Chapter 13:

Demon lord of the Snowy mountains (Part 10)

From Assassin to Demon lord

The day before my scheduled attack on the elf village I decided to look around. The wall I set up with green magic was still intact. Which suprised me because Yuki said that about six villagers are miners. And where is a miner, there is also a mine near by.

That was another thing I was looking for. Yet I was unable to find it. It took me nearly a half of the day to find a cave on the opposite side of the village. I walked inside of the cave.

But it was completly silent. If they were in the village they would surely broke the wall or dug under it.

That meant that they are either in mine or selling the ores in other village nearby.

But nearest village acording to Yuki is Gagarita village under the mountains. It takes approximately four days to get there and about three to get back. If we add one day for stay we got a full week of eight days.

I walked through the mine and found nothing interesting. But when I got to the deeper part I found a body of single elf. He was dead. I search his body and found two bloody dots.

A vampire... demonic being... If i remember corectly, in the past when humans were demonized they turned into demons, like me, or vampires. But that is how it was few hundread years ago. Now vampires are called separate species, yet they are hunted so there is just a few hundreads of them. Is it possible that one is here? And did it kill the miners? When vampires kill a living being they usualy turn into undead slaves. Yet this body doesn't show any sign of turning into an undead.

I met a vampire once. It was a lady few hundread years old, but still beautiful as a thirty years old human... She prefered blood of wolves so she wasn't dangerous to humans. We enjoyed a cup of tea that time... Well I was stupid that time, I promised I would return and look where I am now... If I returned when I become A-rank I wonder how much would changed.

I took that miner in the magic bag and returned into the dungeon. When I walked through the first floor I realised that there are less skeletons than usual. Then Kaen apeared next to me.

"My lord! Emergency! A visitor apeared."

"An Elf?"

"No. A vampire. She is in the boss room now."

"I'm heading right over! Prepare for battle. And don't tell Yuki anything, she would just panic."

"Yes, sir!"

I run right to the boss room which I had to force open. And what I saw suprised me. Five undead vampire servants were turned into minced meat and vampire was under foot of the Knight of death.

"Let me go you monster! I must find Zaru! I will not let you do what you want to him!"

"Who is this Zaru you're speaking about."

"A human, cute little human who understood me! Give him back!"

"I really don't know what you're talking about... Ah! Master!"

"I-is that you Hestia?"

"Zaru! You are alive! Wait... you are demon?!"

"Knight of death release her immediately. Renzir, you go tell Kaen that emergency is over. Hestia we have a lot to go through."

"Zaruuuu!" The moment she was released she got all clingy, just like Yuki. But no feelings come from me. Because she for me was like older sister and mentor. She was same as I was, an assassin.

"What are you doing here Hestia-sensei."

"There is no need for sensei with us. You surpased me long time ago as an assassin."

"Okay, but still, what are you doing here?"

"Yesterday I recieve a message from your guild that you were lost and posibly betrayed, by your comrades in Black leaf on mission in these mountains. So I rushed here and then I found out that there is a demon lord. So I came and this thing stopped me. Realy Great Spectre to be a first foor guardian... you are something else Zaru."

"Great Spectre? Aren't those evolved versions of Specteres?"

"Sometimes yes. But they can evolve from Elder liches as well did you know?"

"No, not at all."

"Great Specteres are usualy ghosts, but when they evolve from elder lich they gain material body of the hightest order of undead. They are called walking calamity. Normaly only heroes are capable of defeating one... with some sacrifices."

"Hmm... interesting."

"What is? And what is her class?"

"When I looked at her race I could not see anything, but I wonder if I will see it now. Her class is necromancer."

As we were walking through hallway leading to the Throne room I heared a yell.

"Another woman?! Are you serious?! And vampire at that?!"

It was Yuki. She sprinted through the hallway and leant on my right hand, same way Hestia was on the other side.

"Yuki, don't make rushed decisions. This is Hestia, my assassination mentor. There is nothing between us."


Why did you say that?! And who decided that?!

"UUU! I will not let this slide! Master is mine!"

Come again?!

"Hoho... so you want to be first snow elf girl? Sorry but I'm taking a head start."

"No, you don't sensei!"

"UU, you are meanie Zaru-dear."

"Stop calling me that! I'm not a kid anymore!"

"You will be always my dearest pupil, my demon lord."

What is even happening here?

"Oh, Zaru-dear, do you have a room to spare?"

"No, we don't."

Thanks Yuki!

"She is right, sadly we do not have a spare room at the moment."

"Then I can sleep in yours right Zaru?"

"WHAT?!" me and Yuki shouted.

"Not fair master I want it too."

Yuki... that's cheating! Too cute!

"I-I understand, let's do a sleep over."

Of course I invited Kaen, Haba, Gobura and Renzir too so Yuki and Hestia had no chance at doing something inproper.

Tony Raven