Chapter 3:

Makes Sense Non Sense

To kill the king

An afternoon at Heilig kingdom.Bookmark here

The light of the day called VinLux and the void of the night known as Necumbra duels again.Bookmark here

The evening's green light is nearly visibleBookmark here

It reminds everyone regarding the frustration of a group of sorcerers...Bookmark here

That attacked the king's castle at the center of the kingdomBookmark here

Happened a day before the present.Bookmark here

In just a day,Bookmark here

The castle seemed to be repaired and is almost to be seen without a scar of destruction.Bookmark here

There are men outside the castle investigating the area.Bookmark here

The Strategic council of Heilig KingdomBookmark here

And it's Head Officer,Bookmark here

Cynth Villsburg.Bookmark here

"Trace every kind of magic those sorcerers used in this field."Bookmark here

Geared personels are scattered around the terrain.Bookmark here

Some uses a higher quality of Shardsoul to sense remaining mana in the field.Bookmark here

Others used Orbsorb, a very expensive item that is made from the pearl of a Grimm Clam, to absorb and identify the magic being used.Bookmark here

It also dispells any kind of trap magic being left by the sorcerers to avoid any casualties.Bookmark here

"Here are the datas we gathered sir Cynth!"Bookmark here

One of the men said as he pulled out a moonscroll, an item used to record mana that a shardsoul and an orbsorb traced.Bookmark here

It indicates a color that corresponds to the type of magic converted from mana.Bookmark here

"Hmmmm Only four varieties of colors means..."Bookmark here

Cynth said as the scroll unfolds,Bookmark here

Showing four kinds of color.Bookmark here

"It means four kind of magic is used."Bookmark here

He added.Bookmark here

"But isn't there six of them that we've captured?"Bookmark here

The men with the moonscroll asked.Bookmark here

Cynth closed his eye's and took a deep breath and said.Bookmark here

"Earlier, we confiscated Bookmark here

two mana wands, Bookmark here

two synthetic rods, Bookmark here

one arch staff, Bookmark here

one synthetic artillery, Bookmark here

And a scale knife..Bookmark here

A total of seven weapons being used.Bookmark here

Each of the seven weapons we got have identical magic to each of the six sorcerers we capturedBookmark here

EXCEPT Bookmark here

the scale knife.Bookmark here

We can't trace any signs of magic to the item Bookmark here

So we should assume that the user of this scale knife is not a sorcerer."Bookmark here

The man folds the moonscroll and asked.Bookmark here

"What does it mean?"Bookmark here

"Some of them have identical magic.Bookmark here

One of them escaped, and he's not just an ordinary person to deal with.Bookmark here

I can see his actions just by knowing the scent of this item."Bookmark here

Cynth said.Bookmark here

Cynth Villsburg is known for his inhuman ability.Bookmark here

His SENSE of smell is uncomparable to anyone.Bookmark here

This kind of ability is said to be a gift of the ruler of the night,Bookmark here

NecumbraBookmark here

Along with other senses:Bookmark here

SightBookmark here

FeelBookmark here

HearingBookmark here

TasteBookmark here

This ability is called SENSOMABookmark here

Bizzare and rare to be wielded by humans because it commonly was an attribute of ancient creatures and powerful monsters known as Bookmark here

POTENTS.Bookmark here

"The evening's green light"Bookmark here

Cynth said as he sighed.Bookmark here

"Area investigation will continue tomorrow,Bookmark here

It's getting difficult to use mana with this green light sky,Bookmark here

We have to proceed to the second division of the Strategic council,Bookmark here

We have tons of questions for those filthy weak sorcerers!"Bookmark here

Cynth and his men hopped on their respective carriage and entered the castle with the strict surveilance.Bookmark here

Not knowing.....Bookmark here

~The castle's underground prison "beta"~Bookmark here

A dark room with a single fading light and a man tied upside down, his eyes covered with an ash colored cloth.Bookmark here

A tall man with glasses standing in front of him.Bookmark here

"I'll ask you this one last time and I'll have this floor covered in blood!"Bookmark here

"I will say the same answer all over again!Bookmark here

I don't have any idea!"Bookmark here

The man with the glasses pierced the neck of the man with his bare hands.Bookmark here

And it lead him to his deathBookmark here

Blood drains from its body.Bookmark here

He went to his office and changed his clothes.Bookmark here

When someone knocked from the door and opened it.Bookmark here

"Sir Vega! Sir Cynth is calling you to proceed on the underground prison gamma."Bookmark here

"I'll be leaving soon."Bookmark here

The man saluted and left Vega alone.Bookmark here

~underground prison "gamma"~Bookmark here

"Sir Cynth! Sir Vega is outside the room"Bookmark here

"Just a second! Tell him to standby!"Bookmark here

Cynth said as he sat on chair facing a man in the same table.Bookmark here

"Ok! Where are we again?"Bookmark here

Cynth asked.Bookmark here

"The seventh?"Bookmark here

The sorcerer said.Bookmark here

"Ah! Well then, One of your comrades said that he saw someone with you during your dumb vulgar attack! But how come you can't remember one?"Bookmark here

"I am telling you the truth!"Bookmark here

"I know! Bookmark here

We have miss sylvia to detect if you are lying.Bookmark here

 Your heart rate never increased , your pulse, your reactions, facial expressions..."Bookmark here

Cynth said.Bookmark here

"That's what he wanted you to think of."Bookmark here

Vega spoke as he slowly enter the room and joined the discussion.Bookmark here

"So you're the Nature magic user of the group?"Bookmark here

"Vega! I'm on this! I need you to investigate the others!"Bookmark here

Cynth implied.Bookmark here

"Nope! This guy is the most suspicious and vague suspect of all time."Bookmark here

Vega said as he stares drastically into the sorcerer's eyes.Bookmark here

He made a closer look and draw nearer to the man's face.Bookmark here

"What are you doing?"Bookmark here

The sorcerer asked.Bookmark here

"Someone is having a show!"Bookmark here

Vega said as cynth confusedly asked.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Someone is watching us with these eyes!"Bookmark here

Vega slapped the sorcerer and it made cynth stood up from his sit.Bookmark here

"Ouch! It hurts!"Bookmark here

The sorcerer mocked.Bookmark here

"Is it SENSOMA?"Bookmark here

Cynth is startled as he said.Bookmark here

"It definitely is! Bookmark here

Someone used SENSOMA to this poor creature."Bookmark here

Vega said and added.Bookmark here

"Cover his eyes!"Bookmark here

"Wait! Why?"Bookmark here

The sorcerer asked as his eyes was covered with a black cloth tied tightly by one of the guards of the room.Bookmark here

"Whoever watches us, can't hear us! Bookmark here

We can't have a resolve like this Cynth. Bookmark here

We have to track the guy behind this SENSOMA. Bookmark here

Bring with us the scale knife tomorrow and search for the guy.Bookmark here

We have to take action before the king finds out."Bookmark here

Vega said in a near whispering grudge tone.Bookmark here

"The other sorcerer with the gun described the seventh guy,Bookmark here

He said it had a shardsoul as a necklace and carries a sword in it's back.Bookmark here

Haven't you saw it before Vega?"Bookmark here

Cynth said.Bookmark here

"IT'S NO MISTAKE!"Bookmark here

Vega said as he growled in anger.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

~somewhere~Bookmark here

Renz is in his deep sleep and woke up from a dream.Bookmark here

*gasp*Bookmark here

"They figured out!"Bookmark here

He said as he gasped.Bookmark here

Then he sat on his bed and wrote on his journal:Bookmark here

~My ability becomes ineffective after that man with the glasses slapped my Host in his face!Bookmark here

I should've used this ability to one of the guards but...Bookmark here

It seems that I rushed things a bit.Bookmark here

Anyways,Bookmark here

With this information I got from my host,Bookmark here

I might succeed to gain access inside the castle.Bookmark here

But first, I have to get out of here now!Bookmark here

They might come after me, Bookmark here

Losing my valuable scale knife is a misfortune.Bookmark here

Gotta find another~Bookmark here

After he wrote and record all that happened,Bookmark here

He stood up and packed all his things,Bookmark here

Before he left, he went to the owner of the lodge he had rented.Bookmark here

He stared unto its eyes for like 5 seconds and paid 8 gold coins.Bookmark here

The owner found it wierd but he seemed to be fond of wierd visitors renting his lodge during green light seasons.Bookmark here

As he left, he looked into his rugged old  map.Bookmark here

"Hmmm.. Bookmark here

Let's see? Bookmark here

Tonight, he will be right.....?Bookmark here

Here!"Bookmark here

He pointed at the map.Bookmark here

And continued to walk through the fields of cyan fireflies.Bookmark here

The lumin grass rustled and glowed as he pass through.Bookmark here

"This is why I adore Green light seasons."Bookmark here

He said as he suddenly stopped and said.Bookmark here

"Why are you following me?"Bookmark here

Behind the lumin grass fields appeared a creature.Bookmark here

Wearing a white mask with just its scarlet lips painted on it.Bookmark here

And responded a voice of a woman.Bookmark here

"You are one of us!"Bookmark here

"One of what?"Bookmark here

Renz fiercely asked as he grabs his sword behind his back.Bookmark here

"We are POTENTS"Bookmark here

The woman responded as it showed its full form from the shadows.Bookmark here

Her lower body was purple gradient serpent.Bookmark here

"I almost forgot! Bookmark here

Your the POTENT of deception,Bookmark here

The guardian of the glowing valleys!Bookmark here

Handing you over to the king will be a great way to earn his trust and loyalty isn't it?"Bookmark here

Renz answered as he creates his stance with his sword and avoids to face this creature.Bookmark here

He smirked,Bookmark here

After the creature gone wild and growled.Bookmark here

"SHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Humansssss!!!"Bookmark here

Renz ran as the potent chased him.Bookmark here

Then a soft melody was heard in the area.Bookmark here

Renz covered his earsBookmark here

But Bookmark here

It was too late.Bookmark here

He fell to the SENSOMA of the creature.Bookmark here

In his head was a voice.Bookmark here

"Well then, Bookmark here

Your harmony is..Bookmark here

An eye,Bookmark here

A human!Bookmark here

A crown!Bookmark here

Death!Bookmark here

Life!Bookmark here

What is your desire?"Bookmark here

Renz is paralyzed and he cannot move an inch.Bookmark here

He was slowly strangled by the potent serpent.Bookmark here

"So that's what you heed?Bookmark here

Ye wanted to kill the king?Bookmark here

But Bookmark here

How will this be justified?Bookmark here

What are your motives?Bookmark here


Bookmark here

                      KING?                     "Bookmark here

Renz can't hear his own voice even in his head.Bookmark here

But he is certain of one thing.Bookmark here

He is certain for the Bookmark here

REASON.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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