Chapter 60:

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The Y-files [GL]

Why and what was happening? I felt like I was gonna collapse. Why did Anna leave? Just to spite her parents? Is that all I was to her?Bookmark here

Mom pushed me and said “This is not the time to give up. Now is the time to fight! Isn't Anna just as precious to you as your kitchen? What would you do if someone tried to take away your kitchen?”Bookmark here

As always mom knew the right words to say. I felt more determined than ever. I thought about everything that happened in the last 2 weeks and started thinking of patterns in yuri. This is one of those “Save the ojou-sama from the rich family’s house”-situations isn't it?Bookmark here

I decided to take the lead and said “Mom can you call aunt Bernie over? We are going to need all the help we can get. I know she will say yes if you ask. I will call Thea and Ms. Tick.”Bookmark here

Everyone got to work. We turned the apartment's living room into a crisis center. Fien and Mia took it upon themselves to be Emma's babysitter. Valerie had finished the Nid d'oiseaux while I was downstairs and had served it so everyone who was hungry could eat. My anger at the situation grew even fiercer realizing I had missed a chance to cook. That was the final drop. I sharpened my mind like I would normally sharpen one of my knives, and felt that my gaze was growing intenser by the second. I would make that damn man suffer and get Anna back!Bookmark here

Ms. Lourdes arrived within 10 minutes. After hearing the situation she immediately called Ms. Odes and told her to bring the “experimental device”.Bookmark here

Thirty minutes later Ms. Odes, Thea, Ms. Tick and Ms. Trine arrived too. Mom had called Elodie's mom, Sandra, to say they were staying over. Apparently Sandra had told mom that she would inform Eline's mom,Rosa, that the girls weren't coming home tonight. I thought she was very accommodating and friendly for our cause as someone I had hardly ever met. It was a school night after all.Bookmark here

Unfortunately Mia's and the prince's parents did not allow them to stay over on a school night, but they would remain and help out as long as they were allowed too.Bookmark here

After brainstorming we decided on a plan of action with three fronts.Bookmark here

First of all, Elodie and Gazette would go for a massive social media attack. We had plenty of footage, even of Vital ordering his henchmen, and Anna being pushed into a car. I really wondered how Gazette seemed to be everywhere at once to get the right shot at all times. I guess the queen of gossip has awakened her paparazzi genes... They were already on it and reactions were flowing in. It would not be long before mainstream media would have to pick up on it.Bookmark here

The second part, we would entrust to Ms. Lourdes, Ms. Tick and Ms. Trine. A political attack on Mrs Kath Lyst. They would make use of Gazette's and Elodie's work to condemn the Lysts publicly.Bookmark here

I could see Ms. Tick and Ms. Trine were raring to get a chance to peck at Kath Lyst. It seemed this was the kind of chance they were waiting for.Bookmark here

Whatever we did now, public opinion would certainly be in our favor.Bookmark here

The third part of the plan was the most risky part. Getting Anna out. It would involve me, Thea and Ms. Odes using her new invention. We were going in, and were getting Anna out of the Lyst estate.Bookmark here

There was no time to waste. While we were driving to the estate, which was a 30 minute drive outside of the capital, Thea was telling me that I should expect to meet a different Anna. Anna had apparently made a huge metamorphosis since she left the house. And after she met me she changed even more. She told me about Anna's period as a shut-in, in which she refused to talk to almost anyone, and often refused to talk about anything but yuri. Apparently Thea was one of the only ones she still had contact with back then. Thea never gave up visiting, but she was not always allowed inside Anna's room. Anna had been afraid of her parents. She wanted to make her own decisions in life, and if she could not have that, she would just sit down and do nothing. Her parents had thought she would not be able to keep it up, but Anna kept it up for years, until she was of age and could leave the house for college. After overhearing her mother and Thea talking about what she should study, she chose to study psychology because her mother was explicitly against it.Bookmark here

We arrived at the estate. In order to get me inside, Thea was wearing a majestic dress with a hoop petticoat. I was meant to get in, traveling under her skirt. The idea sounded funny. I got it from a manga, but in reality it was really embarrassing. My head was right below Thea's crotch and I had to grab onto her thighs from time to time not to fall. I could hear Thea make small whimpers every time I did so. While walking in this embarrassing way, I realized that this was just another typical Anna Lyst situation where I would end up being the one doing something really cringy and embarrassing. Why was it always her getting into trouble, and me that ended up doing the embarrassing stuff?Bookmark here

Kath Lyst came down to greet us. I was still hidden under Thea's skirt. Thea started talking “I heard that Anna had a relapse and came to talk to her?”Bookmark here

Oh Thea dear, I do not think tonight will be the right moment, she must recuperate a little from what happened earlier. You could not believe how vile that Claire girl was toward Vital!” I had difficulties keeping my temper and accidentally put my nails into Thea's ties. She suddenly gave a little moan.Bookmark here

What is wrong dear?” Kath Lyst asked.Bookmark here

N-nothing, I think something came loose inside my crinoline.” She then fiddled a bit with her skirt giving me a little pinch along the way. “Here that is better.”Bookmark here

That Claire even started a social media attack with fake images, and to top it all they even got Polly Tick involved. I knew that girl was trouble from the start.”Bookmark here

Now they were blaming me? I wanted to chop her to bits.Bookmark here

But Anna, how is she taking all of this?”Bookmark here

Kath became a little pale and said “She has completely reverted. She is back in that room. She won't talk to anyone. She only asks to be left alone. So you see it is no use. I will call you when she gets a little better.”Bookmark here

Kath Lyst started to lead us out of the house again. This part of the plan was going in the direction of a failure.Bookmark here

The doorbell rang again, that would have to be Ms. Odes. When Kath Lyst saw Ms. Odes she was looking a bit confused and said “Cath, what are you doing here?”Bookmark here

Ms. Odes walked straight in like she owned the place. “I came to discuss business. I understood I was made an employment offer?”Bookmark here

I heard Kath become a little more joyful and she said “Right, just wait a second, while I let Thea out.” with an upbeat voice. But just as she passed Ms. Odes, Ms. Odes sprayed her new yuridium based invention into Kath Lyst's face.Bookmark here

She grabbed her face and said “Wh-What did you do to me?” she became mellow for a second and then I could feel her demeanor change. She became really angry. We thought she would go mellow like everyone did up to now, but yuridium apparently had a different effect on everyone. “Let us stop the pretense. Claire, come out of there.” What?! She knew? Well, if the game was up there was no need to stay in this embarrassing place.Bookmark here

Follow me Claire, Cath you wait here, we will have a serious talk later.”Bookmark here

I followed Kath Lyst up the stairs. I asked her where she was taking me, but she did not reply. She seemed to walk very determined. Then she said “It is the second door on the right. I cannot do more for you.” Then she marched off. Back to where we came from.Bookmark here

I could hear some shouting and then I heard them moving further into the house.Bookmark here

I went over to the door that Kath had pointed me toward, and knocked. “Go away!” I heard from the other side of the door. “I only want to see or hear the light. I do not need the stains of society or the bitterness of 3D. Leave me alone in my perfect 2D world.”Bookmark here

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