Chapter 27:

Chapter 27: Friends In High Places.

The Master and The Slave

The delicious smell that lingers in the cafeteria always cause the people who enter it, to feel hungry.

That's what Neya is feeling right now, a sudden urge of wanting to stuff her mouth with the delicious food that is served in the cafeteria. Nesto could see the hunger in her master eyes.

"Miss Neya, why don't you take a seat while I go fetch my hungry master some food?" Nesto said with a jest grin on his faces.

Neya smiles while looking at him, but Nesto could tell that she is annoyed by his words. She jabs Nesto gut with her elbows before walking to an empty table. Nesto recoils his stomach pretending to feel pain while a huge smile form on his face.

Nesto then went to the serving table, to fetch his master some food to eat. While Neya is sitting alone at the table, she was confronted by a female student. Neya recognizes her from Magic Basic 101 class.

"Hey, you that girl that answer the lecturer question, right?" the student asks.

Before she could answer, the student took upon herself to seat at the table without permission. This cause Neya to feel uncomfortable by her sudden action.

"Yes?" Neya said as she scoots away slightly.

"Cool, where did you learn it?" The student asks.

"Cool?" Neya said confuse.

"Yeah 'cool' it means awesome," the student said.

Then a couple more student came and start asking a question.

"What happens to your eye?" the student asks.

After a short while, a dozen of her classmate surround her at the table and start asking personal questions. Neya eyes keep glancing at each student, her head begins to throb painfully, her breath begins to suffer and in the back of her mind, that same fears from the alley is clawing out of her.

One of the male elf students with an arrogant grin on his face tried to reach and touch her. Neya body froze up before she could back away. Nesto grabs the young boy arm with a smile on his face before he could touch Neya.

"Everyone, could you give some space to my master. She currently not feeling so well," Nesto said.

"Let me go, you trash!" The student order as he pulls his hand away.

"How dare you touch me! You filth!" The student said in anger.

"I'm sorry for my sudden behavior," Nesto apologizes.

"No, you won't get away, I demand you to be punished for laying your hand on me," the student said.

"That will teach you to know your place among the trash!" the student said.

Nesto lower his head, letting the mockery continue. The student raises his hand and about to slap Nesto on the face. The student stops his hand when Neya suddenly stood up from her chair and shout.

"Don't you dare lay your hand on my slave!"

"Miss Neya, it's okay," Nesto said, trying to calm her down.

"No, it's not okay. You all think that you can come to me with your fake smile and try to be my friend. I don't know what it is you want from me and I don't care," Neya said with seething rage.

"I don't want your fake friendship. Just leave me and Nesto alone!" Neya yells out in anger.

The student begins to back away slowly from Neya, they had a look of shock on their face. Neya look around her and notice behind the look of shock; she can see the terror in their eyes. She then closes her eyes and rushes out away from the group.

Neya kept on running, exiting the cafeteria with teary eyes. The students in the hallway turn to look at the running girl that pass by them. She doesn't know where she is heading, but she felt like running away.

Unbeknownst to her, she had climbed the stairs and reach the rooftop. She stops her run and looks up at the sky. Neya then screams in anger, wanting to let the rage out of her.

"Neya..." Neya heard Nesto voice coming from behind her.

"Why did you let that shit talk to you like that?" Neya asks then she turns while on the verge of tears to look at Nesto.

Nesto stands in the doorway with a comforting smile.

"Because I don't want your reputation to be tarnished, you need allies in this world," Nesto answers as he walks closer to Neya.

"I don't want people to mock you and I don't need allies like him, I got you," Neya said.

"I alone can't always be there to protect you, that's why you need friends," Nesto said.

"Don't say that, I can't think of a world without you beside me," Neya said as tears drop one by one from her cheeks to the floors.

Nesto takes a short breath, then he took a seat with both feet under his butt. He pats his thigh and gesture Neya to rest her head on his lap. Neya walks slowly with her head down and drops down to her knees then she rests the side of her head on top Nesto lap.

"I'm sorry for making you cry. I maybe seem wise and strong on the outside, but inside I'm just a human," Nesto said as he ran her fingers through her ginger hair.

"I don't understand," Neya said as she sniffs her nose.

"One day your will," Nesto said then he starts to hum a slow and beautiful melody.

The melody soothes Neya mind while removing the anger and fears that latch on to her heart. Neya felt Nesto gentle hand as he brushes the side of her head. When Neya sees the blue sky in front of her, she knows that she will never forget this moment.

"That was quite an outburst, I have mad respect at you for telling them off."

Neya raises her head slightly and sees Kinnith leaning on the wall beside the entrance to the roof. Kinnie saw the look of confusion on Neya face. For example, the raised eyebrow is an indicator of confusion.

"Most of the students here is like that, they like to latch on to the most talented and smart student to use them as a stepping tool for their success, That's why I like to fly solo," Kinnith said.

Digia and Lilia burst through the door with a worried look on the face while holding a paper bag containing something.

"We heard what happens, are you okay?!" Lilia the first to ask the questions.

"Those little turds will pay for what they did. I'm so going to light their bed on fire, let me get my magic scroll first." Digia said.

"Stop, Digia. You will be making it worst for Neya," Lilia scold.

They both look at Neya and notice the ginger hair elf is resting her head on Nesto lap; they look at each other, then they both look back at Neya.

"Are we interrupting something?" Digia ask.

"Not at all," Neya said lifting her head up and wiping her eyes with her hand.

"Why are you girls here?" Neya ask.

"We heard your classmate terrorize you in the cafeteria, so we came to check on you and bring some lunch for you in case you get hungry," Lilia answers.

"Why?" Neya asks again.

"Isn't it obvious, you are our roommate and roommate take care of each other," Digia answers then she let out a big smile on her face while Lilia let out a small smile.

Neya was surprised by the genuine answer from her roommates. She sees that her roommate isn't faking it, they had the eyes that Nesto has when he first help her. Before she can thank them for coming to check on her, her stomach growls loudly. It's because she never had any lunch from earlier.

Digia laughs after hearing the growl while Lilia giggles, but Kinnith only smile after he hears it.

"I guess we are right to bring foods with us," Digia said.

Neya cheeks turn rose-red as she felt embarrassment over her loud stomach growl. Lilia and Digia walk closer to Neya and sat on the floor in front of her. Digia opens the paper bag and reveals many sandwiches inside of it. Neya was about to drool by the sight of it then her eyes glance to Kinnith.

"I can't eat them all, why don't you come and join us," Neya said to Kinnith.

"Thank for the offer, but I'm not hungry," Kinnith replied.

"How about you both?" Neya asks Lilia and Digia sitting in front of her.

"Sure, I can still munch on a couple more," Digia answer.

"Me too," Lilia answer.

Lilia glances at Nesto, biting her lower lips and pulling the lock of hair back to its place.

"I'm sorry for being rude earlier morning," Lilia apologizes to Nesto.

Neya glance back at Nesto, seeing him nodding his head in response to Lilia apology. The nod shows that Nesto is accepting her apology, Lilia had a huge smile on her face because she is happy that Nesto accepts her apology.

"Nesto, maybe I can try harder to find allies in the world," Neya whisper to Nesto.

"There is no need, it seems that they already find you," Nesto said as he looks at both of the girls sitting in front of Neya.


Administration Office.

Grok enter the room while whistling happily and holding a couple books in his hand. He closes the door behind him when he turns around, Princess Caretena standing near one of his window gazing outside of it. Grok eyes glance to the maid standing close to her then back at her.

"It's has been a long time since I last saw you, Uncle Grok," Caretena greet the old Satyr.

"Caretena, why are you here?" Grok said,

"You know why I'm here," Caretena said casually while her eyes glance at Grok behind her.

"Nesto..." Grok said.

"Correct, that's why I want to enroll here," Caretena said.

"I don't have a choice in the matter, do I?" Grok ask, letting out a short sigh.

"Correct again, no wonder you were mom assistant back then," Caretena said.

"Nesto, I wish you good luck," Grok mutters under his breath.

Caretena eyes went back at the window, she gazed down at the courtyard then her eyes went to the roof. She let out a grin as Nesto face flash before her eyes.



Nesto walking down the empty, dim-lit hallway with Neya fresh cloth that been wash and pressed. His steps were silent as he walks down the hallways until he reaches his room door.

There is a red X paint over it and underneath it, the word 'Filth' is written. Nesto ignored the freshly made graffiti and reach for his doorknobs. He stops when his hair at the back of his neck stood up.

"Do you want to know who did it?" A familiar voice came from somewhere that Nesto couldn't pinpoint.

But he knows whose voice is it. "167, I thought we would never meet again."

"You thought wrong then," 167 replied as he walks out of the shadow to reveal himself.

"So do you want to know?" 167 ask again.

"There is no need to tell me, I already know who did it. The butler and maid here," Nesto answers.

"It wasn't that hard to guess, they sure had your existence," 167 said.

"They are afraid of me, I can't blame them," Nesto said.

"What are they afraid of?" 167 ask.

"A human able to do their job, they feel threatened by it. If a measly human can do their job, what stops the royal or noble to just hired humans to do their job with less pay. That's why they are afraid of me," Nesto answers.

"I inadvertently threaten their livelihood by doing my job," Nesto said.

"And you are fine with it?" 167 ask.

"I have been through worse than this," Nesto answer.

"What a strange man you are," 167 said.

"Why are you here?" Nesto ask.

"The king wanted me to keep an eye on you," 167 said.

"Then why reveal yourself to me?" Nesto ask.

"A little heads-up for you. Tomorrow night, a group of bounty hunters is coming for your girl," 167 said then he walked closer to Nesto placing a full face party mask on top of Neya cloth.

"You call me strange, but you are stranger. A third hand giving me a heads-up," Nesto said.

"What can I say, I'm a big softie. I will be taking my leave now," 167 said backing away from Nesto.

"But you still haven't answered my question," Nesto said.

"I do it because I thought we were friends. Friends look out for each other, right?" 167 smiles then his entire body slowly disappear after he mutters something that Nesto could hear clearly.

Nesto felt the elf entire existence suddenly disappear behind him then he looks at the mask that 167 gave him. His lips flatten and his eyes turned cold and indifference. He knows what he needs to do next.

It's for his master even if he will be damning his own soul.

He can feel his heart harden and beating slowly.