Chapter 25:

Chapter 25: Roommate.

The Master and The Slave

Out of nowhere, Nesto's body shivers in his mind. He felt something really bad is coming for him that causes him to momentarily paused in the hallways. Neya notices and turns to look at Nesto, her left eyebrow raised in confusion. Grok also did the same thing by looking at him.

"What is wrong, Nesto?" Neya ask.

"Hm... I think I forgot something in the wagon," Nesto lies as to not worried his master.

"Huh, that's odd. I never thought you could forget something, what did you forget?" Neya ask.

"I can't seem to remember, it's probably nothing. I'm getting old, I guess," Nesto said while shrugging his shoulder.

"Oh, It happens to me twice a day. You can't run from times, she will catch up to you no matter what," Grok said while stroking his beard.

Neya looks at the old men that are standing around her with a smile on her face. She understands what they are saying, but she can't relate to what they are feeling. Grok let out a laugh, so do Nesto after they look at the young elf girl between them.

"Shall I continue then?" Grok ask.

"You may," Neya answers.

"As I was saying before, this academy is surrounded by mountain and the only way to reach this academy is the three valleys. The three valleys lead to the Halsworthy town located southeast from the academy, while Hardersfield town is at the west. And lastly, Tinevic village located northeast." Grok explain while they continue walking in the hallway.

"We came from Tinevic village," Neya said.

"Oh that path is safe to use, so do from the Halsworthy. The only path that I advised you do not use is the one that leads to Hardersfield," Grok warn.

"Why? Is it dangerous?" Neya ask.

"Yes, actually that path there always been covered by a thick fog, making visibility limited. And also we have a Wyvern infestation there," Grok explain.

"Noted," Neya said.

"Let's continue on, as you can see the academy is surrounded by a wall and the only way to enter it is through the gate. We also have guards that patrol the wall from morning to night, making safety our top priority. Since our student mainly composes of many that are from a nobility family," Grok said.

Nesto glances out of the window to the wall that surrounds the academy while they are walking. In his head, he is taking note on the vulnerability of the security here.

"We also have a small town outside of the wall that accommodates certain needs of the student. I would advise you both to be careful when you are in the town, just in case, but there is nothing to be afraid of the town. It is rather safe, we have never had an accident in the past when the students are roaming around it," Grok said.

"Now on the subject that you will be studying in the first semester," Grok said.

Grok take out a schedule out of his pocket and hand it to Neya. Neya takes the schedule sheet and was a bit surprised by the amount of free time between class.

"You will be studying all the basic subject for the first semester, such as magic study, history, self-defense course and many more. The subject is not overwhelming for me student and it's not that hard to follow," Grok explain.

"After the first semester, you will be able to pick on the subject that you wish to study," Grok continue.

"Self-defence? I don't see any place that can accommodate that kind activity," Neya ask.

"We do indeed have that kind of area, it is located in the underground area. The academy consists of a large underground area that which we can accommodate any kind of sports activity. In the underground floor, we also have many other rooms such as extra lab, an archive, it is also where we store your wagon and kept our supplies," Grok explain.

"Oh, can a student access that area?" Neya ask.

"Of course, but not all though, some is limited to the staff" Grok answers.

"Classroom, club room, lectures office, dorm room, servant quarter and many more are located above ground. Just ask any student or lecturers if you ever get lost, they will show you the way," Grok advice.

"And finally we also have several gardens above ground in which you can relax in or grow your own plant for research," Grok said.

"I am a bit overwhelmed about the accommodation here," Neya said.

"It is common for any new student to that way at first, you will get used to it sooner or later," Grok said.

"Here you are," Grok said after stopping in front of a door.

"Where are we?" Neya asks while glancing at the door.

"Your dorm room," Grok answers.

"Is this room where I and Nesto will be staying at?" Neya ask.

"Nesto and you will be staying in a different room, Nesto will be staying in at the servants quarter on the first floor. You will be sharing with the two other students," Grok answer.

"No, I can't. I need to stay with Nesto," Neya stressed.

"Miss Neya it's okay. You need this, you need to fight your fear," Nesto said.

"Nesto, you can't leave me. You promise me," Neya said, her hand grabs Nesto sleeves.

"I won't leave you, Miss Neya. I will be here, whenever you need me, but you need to face your fear. It's for your own good," Nesto said then he gently removes Neya hand and grab hold of it with both of his.

"If you think that it's good for me to do these then I believe you," Neya said, letting go of Nesto hand.

Neya knock on the dorm room door first, she hears someone on the other side rushing to the door. The door opens and reveals a short Satyr with short brown hair. Her eyes widen when she saw the three people standing on the other side when her eyes wander to Grok.

"Headmaster! I'm so sorry about the club room!" Digia apologize.

"What happens to the club room?" Grok ask.

"You don't know? Hm... Nothing happens," Digia answers, a grin form on her lips.

Grok shake his head slowly while sighing. "Never mind, I'm here to introduce the new roommate you will be receiving," Grok said the gesture to Neya with his hand.

"Oh, welcome my name is Digia," Digia said while offering her hand for a handshake.

Neya looks at Digia hand then she looks back at Nesto.

"Well Digia, my master name is Neya Fasheir, you can call her Neya. Miss Neya has a certain condition that won't allow her to touch anyone. So I apologize in advance for declining your handshake," Nesto said with a smile on his face.

Neya look at Nesto wide eyes, she remembers that she shouldn't use her family name, but using Nesto family name, isn't it rude for her to use it. Nesto nods his head giving permission to Neya to use it, Neya smile and gulp before looking back at the Digia.

"Okay..." Digia said then she withdraws her hand.

"Why don't you show my master around," Nesto offers.

"Sure, come in," Digia said before entering the room.

Neya follows inside, she was surprised by the cleanness of the room and the beautiful plant that lay on the window stools. Her eyes wander and notice the green elf girl standing beside the plant. She remembers what Netso said, she needs to do this.

She gulps her saliva before speaking. "Hello, my name is Neya," Neya said.

The elf girl look at her then she looks away after saying her name, "Lilia."

Neya smile flattened by the sudden coldness that is shown by the elf girl. Neya glare at Lilia in response. Digia step in between them with her hand both raised.

"Lilia! I'm sorry for her behavior, she just thinks that if you don't want your popularity to plummet then you shouldn't befriend us," Digia said.

"Why is that?" Neya ask.

"We are the outcast, the weird kids, the mad inventor and... " Digia glance at Lilia.

"Unpopular with others students, well she is right though. I don't mind if you want to avoid us," Digia said.

The atmosphere of the room turn gloomy, before Lilia spoke, "Where is your butler?"

"He is outside of the room," Neya answers.

"What?!" Lilia quickly makes her bed and start to clean the rooms.

Digia and Neya look at Lilia, confused by the sudden burst of energy, Neya turns her head to Digia, ignoring Lilia. "Where should I sleep?" Neya ask.

"Top bunk," Digia gesture to the top bunk of Lilia beds.


Grok turn his head to Nesto with a frown on his face after Neya enters the room and close the door behind her.

"Nesto, tell me the truth why is she really here?" Grok ask.

"It's complicated," Nesto answers, Grok sigh in annoyance.

"I don't want my students to be in danger, please promise me that," Grok said.

"I promise," Nesto answers.

"How is your body, Nesto. Does it's still hurt?" Grok ask, stroking his beard.

"Every time I open the gates, but I have grown accustomed to it," Nesto said after popping a bone in his shoulder.

"We shouldn't give you these curse in the first place," Grok said.

"You and Madeleine view it as a curse, but I view it as a gift. Besides, I accept the curse willingly," Nesto said.

"Madeline and I were young at the time, we were playing god. We shouldn't deform your body to the extent of monstrosity," Grok said with a simmer of regret in his voice.

"You always worry too much, just like Madeleine always said. It's okay Grok, I have made my peace with it. You should too," Nesto said.

"Maybe I should, but the memories of seeing you in so much pain during the procedure still burn in the back of my mind," Grok said.

Kinnith slowly rappel down the rope when he heard what those two men are saying. He wonders what kind of relationship that these two have, Kinnith also wondering what the heck are they are discussing about.

The door opens revealing Neya on the other side, she looks at Nesto. Nesto notices the same green hair elf girl that he saved earlier in the room, cleaning furiously.

"How was it?" Nesto ask.

"Okay, I guess. Digia seems nice," Neya answers with uncertainty in her tone.

"Where should we go next?" Neya ask.

"The tours end here," Grok said while stroking his beard.

"Then we should grab our staff from the wagon and settle in," Nesto suggests after patting Neya on top of her head.

"Okay," Neya answers with a new smile on her face.


Weyshers Castle.

The dark room illuminated by two glowing orbs in each chair surrounding the roundtable. The only person in that room is an elf woman with long ginger hair and a gold crown on her head while wearing a red dress that hugs her body showing an hourglass figure.

"Queen Lucilla, are you sure about this? You will be putting your own kingdom on the front line," King Ninleyn from the Rochia Kingdom speak through the orbs.

"It's maybe a bold move for me, but it will sure my place in the elven alliance. Won't it?" Queen Lucilla said.

"It will if the plan work then we will give a chance to Weyshers even after what it has done to others." King Usunaar from the Pignaria Kingdom speaks through the orbs.

"Then we all agree? That Targia should retract the new law," Queen Lucilla ask.

"Yes, Targia new law has risen a new type of problem in our kingdom. Many of the slaves are running and escaping to Targia after finding hope of release in that kingdom. Our kingdom is in a predicament if we lose our entire workforce," King Ninleyn said.

"I already proceed with the plan, if it doesn't work we will use another method to force Targia to change its law," Queen Lucilla said.

"May Yana bless your soul," Both of king said before the orbs finally disappear.