Chapter 28:

Chapter 28: One Moon.

The Master and The Slave

A small sneeze can be heard from a young ginger-haired girl inside of the dusty messy room in which Lilia and Digia use for club activities. Her butler with a slave collar around his neck hand her a napkin, Neya use the napkin to wipe her nose.

"You said you want to see the club room. Here we are, the pioneer clubroom, ta-dah!" Digia said while both of her hands spread out.

"It's quite dusty in here?" Neya said with uncertainty.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't find the time to clean this room," Lilia said as she walks to the window and opens it to let the dusty air out.

The light from the sun enters and warm the inhabitant inside. The smell of fresh air mixing with the smell of old parchment is somehow refreshing for Neya. For Neya this room looks like a normal messy room filled with metal contraption and hanging blueprints, but for Nesto, it is much more than that.

He was surprised to see many new ideas that are beyond its time, it can even rival the great Madeleine or far exceed her own invention and discovery. But most of the idea or discovery is somehow flawed and not yet completed.

Nesto recognizes the few mistakes in blueprints, mistake that for common folk can't notice easily. It's only thanks to Madeleine teaching that Nesto could notice it.

"May I ask, what is this club purpose?" Neya ask.

Lilia turns her head and looks at Digia; she had a huge grin on her face.

"The pioneers club true purpose is to make new discoveries and found new ways in any area of expertise. Me as the expert in magic invention while Lilia expertise in apothecary and biology," Digia explain.

"For example, I currently found a new method to turn three rune sentences in magic scroll into one, short and comprise sentence," Digia said.

"It's actually a failure, which causes me to get thrown out of the windows," Lilia let out snarky comment.

"We all can agree that It's a work of progress," Digia shrug her shoulders.

Neya walks to one of the blueprints on the wall, then he examines the blueprint quite closely. The design is really foreign to Nesto, but he seems to know how the contraption works.

She used a magic crystal to move the pistons forward and backward, but using mana directly can damage the contraption mechanism since it too unstable and powerful.

"You should change the output of magic crystal into a safer form of energy, such as steam," Nesto suggest.

Neya walks to his side and looks at the blueprint together with Nesto. Then her eyes widen in surprise by the great suggestion.

"Your right! You are absolutely right, that's what I have been looking for. You are a genius Nesto!" Digia wraps her arms around him into a hug.

Lilia his eyes widen when she saw her friend hugging her savior. A tinge of jealousy rise inside her heart, she the one that wanted to do that. Nesto smiles while patting the short satyr head, that causes even more jealousy in Lilia's heart.

"Hmm even if you invent something new, how do you suppose to spread and create the invention for other people used. By my calculation, this type of project requires a lot of material, a place of work, a good deal of workforce, and coins to get the funding ready. If you want coins you will need an investor with a place where you can use to produce the product and coins to patent the invention so nobody could steal your ideas," Neya explain.

Both Digia and Lilia eyes widen including Nesto by the sudden insightful suggestion from Neya.

"Where did you learn that?" Digia ask.

"Business and economy book have been mine all time favorite, they had very insightful knowledge in them," Neya answers.

"I have another Idea, why don't you join our small club? If you want too, I really don't want to force you. I mean it will be great to have you, but if you don't want too..." Digia said after letting Nesto go.

"Sure, I will be glad to join the club," Neya said.

"Yes, finally we had three members to officially form the club!" Digia exclaim.

"Wait, before this, it's not actually a club?"

"Well, you actually need three people... to form a club," Lilia answers.

Digia cheers in joy for the celebration of the club rebirth as an official one. Lilia smiles and turns her head to face Neya. Nesto joins the cheers in a polite manner, not like the exaggerated one like Digia.

"In another subject, do you have a date for the one moon dance tonight?" Lilia ask.

"I don't have one... I have never been to the one moon dance celebration before," Neya answers.

"How about Kinnith?" Lilia ask.

"No, what makes you suggest him?" Neya ask.

"Well for starters, you're the first one he ever tries to talk to. He rarely talks to other students except for the headmaster or lecturer, I think he's taken a liking to you," Lilia said.

"Pftt... I don't think so. How about you? Do you have someone to go with?" Neya ask.

"I always go with Digia, but for this dance, I have someone in mind. But again, I don't have the courage to ask him anyway," Lilia said.

"Oh... Can I go with you girls then?" Neya ask.

"Of course, but we will need to get you a dress first," Lilia said.


In The Hallway.

The Hallways are illuminated by two rows of lanterns on each side that light up the way to the ballroom. The fully green gown with see-through sleeves snugs perfectly around Neya body as she walks down the hallways with her roommates and Nesto beside her.

"Thank you for the dress, Lilia," Neya smile as she thanks her friends.

"No problem, the dress was too tight for me anyway," she said gloomily.

Lilia's gown has a trumpet design with the dress hugging her bust without any strap over the shoulder and hugs the entire body until reaching her thigh. From her thighs to her feet the dress spread giving her some room to move her leg. The purple dress beautifully compliments her green curly hair that tied into a bun.

"Don't worry about it, Lilia. Men like a little meat on their woman anyway, isn't that right, Nesto?" Digia bumps her elbow playfully to his arm.

Digia picks a simple short dress that stops at her knee and loose from her waist to her knee as to not restrict her goat leg from moving. But what grabs people attention was not her blue simple dress but the beautiful flower decoration that laid around her short brown hair. She certainly looks beautiful with nature decorating her looks.

Nesto places a hand on his chin and answers, "I do know some men that love a more busty and plump woman." He reminisces the head chef from the Amberdall manor as he answers the question.

"I don't want to know what other men like in women. I want to know what you like," Digia jest.

"I do prefer a more busty woman... But if one truly love each other, it doesn't matter what she or he appearance may be," Nesto answers after giving some thought.

Lilia turns her head to the side while biting her lower lips and her hand clasp together as she walks.

"Thank you, Nesto. For adjusting the dress for me," Neya said.

"It wasn't a big deal, I only adjust a bit to help you fit in the dress," Nesto said then he let out a loud unsettling cough.

"What's wrong, Nesto?" Neya said while her worried eyes look at him.

"I'm feeling a bit of under the weather lately. The fatigue must be catching up to me," Nesto said.

Before Neya could ask for more detail about her butler well-being, they had to stop walking when they reach the large wooden door in the hallways. The door opens; revealing a large ballroom with quite a numerous number of people in beautiful suits and dress inside. Some of them are hanging out near the edge of the room while others are dancing in the middle.

Neya looks at the decoration above and saw floating lanterns in the ceiling held up by a magic crystal. She was truly amazed by the beautiful ballroom that causes her to forget about Nesto well-being.

"How is it possible for the lantern to be floating up there?" Neya ask.

"The answers are magic, they used the magic crystal with a magic circuit that flows into rune word that produces the effect. I want to explain more about the detail, but for now let go have fun," Digia said as she rushes to the dance floor and joins the dancing.

Neya looks far into the ballroom, and she found the source of music coming from the concerto playing their instruments in the background and living up the room.

"I'm sorry for telling you this right now, Miss Neya. But I seem to need to lie down in my room, I'm afraid a cold is coming," Nesto said.

Her master finally remembers that Nesto is currently under the weather. She bites her lower lips in frustration, she is a bit afraid of being alone in a crowded room.

"Lilia?" Nesto call.

Lilia turns her head in full attention to the man calling her.

"Yes?" Lilia ask.

"Could you keep an eye on my wonderful master, I don't think I'm up to the task," Nesto ask.

"Of course... But will you be returning to the ball later, I thought that we could... Never mind," Lilia said.

"Nesto, I'm scared," Neya said.

"Everything will be okay. If you worry that much, I will come after I gain my strength," Nesto assure her.

"If you say so... But make sure you get enough rest, I don't want you to be sick," Neya said.

"You are so kind, Master," Nesto said before bowing his head and heading out of the room.

Neya eyebrow scrunches together as she looks at her butler leaving the room with worried. Lilia waves her hand in front of her face, catching her attention. She turns her head to look at her friend that was waving her hand in front of her face.

"Come on, let's have fun. I'm sure Nesto would want you to have fun tonight," Lilia said.

"You right... What should we do first?" Neya ask.

"How about dancing?" Lilia suggest.

"But I don't know how to..." Neya replied.

"Just follow my lead," Lilia gestures her to follow.

Neya follows her friends to the dance floor, she stops when she was close enough to the crowd so that her fear doesn't act up. Lilia starts dancing moving her entire body to the rhythm of the melody, Neya also tries to follow her friend. At first, her movement was a bit awkward but later on, she manages to grasp how to dance to the music.

As time went on, Neya was having fun dancing and conversing with her friends. Talking with Digia about magic expertise, while about apothecary with Lilia. Once they move on from the first subject, the group of friends starts to grow closer and start making each other laugh with jokes.

Neya never thought she could have this so much fun in her entire life, coming to this academy was truly worth it, but there is one thing that is missing from her perfect moment right now, Nesto.

She wishes that he would be here at her side and having fun just like her right now. Neya grimaces a bit causing her friends to worried about here.

"He must be tired that's all, it's not like he's dying or something," Digia joke trying to subside Neya worry.

"Digia?! You shouldn't say that" Lilia scold.

"It's okay. I need some air, I'll be back," Neya said.

"Are you sure?" Lilia ask.

"Yeah, don't worry, I will be back shortly," Neya said.

Neya left the group and head to one of the balconies in the room. She was alone in the balcony, the silence helps her to calm her restless mind. When she looked up, she saw the two moon cross path, turning into one singular moon.

That was the reason why the people of Arorona celebrate it every year because of the magnificent natural occurrence that happens in this world, but there is more to it. It was once thought that Yana pulls the moon closer in the sky to show us that she exists and also give us the chance to witness her powers.

"Beautiful isn't it?" an unfamiliar voice grab her attention.

She looked to her side and sees a beautiful young elf woman leaning on the balcony with an elf maid by her side standing and waiting for the woman orders.

"Excuse me?" Neya said.

"I guess you a little slow, aren't you? Neya Nimmith," The young woman said.

Neya was shocked as she back away from the woman. How could this woman know her family name?

"Don't worry, I'm not here for you. My name is Caretena Vignil," the young woman introduced herself with a grin on her face.

"Princess Caretena? Prince Ariamnes younger sister? Why are you here?" Neya ask.

"I'm here for Nesto, where is he?" Princess Caretena said.

"He is in his room, resting. He told me that he is feeling a bit under the weather," Neya replied.

"And you are having fun while he is sick? I was right you don't deserve him," Princess Caretena scoff.

"What do you mean I don't deserve him?" Neya said while anger begins to rise in her tone.

"Hey, how about an offer? I will give you anything you want for Nesto, just name your price" Princess Caretena said.

"No, his mine. Nothing in this world can separate him from me!" Neya denied her offers.

Princess Caretena eyebrows almost touch together as she glares at the young girl beside her.

"Listen here you little shit, you don't know who is Nesto, you don't know the burden he is carrying, you don't know shit! The only thing you are currently causing him are more pain than he ever wanted, Just gave him to me!" Princess Caretena order.

"I won't! I know Nesto, he is kind, a gentle soul who love to help others and supportive. I know his pain and I have seen her love one grave," Neya said.

Princess Caretena laughs at Neya words as if it was a joke to her, she stops then focus her deadly gaze on the young elf girl.

"You barely scratch the surface."

"I saw his darkest hours and his monstrous eyes. I have seen his happiest face that he ever has. I have seen him soaked in the blood of his enemy. You probably thought that Nesto is a regular human, but he is more than that. He is not normal, he is a monster that in so much pain over the grief of losing his other half," Princess Caretena said.

"He is a normal human, he's not a monster! I don't care who you are, just leave him alone!" Neya demand.

"Listen, little girl. Just gave me, Nesto." Princess Caretena demand again.

"Why do you want Nesto so much?" Neya said.

"Because I love him!" Princess Caretena confess.

The direct confession almost causes Neya to stagger and lost focus. But when she gains her focus again, she now knows that she won't give up Nesto to some woman who claims to love him.

"I don't care if you love him, his mine."

Neya turns her back on the girl and was about to exit the balcony when the princess said something to stop her.

"You really trust him, do you? Even, after he kept secrets from you."

"What? He never kept secrets from me!" Neya arguing with her words.

"He did keep secrets, he kept a lot of them from you. About the real reason, why he brings you here and the truth about who he really is," Princess Caretena has a wicked smile on her face as she said those words, taunting the girl.

"Tell me, what secret he kept from me?" Neya asks even though she doesn't want to know.

Princess Caretena has a huge smile on her face when she knows that she has grabbed the young elf girl full attention.