Chapter 4:

Sorceress of klutos

To kill the king

The morning,Bookmark here

Where the ruler of the day, Bookmark here

Vinlux, Bookmark here

Once again won the battle against the ruler of the night,Bookmark here

NecumbraBookmark here

That bears an eye of Glory,Bookmark here

The sunlight!Bookmark here

~Lumin village~Bookmark here

A village known for its remarkable resources that was found in the lumin valley,Bookmark here

Where cyan fireflies,Bookmark here

Gust serpents,Bookmark here

Ignee Guanas and Iris cats reside,Bookmark here

Ember bushes,Bookmark here

Venus bells,Bookmark here

Gradient trees and Lumin grasses grow,Bookmark here

All of these creatures are present during green light seasons,Bookmark here

A reason where hunters swarms the area to hunt valuable items,Bookmark here

And also to try and capture,Bookmark here


The Potent of Deception,Bookmark here

Purfona,Bookmark here

And its descendants.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

It was early in the morning where people of lumin village live their daily lives.Bookmark here

Here is a royal carriage that stops in front of a small wooden house.Bookmark here

Two high ranked personel of heilig kingdom stepped out and entered the house.Bookmark here

The supposed house was actually a bar inside,Bookmark here

A bartender greets his visitors while cleaning a table.Bookmark here

"Good morning sirs! How can I help you?"
Bookmark here

"We are going to conduct an investigation on the lodges of your ownership."Bookmark here

A tall man with glasses said and added.Bookmark here

"An important person is what we are searching, ye must pay for the casualties they made."Bookmark here

"It's okay if you just conduct an investigation without destroying any of my rooms!"Bookmark here

The bartender said.Bookmark here

"Fairly well, Vega! I'll be searching  the man with his scent in this scale knifel!"Bookmark here

Cynth said as he departed with some of his men.Bookmark here

As they walked out the bar, civilians are on look on them, curious and murmuring stuffs.Bookmark here

Cynth took a deep breath from his nose to smell the scent of the scale knife that Renz owned.Bookmark here

He stopped as he sniffed into a certain direction.Bookmark here

And rushedly walked through a gray wooden house.Bookmark here

He entered the third room of the first floor by kicking the wooden door knowing that it's locked up.Bookmark here

As he wander inside and sniffed, he   Swiftly went into the bed where the scent he was searching resides.Bookmark here

However, no one is on the room but a pair of used gloves, a black shirt and a piece of paper written on it:Bookmark here

~YOU FOUND ME!~Bookmark here

Cynth sighed to keep his temper as he crumple the paper.Bookmark here

"He's not here, we're late! Let's go and report to Vega!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

~somewhere near the lumin valley~Bookmark here

I can see varieties of visions when I'm asleep.Bookmark here

With the vision of the owner of the lodge I rented, I can see the man with glasses that cancelled my sensoma on my other host traced my path. He seems to be asking a lot of questions to my host that I can't hear, Bookmark here

Until he stopped talkingBookmark here

And did the same thing to my host.Bookmark here

He slapped it and my sensoma was cancelled.Bookmark here

After that,Bookmark here

All is in black and purple.Bookmark here

I feel agony in the air I'm breathing.Bookmark here

Am I dead?Bookmark here

All I remember was that I fell into the sensoma of that serpent potent.Bookmark here

But still my mind and my sensoma is functioning.Bookmark here

So I'm alive.Bookmark here

I have to open my eyes!Bookmark here

But how?Bookmark here

I feel paralyzed.Bookmark here

My whole body feel cold but...Bookmark here

Suddenly I feel heat.Bookmark here

It's like a bite of a snake in my arm.Bookmark here

The heat gets more intense and intense as if it was piercing through my flesh.Bookmark here

"WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!"Bookmark here

I screamed! As I opened my eyes!Bookmark here

"He's awake!"Bookmark here

A girl with the circular eye glasses slugishly said.Bookmark here

I sat on where I was lying as my sweat covers my whole body.Bookmark here

The girl stood up carrying a white wet cloth.Bookmark here

I don't have my shirt on that leads me to see countless bruises around my body.Bookmark here

Then I noticed on my right arm,Bookmark here

"What the heck?-"Bookmark here

A giant leech is sucking blood in my arm.Bookmark here

I was startled and tried to remove it but the girl responded,Bookmark here

"If you want the poison in your blood be eliminated don't remove that neutraleech on your arm.Bookmark here

I'm not fond of telling stories to strangers so if you want to ask me about what happened to you recently,Bookmark here

You have to wait for Nick or lady lancell to respond."Bookmark here

This small girl coldly said as she mix some of the potions inside a vial.Bookmark here

She avoids eye contact and talks sluggishly.Bookmark here

She stopped and said.Bookmark here

"By the way, I'm KT!"Bookmark here

I thought she's going to say more but..Bookmark here

She's like me.Bookmark here

"Where's my sword?"Bookmark here

"It's on the hands of lady lancell"Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

I said as I stood upBookmark here

"Ouch!"Bookmark here

I groaned because of the physical damages in my body.Bookmark here

I fell into the floor.Bookmark here

As the girl... KT walks slowly this way.Bookmark here

And she poured the potion she was mixing lately in my back and said,Bookmark here

"This is a mixture of the venus bell's sap that we got in the valley and an alcohol, this will act as an anesthesia and will numb the pain in a short period of time."Bookmark here

"I have to retrieve my items, I can't afford to lose any again."Bookmark here

I said as I stood up and felt no pain around my body anymore.Bookmark here

We are inside a small tent that is made up from leather.Bookmark here

Someone entered the tent,Bookmark here

A man with silver hair.Bookmark here

He yelled.Bookmark here

"CATHY! Are you there?"Bookmark here

"It's KT! And I'm obviously here! Healing the patient."Bookmark here

KT responded.Bookmark here

"Are you the leader?"Bookmark here

I asked to the silver haired man.Bookmark here

"No!Bookmark here

No! Bookmark here

Wait? Do I look like one?Bookmark here

How heart warming is it that someone appreciates my might!"Bookmark here

He said as he draws near to us and said.Bookmark here

"Of course,Bookmark here

I'm not!"Bookmark here

"Why am I here?"Bookmark here

I asked.Bookmark here

"Oh! That's a long story!Bookmark here

We found you in the glowing fields strangled by a potent.Bookmark here

Then we came.Bookmark here

Then rescued you.Bookmark here

Then amora kissed you-"Bookmark here

"Wait what? Kissed me? Bookmark here

Who?"Bookmark here

"It's actually not a kiss!"Bookmark here

KT said.Bookmark here

"Yeah! Man! She kissed you with her pink cherry sweet lips.Bookmark here

*smooch*"Bookmark here

The silver haired man said. Bookmark here

As KT shows disgust.Bookmark here

"Ugh!"Bookmark here

I'm confused.Bookmark here

"Give me the details!"Bookmark here

I said.Bookmark here

Then the silver haired man responded.Bookmark here

"Of course I gladly would!Bookmark here

First she took off your shirt and kissed your chest,Bookmark here

Then she slowly draws near to your neck and-"Bookmark here

"Stop! I mean, what happened recently!"Bookmark here

I said in an embarassed manner.Bookmark here

"Oh you're blushing!"Bookmark here

The silver haired man said as someone talked from our back.Bookmark here

"It's not a kiss you jerk!"Bookmark here

A pale brown hair colored woman appeared and punched the silver haired man in his face.Bookmark here

This woman sure is beautiful.Bookmark here

Have I met her somewhere?Bookmark here

"I casted a spell to create a gas that will eliminate a large amount of venom around your body, but then there were excess poisons my spell cannot neutralize so I ordered KT to do it.Bookmark here

I'll introduce myself then,Bookmark here

We met at the announcement of the king's game.Bookmark here

Such a coincidence to see you again.Bookmark here

I'm Amora Lancell the greatest sorceress of klutos kingdom."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Justine Sanico
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