Chapter 61:

Look into the light!

The Y-files [GL]

Anna's POV.Bookmark here

I had given up. They had taken me back to this house. Experience taught me that there was no way out of here. If my parents weren't going to leave me alone I was just going to spend the rest of my life in 2D. There was no use... Claire was the best thing that ever happened to me but that man had to stain it. Now the beauty of it was stained forever. I had refused her in a fit, and now, they would never allow us to see each other again. Why was this happening to me? My family always destroyed everything I really cared about.Bookmark here

I had put on my pink cat pajamas with a cat head cape. I had not worn it for ages. I loved how it made me just as soft as a stuffed animal. During my high school years, it was my favorite outfit to read yuri in.Bookmark here

I read further in my novel. At least I could still escape there. A world where the beauty of yuri would prevail. I made sure my flashlight would touch nothing else but my yuri. Nothing else deserved light after all.Bookmark here

I had heard someone enter my room, so I quickly moved to the corner. Whatever it was they could just act like I wasn't here. I only needed my yuri.Bookmark here

I started repeating my mantra. “Only yuri should see the light, because the light is yuri.”Bookmark here

But suddenly my flashlight was taken away and shone into my eyes through my glasses. “No, the light should only touch yuri!” I could not see who or what had taken my light. It looked like there was a very bright apparition in front of me.Bookmark here

I heard a sigh, and a woman's voice answered me, “In my eyes it is.”Bookmark here

But yuri must be light. The yuri was stained...”Bookmark here

With my eyes adapting a little to the bright light I started to see that the apparition in front of me had a female silhouette. Hardly visible because of the bright light emanating.Could this be the yuri goddess? She asked “Why are you here like this? Why did you give up so easily?”Bookmark here

That was Claire's voice and silhouette. I was clearly having a hallucination due to all the stress. The yuri goddess was sending me images of Claire. After all, the real Claire could impossibly be here for real. There is no way she got past dad's security.Bookmark here

So I decided to just indulge the fantasy, and said “The yuri was stained, there is no yuri in 3D. Only ugliness.”Bookmark here

My fantasy was really realistic. I heard another deep sigh like one of those Claire always gave before she said something truly inspiring.Bookmark here

Only because you let it get stained. Yuri is light but even the sun has stains. Our job is to remove those stains so the seeds can blossom. The only way we can do that is together!”Bookmark here

The beauty of those words, I felt tears falling from my eyes. “Is 3D yuri truly possible? But how can we remove the stain my father made?”Bookmark here

I felt that my hallucination was getting impatient. Just like the real Claire would. I was impressed by myself. I really had a pretty realistic imagination.Bookmark here

The answer was simple, Anna. We don't get married because they say so. If we ever get married it will be on our own terms. You should not see what your parents say in such absolutes. You are an adult and your own person.”Bookmark here

The light then came closer and crouched before me. Now both our faces were in the light. “You should not give up so easily when I am with you. Together we can take on the world.” She kissed me, and I immediately kissed her back. Yes! This is how yuri should be. Pure! Beautiful! Overcoming everything!. I felt like I was flying and taken to a better place. Our kiss ended. I realized that indeed Claire was the light in my life.Bookmark here

But wait, this feeling means this isn't a hallucination. Claire is really here. I became more and more self-conscious. My eyes became really big, realizing the state I was in, and the ridiculous fantasy I just indulged in. The embarrassment overload started to cook me from the inside. I think steam must have been coming out of my ears.Bookmark here

Oh no please don't hate me?”Bookmark here

Claire giggled “I kiss you and you think I hate you? Talk about opposite effects.”Bookmark here

Not that, this room is full of yuri, my waifu figurine collection, and my geeky pajamas. I'm not at all like the professional career woman you think I am... Didn't I disappoint you?”Bookmark here

Claire was laughing and had trouble stopping. “What you really thought that I did not know you are obsessed with yuri and cute cat stuff?”Bookmark here

Had I been that obvious? I thought I was better at maintaining my image. I felt a bit defeated...Bookmark here

You are coming with me.” Claire took my hand. I decided to follow her. She would lead me to where I needed to be. It might have been a fantasy, but to me Claire truly is the light. “I cannot believe you left me like that, and I am sure Pussyni will be mad at you.”Bookmark here

Oh my dear cat. Now I felt even more guilty. How could I have neglected my dear Pussyini. Bad points Anna!Bookmark here

We went downstairs but just when we wanted to leave the estate we were surrounded by people with guns stopping us.Bookmark here

A furious Kath Lyst walked inside the room and shouted. Release them! From now on I am your boss, you will take orders from no-one else!Bookmark here

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