Chapter 11:

Demon lord of the Snowy mountains (Part 8)

From Assassin to Demon lord


"NO! I won't let go!"

After dinner Yuki again got glued to me and no one was able to get her off.

Summoning of Renzir the Elder lich was a good thing. My DP and MP that I used up for summoning her was already back and the numbers of DP kept climbing.

But why did she turn into human looking woman... Elder lich is type of skeleton, those are genderless... wait... didn't those bones affect something? Is it even posible? Well those Frost giants ate a lot of humans, I used just about ten skulls in the summoning... and didn't realy count the rest of the bones...

Is it possible that souls were attached to them because they didn't get a proper burial? But if that was the case, then this place would be already haunted.

"Those are interesting thoughts, but sorry no."

"G-goddess?! What are you doing here?"

"Didn't I say that I would stop by sometime?"


"Is that so? Then I'm telling you now!"

Why are you giving me such an innocent smile you demon?

"I am a goddess of demons after all! But to your question, why the elder lich looks like a human? Well, because you gave it feelings."

"I gave it what?!"

"Feelings, emotion. Well more correctly it would be that they are a part of you. Your feelings, emotions, desires those all are what makes you you. And when you summon monsters you give them part of yourself. Thanks to that they are loyal only to you. They feel like they are a part of you and to betray its creator is like betraying oneself."

"Th-this is kinda hard..."

"Took slimes for example, they got a part of you inside them but they were unable to talk with you so they train their bodies to pull of something like a transformation... and they succeed it. Pardon me but what is with Yuki?"

"Some of the monsters I summoned turned after naming them into girls so she got a little clingy..."

"This you call little?"

"Is it a problem?"

"Not for me really..."

"Great, lets continue then! You sadly came after dinner so only thing I can prepare right now is a hot bath."

"That would be great! I am a little tired... you see we had a meeting with other gods and this annoying asshole of goddess yelled at me for turning her people into demon lords..."

"The goddess of humans?"

"Yes that one... ah and one more thing. Goddess of elves wanted me to thank you in her stead."

"For what?"

"For two things. First was saving Yuki and the second one was for defeating those six elves from Yukis village."

"For killing them? Were they dangerous?"

"Technically yes and yes again with that dangerous part. Acording to her one of them recieved from his father Heroes skill."


"Wait what is a heroes skill?"

"Well Yuki you know the basic differentation of skills yes?"

"Of course. There are Everyday skills and Blessed skills."

"Correct. Everyday skills are skills every one can acquire and Blessed skills are skills which can be only obtained after you recieve a blessing. And then there are Heroes skills, these skills are something beyond blessed skills. They are skills that were directly given by gods to the first generation of heroes because someone let their followers run rampage across Five great continents."

"S-so what?! I maybe had more followers than I actually needed, after all if people fear my children then I have more power than enought!"

"But why did you let them run rampage?"

"You kow that you are also my follower? You don't act that part at all!"

"What I see before me is a freeloader."

"Such harsh words!"

I grabed the goddess by the shoulders and whisper to her ear: "You left me with that pile of giant meat, of course I would be a little salty!"

"Y-you got a point there..."

"Great! Now we are at same page, Yuki could you take goddess to the bathroom?"

"I'm not leaving without you master!"

"Well you can't enter mens bath. It's just that. Well if you don't use it then I don't know who it was made for..."

"A-ah... I understand, goddess please follow me."

After that was behind me I decided to check on first floor... and that was a mistake, what I found there was practicaly a swarm of undead skeletons, zombies... uh, did I saw a Wraith just now?! At every hallway was at least fifteen of them, when I opened doors to the boss room, not just Renzir, but six Liches, ten Wraiths and Knight of death welcomed me.

Knight of death. Monster of B-rank party difficulty. When last one apeared near Tripleleaf city, where I and Lizzie used to live it took three days to fifty adventurers to take it down. And I have one here before my eyes! Well with my stats now I would be able to defeat it alone.

"Renzir what is this?"

"Master! Did you come spank me for job well done?"

What's wrong with you?! Damned pervert!

"No... what is with this numbers?"

"I don't see anything wrong with the numbers really. Skeletons are pretty weak monsters..."

"You created an army of death!"

"Well we are undead technically..." (*she misheared death as dead)


Whops I let myself slip a little.

"Ah... y-yesh, please stare at me like that a little longer master..."

Pervert and masochist really?!

After I returned from first floor I was met with another task.

"Master I would like to change my class."

"What? Why is that Haba?"

"My brother can do a lot on his own so I though that I could be helpfull another way."

Why did you press your chest forward? D-did you wink at me?!

"I see... what class would you like to have?"

"Yes I would like to be a Head maid."

"Ah, I see. It's truth that something like that would be helpful. Yuki would have less work in kitchen and could help me more with administration... well getting ready for unwanted visitors is the most beneficial thing I mean... not like they can get here with all those undead on the first floor... and then there is that Knight of death..."

"Master please don't be sulky! We, your summoned beings, exist only to serve you."

"T-thanks... so the ritual for changing classes will be held tomorrow."

"And master... i hope that it is not too bold from me but could you listen to my selfish request?"

"Sure what is it?"

"I would like to recive a body to inhabit."

"Come again?"

"You see, I as a spirit long for a body that would suit my taste, that is why my looks, even in my original form, are diferent to my brothers."

"I understand. I shal aquire a body for you... maybe that will not be that hard... there is an elf village that I would visit soon."

Count down to massacre: 3 days

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