Chapter 5:

Demon lord of the Snowy mountains (Part 4)

From Assassin to Demon lord

As I walked around my newly summoned poison slimes at entrance to the dungeon I realise that our dungeon is actually pretty small. Yes Dining hall and throne room are big, but entire dungeon have just about five kilometers in lenght and just one floor.

I need to expand my dungeon both ways. Outside and inside are equal areas after all.

I walked for few minutes when I found what I was looking for. Crystal rabits. As name sugest, Crystal rabits have small crystals with high concentration of mana inside their skin. Some crystals unite and create a shield around the body and sometimes they cocentrate in one spot and create a horn. The rabits before me were from the second group.

"Thread control," as I activated the skill silk-like threads spread from my hand and create a net. Next I used my Hide Presence skill to make the net disaprear. The very next moment I had caught five Crystal rabbits. After I drained the blood and pull off the skin I placed the meat in my magic bag and continued on my way.

And at that time I saw in forest a group of elves. I used my Hide presence and followed them to their village. And I of course take my time to closely listen to their conversation.

"Do you think we did a good thing? She is probably already dead," said elf with red headband.

"If she is then they might come again..." continued elf with one eye.

"Village chief, didn't have other choice. It was either to sacrifice her or let the village be destroyed."

"Yea, but to sacrifice the only Snow elf..."

"She was cursed and you know it!"

"Hehe yeah, 'Cursed' thats what you say. I know very good that you just wanted to get rid off her. Just like with her mother..."

Before he could finish what he wanted to say a single arrow apeared on his forehead.

"Wha-" elf with red headband also didn't have time to finish a single sentence.

The very next moment all six men were dead. And as I looked at their dead bodies I felt completly nothing. They sacrificed Yuki. They deserved nothing less.

When I looked at their soulless bodies i got an idea. I took their bodies an fly up to the air. I used my perfect sight to locate the village and I moved towards it.

I kept my head low and waited until sunset. When everything went dark I used magic to create a wall around the village. I made it ten meters tall and put those six dead bodies near the well in center of the village.

And then I left a message: "I killed all these weaklings in matter of seconds, if you sacrifice all your children I will let you live. You have five days. After that I will kill everyone here and I will enjoy it. Your Demon Lord Zaru."

One of the things I found out was that I could use all magic now and I could use it to wipe out someones memories. But that would not bring happines.

I left that place and returned home depresed. I understand that I'm no longer human, I become a Demon lord with my body and soul.

Tony Raven