother to grab the rope and jumped.

"Ow, I should've used the rope," she stood and ran towards the forest, limp from her fall.

Her tears fell as she kept running, not because of the scratches she inflicted, but because of her parents she left. She found a bush big enough for her to hide.

"Mom... Dad..." she started sobbing as she hugged the bag she carried with her, as if she's hugging her parents.

May 27, 2023

7:27 AM, Hokkaido Prefecture

"Ow, fuck," Her fall from her bed awaken her from her slumber.

"Wait, what time is it," she grabbed her digital clock from the table beside her bed.

"7:27 am, heh. When you see it," she chucked for a moment.

"Hmm. Anyways," she stood up, threw the clock at her bed, and started stretching up.

"Time to do my morning rituals."

9:42 am

"Good morning, Ms. Aqua," The guard saluted to her, "Your secretary is waiting for you. She wants to give you some important details about the planned invasion and propagandas."

"Is she inside my office?" The guard replied with a nod.

"I see. You may now take a rest for a bit, I can handle this," The guard bowed before he left her in front of the office door. She took a deep breath and opened it, revealing a familiar blond demon girl sitting on her desk.

"Who told you to sit on my desk-" the blonde shushed her as she revealed the files.

"Is this what you want, right?" her smug face made her facepalm.

"I'm your leader, y'know," she then grabbed the files from the demon girl.

"I may be just a secretary, but if not for me, you're not on your current position. Besides, I should be on the leader position if I could."

She only let out a sigh of defeat. Well, she's right from what she had stated. In fact, she's probably useless or dead if she didn't helped her.

"Choco-san, this is the leader's daughter. We received a distress call from her and we found her in the forest," The soldier then revealed a purple-haired girl behind him.

"Report on the location of the shootout?" the facial expression of the soldier makes her concluded that the leader is dead.

"The P-SF burned the house, including the corpses," he whispered to Choco, making sure that the girl didn't hear of her parents' tragic death.

"Those P-SF's," she gritted her teeth before shutting her eyes, planning on what to do next, "Okay, you may leave now."

"Yes, maam," he saluted and left, leaving Choco and the girl inside the room. Gazing at the girl, who was confused on what's happening to her life, she let out a deep breath. It was the time for her to be a teacher.

"From now on, I will be you mother, or father, or parents, or teacher, or anything. In short, you will be under my custody, as your parents commanded me as their last will," she stood straight as she introduced herself.

"I will teach you how to be the successor of the Resistance, understand?!"

"Y-yes maam," she stuttered.

"I will teach you everything you need to fulfill that goal. From sword-to-sword combat, gun skills, to strategizing attacks and defenses, and others."

"Can I handle all of this myself?'" she thought. Her? Leader of the Resistance Army? It's impossible. She prepared for the possible attack towards their family's hideout but not leading the entire army.

"Yes you can! Nothing's impossible. You have the potential on becoming the leader," Choco's response startled her, not only because she suddenly yelled out of nowhere, but because she probably guessed what's on her mind right now.

"I'm literally a demon so I can see your thoughts," she glared, making her shiver in fear.

"HAH! Just kidding! I don't have mind-reading ability. I just happened to know what you're about to say, 'cause you know, people always doubt themselves without even trying." She patted the girl's head and turned on her back, "People nowadays, always full of doubts on their minds..."

"Don't worry, you'll be fine."

5 months under her custody.

"Okay, Aqua. That's for today. Wrap it up. Come with me. I'm going to show you something," The exhausted purple-haired girl took a drink on her bottle as she sat down.

"Wait. Let me rest for a bit," As the demon girl saw her panting, she sighed.

"Okay then. As you wish. Meet me at your future office," Choco started walking away.

As soon as she realized that Choco didn't told her where the fuck is the office for 5 months, she dashed just to follow her.

"Wait!" she stopped as she saw Choco in front of a large door.

"You're finally here," she opened the door, revealing a large room, which is probably her office due to the furniture and stuffs looking like, obviously, an office would have.

"This... is my office-"

"But wait! There's more!" Choco cut her off as she started pulling a chest beside a bookself on the right side. She opened it and grabbed the one and only item inside the chest.

She removed the sheath, revealing katana with an ancient but gorgeous patterns on the hilt. But the only thing that capture her eyes is the word 革命 (Revolution) carved in the upper part of the hilt and the text "Change the world, make it a better place." printed on the blade's edge.

"That katana fuels the army's will to continue pushing towards their goal. To change the world, stop the oppression, and give all people actual rights. No one's above or below. Only equality and equity," Choco handed over the katana to Aqua. "That kanata is called 'Sword of Revolution.' Your deceased parents gifted this to you. They know you're the only hope. They know you have the capability to serve and lead. For them and the army," she then patted her shoulders.

Aqua sighed and nodded as she sheathed the katana, "For the Revolution."

"For the Revolution."

"So, why are you here? Gonna tell me something important?" she crossed her arms as she remembered the task force she launched just a week ago.

"Well yes, about the task force you launched just a week ago," her eyes widened for a moment, "Sources told me that the target escaped Japan and went abroad. No one knows where the target exactly went. They are still searching non-stop from the country's exit points."

Aqua shook her head, "Halt the search operation. For now, we should focus on strengthening our army. Besides, what can the target do? We shouldn't waste our time for her."

Choco nodded with a smile, "I knew you're gonna say that."

"Eh?" Aqua gave a confused look.

"Nothing. So uh, tomorrow's the day, huh?" They both looked outside from the window to see thousands of soldiers marching and preparing all the equipments.

"Yes. We will arrive at Aomori Prefecture. From there, we will push forward until we occupy all of it. After that, we should set all our defenses and other equipments so we can continue on pushing towards other prefectures if necessary. Plus, we should protect the port that will help us on transporting other equipments and manpower."

Aqua gazed at Choco, only to see her handing her katana to her. She held the katana, pulled it out from the sheath for a bit, making it shine from the sunlight coming from the window.

"Mom, Dad. I hope you'll be proud of me. This fight is for the both of you and the Resistance. I will get my revenge."

She sheathed the katana as Choco patted her shoulder, "Are you ready?"

"I'm ready," she replied as she raised her chin up.

"Let the Revolution begin."