Chapter 12:

Demon lord of the Snowy mountains (Part 9)

From Assassin to Demon lord

Army of undead (First Legion) was something next level. Insind the dungeon they would surely be undefeatalbe. Bot not so much on the field. Why? Because if sun touches them they went up in flames, literally.

Only ones who didn't went up in flames where Wraiths, who have only spiritual body. And unlike Spirits (like Kaen and Haba) they did not wish for material body.

For spirits material body is something like anchor in the world. Their only other fixed point is their summoner and when that one run out of mana they are forced to return to the spiritual realm. You could say that Kaen and Haba are somewhat special cases. Mainly because they were summoned by demon lord in dungeon filled with thic mana, so even if I run out of mana they would stay as they are.

But material body have its bad qualities as well good qualities. For example: Bad qualities are that you have to eat, sleep, drink and check your stamina all the times. Good qualities are that you can do much more things (and in case of fire spirits, things will not get burnt after a single touch).

In the morning every one gathered in the Throne room. Yuki as a secretary stood next to me and Gobura who for past few days didn't come out of the mines was also here standing next to Kaen and Renzir.

Goddess was still asleep. She's such a freeloader...

Haba was kneeling before me and had her hands on her chest, which was irritating to Yuki.

"We gathered here to fullfil wish of Haba to change classes from Craftsman to Head maid, tell us Haba what do you offer for this act?"

"I humbly offer my skills smelting, blacksmithing and goldsmithing."

"I as your summoner, your master, accept your offer. From now on you shall be Head maid of this dungeon. Learn your new skills to perfection."

"Yes master!"

With that her stats changed drasticly. and I had to use Identify. As I thought, her stats were same as before, but her level was back at one... what a frightening maid.

Name: Haba

Race: True fire spirit

Class: Head maid

Level: 1

HP: 10,150

MP: 10,000

Strenght: 9,000

Deffence: 8,400

Dexterity: 5,050

Magic: 9,900

Luck: 5,010

Skills: Red magic, workaholik, White magic, Master Chef, Cooking mastery, Sewing mastery, Weaving mastery, Cleaning

Did she learn white magic to reinforce cooking tools? And why is everything at mastery level?!

"With that behind us, every one back to your jobs! Renzir would it be posible to send some skeletons to help Gobura in mines?"

"Yes master!"

"Great. Send group of ten there understood?"


I looked at Gobura and she was looking at me with teary eyes.

"Th-thank you very much Mater!"

"It's okay realy. Yes! One more thing! Slimes! I want every duo of skeletons to be acompanied by one slime with storage skill, is that okay?"

"Yesh! Masta!" the humanoid slime said.

Although she looks like ten years old her behaviour is as refined as waitresses in cafe I was regular at. And I had to smile at memories I made there. When I become an A-rank I celebrated there with Lizzie, Guild master and some guys from guild was there too, altough they probably went with us just to hit on Guild master and Lizzie...

"Why are you smiling like that master?"

Yukis voice brought me back to the reality. As I looked at her eyes i could see she was angry.

"Just some memories from the past, don't worry, it's nothing importatnt."

Not like I will meet some of them right?

"Was that memory about some other girls?"


"You're lying Master! I can see it in your eyes!"

"Well it was about my coworkers in the guild so of course there were some girls in the mix."

"I knew it! You are such a cheeter master!"

"Well it's not like I was in close relationship with them or anything."


Yukis face turned compleatly red. It was kinda funny to watch.

"Master, I wanted to tell you that my level is high enought to mine silver coal and iron."

"So will we be able to equip some steel weapons soon?"

"Yes master," Kaen quickly replied.

"Great. I want every soldier to be equiped with some kind of weapon from bronze. Only leaders will be equiped with steel for the time being. Next, about the Knight of death Renzir, his weapons are made of what exactly?"

"That should be Dark mithril master."

"Dark mithril?"

"Ah, yes. Dark mithril is alloy of mithril only undead can equip. I belive that when I become a Master smith I will be able to make it."

"Understood Kaen. I will leave it to you."

"Thank you master."

If I remembered correctly white mithril is something that is usualy used for holy swords that Paladins use. Unlike heroes Holy swords, which are made from orichalcum, they are slightly weaker. Still White mithril Holy sword is also a recongnition by the country.

Paladins usualy work alone, but sometimes they gather when a new demon lord shows up. I wonder how long it would take some of them to find their way up here...

With that in mind I started to prepare for lunch.

"Haba, do we have *That meat*?"

"*That meat*? Oh, yes we have still a lot of it. Slimes ate just about three portions so we have a lot of leftovers."

"Great, I want you to prepare a steak from it for *that person*"

"Understood Master it will be done!"

Haba shined like a star. Why must be all girls here so cute?! This is hard for me!

Gobura and Yuki joined me for lunch and goddess slowly apeared as well. Still sleepy?

"Good mornin..."

"Good morning goddess. We are about to have lunch prepared by Head maid Haba."

"Oh? You changed her class? Well you have the right to do that... still that is something only selected few can pull of... But anyway what is on the menu?"

"We prepared some delicious meat for you goddess."

"Oh great! Please serve it right now! I'm famished!"

"Okay, let's eat!"

"T-this taste... is it a Frost giant?!"

"You are correct goddess. You left last time so quicly you miss it, so I thought that I would be kind enought to let you taste it now."

"B-but how did you?!"

"Preserve it? With ice from Yukis blue magic."

"You demon!"

"Demon lord to be correct, my goddess of demons."


"Master did you not like my steak?" Yuki looked at me with sad eyes.

"Of course I liked it, your cooking is million times better than best restaurant I ever been to."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, really."

"So sweet I'm gona puke."

"Keep it to your home goddess."

"So mean!"

After finishing our lunch I decided to prepare my magic bag. I wanted to take out as much as posible but there was just to much things. About sixty spears, ninety quivers with twenty arrows in each of them, two bows I used only once because I quickly got my magic bow which didn't need arrows, some magic swords and grain.

The grain in my bag was gifts from people I helped while on the missions. It was mainly wheat, fruits such as apples, pears and plums. There was also fifty gold coins i was keeping for retirement. Altough most some adventurers make is five silver coins in a month, so there was no chance for them to collect one hundread of them easily.

"Those were happy times... If I ever met those three guys I will not let them go easily that I swear."

Tony Raven