Chapter 26:

Chapter 26: Magic.

The Master and The Slave

The morning light shines through the glass window, filling the bedroom and dismissing the darkness that once in the room. The ray rest on top of Neya face, warming up her skin and cheeks. Neya scrunches up her face, trying to avoid the ray, but to no avail.

She opens her eyelids and once again her sight is met with an unfamiliar ceiling. She wiped her right eye with the back of her hand, a freshly baked bread scent linger under her nose. Neya turns her head and sees the tray of baked bread, several teacups, and teapot on the end table with steam linger out of the spout.

Neya attention was immediately grabbed by the sudden snort coming from the short satyr with a brown hair sleeping on the other bed. Her eyes glance at the hook on the door and saw her school uniform; ready and pressed.

She lifts her chest up and let out a small yawn. Lilia sleeping on the lower bunk let out a moan before waking up. Neya climbs down her bunk and walks to the bathroom.

Lilia looks at the tray of teas and bread. One of her eyebrow when she saw the tray.

"Digia, wake up," Lilia called out to Digia.

"No...!" Digia moan.

"Come on, wake up," Lilia said.

"What?..." Digia asks with one her eyelids open and her eye glance at Lilia.

"Did you bring us breakfast?" Lilia ask.

"No, wait... no, I did not," Digia answers.

"Then why is there a tray of teacup and bread here?" Lilia ask.

"It's from Nesto, he must have left it here while we are still sleeping," Neya said after walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her chest.

"But the door is locked?" Digia said.

Neya shrugs her shoulders then casually walk to the tray and pour herself a tea. After taking a sip out of it, she moans as the delicious strawberry flavor tea brush her taste bud. She put down the teacup and walks to her uniform and start putting it on.

"He was here, while I was still sleeping?" Lilia mutters under her breath then her cheeks turn to red as the thought of Nesto seeing her while she is still sleeping; make her heart beat faster.

"Can we have some?" Digia ask.

"Sure," Neya said opening the door and reveal Nesto standing behind the door.

Neya let out a yelp of surprise and jump away when she saw Nesto.

"Don't do that!" Neya said.

Nesto smile when he saw Neya jump away in surprise because of him. The yelp of surprise cause the other two girls in the room to turn and look. Lilia quickly jumps to her bed and hide the rest of her body under her blanket.

"I'm sorry, Miss Neya. I didn't mean to surprise you," Nesto apologize.

"It's fine," Neya sigh.

"Should I do your braid?" Nesto offers.

"Yes, you may," Neya said turning around to give Nesto access to her ginger hair.

Nesto gently gathers her hairs to tie it into a double braid. As Nesto was working with Neya hair, Digia ask him, "How did you enter the room? The door was locked."

"It's a secret," Nesto said.

"Come on. Just tell me, how did you do it?" Digia said.

"It's a secret," Nesto said.

Digia rolled her eyes and continue to sip on her tea after munching a piece of bread.

"Thank you for the tea and bread by the way. It's delicious," Digia said.

"It's my way of showing my gratitude for taking care of my master," Nesto said and finally finish tying Neya hairs into a double braid.

After hearing Nesto words, she also feels the need to do the same thing, "Thank you for letting me sleep here," Neya said to both of the girls.

Digia scratches the back of her head with a smile on her face, "It's okay, it not like you got a choice to pick where you sleep at."

"But, still you didn't make it difficult for her instead you welcome her," Nesto said.

"Neya is a nice girl, I can tell, but it our ways of showing gratitude after you save one of my friends here. That is hiding under her blanket for some unknown reason," Digia said while glancing at Lilia.

"She must be uncomfortable by me. I should stand in the hallway, I understand her need of privacy," Nesto said and left to stand in the hallways.

"You don't need to do that Nesto beside my class is about to start, we should go," Neya said.

Neya and Nesto start walking down the hallways leaving Digia and Lilia in their rooms. Digia turns to look at her friends.

"Lilia, why are you so rude to Nesto?" Digia ask.

"I didn't mean to do it, I wasn't ready," Lilia cries out.

"You better apologize to him, if you see him again," Digia said.

"I should get ready, my class is also about to start!" Digia hops out of her bed and head to the bathroom.

Lilia gets off her bed and walks to her plant. She then starts to water her plants while her head is lower in regret. Lilia looks at the tray and grab a piece of bread and start to nibble on it.

In The Hallway.

Nesto smile when he saw Neya happy face as they both stroll in the hallways. Neya keeps on walking and occasionally change side with Nesto to avoid contact with incoming students.

"I'm glad that you are getting along with those girls," Nesto said.

"What do you mean?" Neya ask.

"I rarely see you this happy before," Nesto said.

"Am I? Hmm, maybe it's because of Digia friendliness, she made me feel welcome, and she talks a lot, but she respects my privacy. Also, she seems to be very smart with magic stuff and a bit eccentric about it... I don't know if what I just say is a good compliment to give someone," Neya said.

"You know what, Digia is overall a nice girl," Neya said.

Nesto let out a muffled laugh after he places a hand in front of his mouth. Neya notice Nesto hidden laugh, she scrunches up her nose while glaring at Nesto. Nesto stops laughing and keeps his lip flattens to appease her.

"How about the green haired elf girl?" Nesto ask.

"Lilia seems distant and cold at first, but I know deep down she is a good girl," Neya said.

"What makes you say that?" Nesto ask.

"She like helping people. Last night was really cold and I only brought one blanket to cover myself. It wasn't enough to stay warm, she notices me shiver then she offers me some of her blanket and pillows to help me stay warm," Neya said.

"It seems that we have arrived at your classroom," Nesto said after stopping in front of a door.

Neya saw a few other students enter the classroom with their friends while their butler and maid stay outside. Neya looks at Nesto with a worried look.

"Don't worry. I'll be here, waiting for you," Nesto said after placing a hand on his heart and letting out a reassuring smile.

Neya breathe in and breath out tor release her nervous, then he turns to face the door and walk through it. She looks at the normal classroom and it is not what she expected. It is more like a theater with row upon row of seats that climb higher until it reaches the back of the room.

Neya looks at the back and notices an empty seat where it's far enough from other students. She walks and avoids other students as she climbs the steps. When she arrived at her desire seat, she took a seat on it.

The moment that Neya seated, that's the moment the lecturer enter the room with a giant leather book in her hands. The lecturer places the book on the desk and starts speaking.

"Please be seated, we are about to start Basic Magic 101," The lecturer said.

When the last student finally seated, only then the class start. The lecturer glances her eyes across the room, meeting with each of her student's gazes.

"I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but magic is not your friend, remember this. Magic is chaos, it disrupts the natural law of the world by using mana," the lecturer points out.

"But mana, on the other hand, is an unseen force in the air, a flow of energy, a controllable factor that can reshape the law of the world to your whim. Yet it takes no side, anyone can use it even beast except for humans," the lecturer explained.

"Because human is unworthy, a mistake in this world. That's why they are the lowest of the lowest, a shit race," One of the students jest.

Neya could hear a few giggles coming from the other students. Neya couldn't help but think about Nesto. How those other students mock the human race make her feel angry.

She wants to stand up and yell at the student, but Neya knows that's not what Nesto wanted, so she tightens her lip and digs her finger into her palm.

After the other students simmer down, that's when the lecturer continues her class.

"This class is not about to teach you on how to use an offensive magic, in the matter fact, only the military can use offensive magic. If you somehow learn an offensive spell and used it, you will be thrown to the dungeon if you get caught," the lecturer warned.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you because this class is about magic theory. We study magic, research it, find new ways to use it and find ways so magic can benefit every race not just by using it as a weapon," the lecturer said with passion on the last few words.

Neya can see a few faces express a bit of disappointment especially the male elf students. She ignored the other student's expression and focus on the lecturer.

"A bit of history about mana, mana was first discovered by an elf about a few hundred years ago. His name is.... you the girl in the back with ginger double braid," The lecturer point to Neya.

Neya look around her at first then she points her finger to herself, "Me?"

"Yes, what is the name of the elf that discovered mana?" the lecturer ask.

"Uhm, His name is Mana Extesius," Neya answers as she remembers from one of the books she read and bought from the Targia Kingdom.

"Correct, I see a bright future ahead of you, keep it up," the lecturer compliment Neya.

"His name is Mana Extesius, his first name was used to name the discovery he made. That's why we call it Mana. but the Wolics called it Prana (Life-energy) and Xintari called it... Who knows what they called it, the Xintari haven't been much of sharer," the lecturer said.

"Wolics theory on Prana is that it came from the sun, but as research went on. We actually found out that Mana or Prana came from the deep underground itself, maybe at the core of the world," The lecturer explains.

"Okay, let move on to the theory of spell activation. I'm going to show a simple light spell that you can learn," the lecturer said.

These caught the attention of the classroom, causing a murmur of excitement among students. Neya also interested to learn the spell as shown by her body leaning forward, closer to the lecturer so she could hear her better.

"Calm down, you need excellent focus before I teach you the spell. I need to tell you how to activate it. First, you need an absolute focus on imagining the effect, then feel the mana coursing through your veins and just like that said the words," the lecturer said as she raised her hand above her desk.

"Moric," the lecturer said and her hand light up in bright white light then it disappears instantly.

All the students including Neya were in awe of the beautiful light and spell that was performed by the lecturer.

"You can practice this spell at your own free time, in the matter of in fact. This will be your first assignment for this week. I want to see each student able to cast the spell," the lecturer said.

"If you have any problem on how to cast it, you can read on how to cast it in the library or directly ask me for advice or guidance," the lecturer said.

"Everyone still able to follows my lecture?" the lecturer ask.

"Yes," all the students answer including Neya.

"Moving on, difference culture affects the type of spell exist and way to activate. For example, the Wolics use howl to cast their spell, and their spell mainly consists of body enhancement spells, such as maximize their strength, speed, reflexes and many more," the lecturer said.

"Xintari on the other hands has a unique spell to become invisible, and the way they activate their spell is unknown." the lecturer continues.

"Satyr used the same way to activate their spells like us, but they have a different way of using Mana to make magic weapons or items," the lecturer continues.

The lunch bell suddenly rings, causing the lecturer to stop her lecture.

"We will continue our lecture in the next class, and also tomorrow night is the one-moon dance so make sure to bring your dance partner with you, that's all," The lecturer said before taking her book and left the room.

Neya also left the room with a satisfied look on face. When her eyes met with Nesto, she smiles and Nesto smiles back at her.

"It seems someone was having a fun class today," Nesto said.

They both continue walking toward the cafeteria together,

"It was more fun than I ever thought. The lecturer shows us a spell, and she said it will be my first assignment, I can't wait to cast it," Neya said excitedly then she starts to hum a tune of joy.