Chapter 14:

Demon lord of the Snowy mountains (Part 11)

From Assassin to Demon lord

It was the day. Day I was going to massacre the elves, strangely I was calm. As I was eating my breakfest in dining hall. And I was not alone. Hestia, my former mentor was at one side and Yuki was on the other side. Both trying to feed me. I was getting furious.

"Okay, stop this already."

"Would you like me, to feed you master?"

What are you thinking Haba? Don't add water to hot oil!

"Well I have job to do today. Which reminds me, sensei where did you learn about me? And why did you turn those five elves into your slaves?"

"I learnt about existence of demon lord in that village with high walls. The village chief said that the demon lord asked to give him all children. And for those five... I was getting hungry you know? So I ate one and the rest attacked me, so I didn't have a choice."

"Yeah I did say that, didn't I? About those kids..."

"You did?"

"Yeah, they sacrificed Yuki to the Frost giants so I asked them to do the same with all their kids an if they do I will kill them."

"You didn't changed at all did you? When kids are in danger you are first to help them."

"Oh, hush!"

"Fufufu... I see, you are as red as it gets Zaru-dear."

"Shut it!"

"Well I think that I will stuck for some time to make sure that you don't do something wierd to those kids. After all I know about..."


Yuki doesn't need to know about my elf fetish.

"What is this about?"

Noooo! Yuki don't!

"You see my dear, Zaru-dear have a 'weakness' for cute elves."

"Is that true master?"

Why are you looking like a puppy? Nooo, my second weakness!

"I'm going now."

"Oh, look look! He's embarrassed!"

"Sh-shut it!"

With that I left for exit of the dungeon. Renzir tried to talk with me but I ignored her, strangely she looked happy about it.

As I was leaving the cave I expanded the dungeon land and from road to the village that was originaly half a meter wide was now two and a half meter wide. And I still had enough DP to turn entire village into the dungeon. I used my Fly skill and traveled there in an instant.

And I saw exactly what I thought I would see. Fifteen kids and about half of them had a slave colar put on. An elderly mas was standing next to them.

I descend on the ground the elderly man took a step foward.

"I welcome you mighty Demon lord Zaru..."

"Fire ball." I send a spell at a place I sensed a presence with hostile thoughts. A single burnt elf fell before us in an instatnt and I gained nice 200 demon points.

"If you show me so open act of hostility once more I will not hold back understood? I came for the kids, nothing more. And if you want you can send me more vampires like that woman. She was tasty," I said with a evilish smile.

"Y-yes mister demon lord! I am realy sorry about that one foolish man!"

I came next to him. Grabbed his shoulder and said.

"Than tell to those guys who are hiding in the back to face me like a real men. You see I know that you would rather dispose of people than put your skin in danger so you can offer your head next time I came. And that will be soon."

I turned to the kids. They were pale. But not like Yuki who was Snow elf, they were pale with fear.

"From now on you will be servants of the Great dungeon of Demon lord Zaru. Rejoice and Sleep."

Every kid fall asleep in an instatnt. Than I cast teleportation and everyone was immediately transported to the Throne room where I sit on the throne.

Yuki looked at the kids with Hestia behind her.

"Those are slave colars?!"

"Yes Hestia, as you can see some of those kids fight to took them of, but you know how this magic item works yes?"

"Of course I know. I too wear it once. Those scars will never learn."

"Seems like its time to breake them. Demonic magic: Forced magic destruction!"

That was one of my unique spells It destroyed Magic items. It also undo all effects of spells, so the kids woke up. There was six boys and nine girls.

"Now all of you will serve me and this dungeon. That said... Haba will take some girls to become maids and I'm sure Gobura will train the boys to become amazing miners... now you with those moss green hairs, step forward."

"Y-yes master."

"No need to worry Filona, Master's nice guy."

Yuki you are ruining my demon lord image!

"Y-Yuruki? You are alive? Village elder said you were killed in forest by frost giants."

"Well almost. You are missing the point that the village elder sacrificed me to them."

"He what?"

"Sacrificed me. And Master Zaru saved me, give me a lot of food and good job."

"What food?"

"We had a lot of rabbit meat our Head maid prepare for us."

"And If we work here?"

"You will get it too, I swear on my demon lord title."

"I understand... I see you took of slave colars so you want us to decide for ourselves am I correct?"

"Yes, very correct miss Filona."

"I see. Okay. I will work for you."

"Me too!"

"Me too!"

"Me too!" kids screams one after another.

Did I get them with promise of meat? How did you treat your kids elves?

"Miss Filona, there is one more matter we need to discuss."

"You turned our village into your domain am I correct?"

"So you did notice. I wonder why."

"It is my blessing, given to me by god of wind."

"Oh I see. direct effect of the blessing. Thats why I couldn't find anything with identify. It's same like my Dark vision i got from blessing of goddess of night."

"You have two blessings my lord?"

"Well yes. I used to be a human in the past."

"I know, Assassin with noble heart, Zaru the A-rank legend."

"You hear that story?"

"Of course. At age of fifteen you took down a wyvern only with thread control. And at age of twenty you took down a demon that was endangering the kingdom of Mutasa. But why did you choose Astenna kingdom? It's on the oposite side of the continent."

"That is exactly why. I don't wonna get back there."

"Did something happened master?"

"More or less Yuki."

After that I show the kids where they will sleep. For now it was rebuild storage room, but I wanted to create separated rooms for everyone. Also I put Filona in charge of the kids. She started calling herself Leader of Elves after that. It was funny title yes, but it fit nicely so I let it slide. That afternoon, right after lunch, she came to the Throne room.

"So are you going to kill our parents?"

Suprising question sure, but not unpredictible one.

"What if I say I do?"

"I won't stop you."

Come again?

"I mean, they put slave colars on their own kids. I would do it if I were you."

What's wrong with elves from this village?!

"I will make it quick, so they don't suffer more than needed."

"You can enjoy your fill you know?"

"And I'm demon lord here?"

Whops, that went out loud.

"Yes you are. And we are your servants. Do not worry I will not tell the kids."

"Okay. Thanks."

After that I went back to the village. Then I went from home to home, silently and cleanly killing its residents. While doing so I discovered that someone kept their kids with them so I teleported those kids to the dungeon. All of them also had a slave colar on them.

Last home I visited was that of the village chief. And that was one I wanted to enjoy. I walked inside and light the candles.

"Oh village chief~ we have an emergency~" I whistled.

"Wh-what? AH! Demon lord! Help me! He's here!"

"Sorry village chief~ no one can hear you now~"

"H-how? That's not possible!"

"But it is~ Because I killed everyone and took the rest of the kids I found there~"

"W-what do you need from me?"

"Your head on silver stake. It will be nice gift don't you think?"

"My head as a gift?"

"Yes, yes! For *that* girl you know?"

"You saved that cursed child?"

I slaped him. Well some teeths fly of so it was more of a hit.

"She is cursed? Then what are you chief? Feeding kids to the frost giants and sacrificing entire young generation to demon lord? You elves live for at least thousand years and your reproduction is lower than any other race, tell me why?"

"Because they did not inherit the skill or get the blessing."

"Come again?"

"All those kids are failed experiments, in this village there isn't any place for failiures."

"Let me quess, all men in this village were your sons?"

"That is correct."

"Sorry for your loss, or not. I do not need you to explain. Sometimes idiots like you pop up all around the world. You must have inherit some of the heroes skills and you also didn't get the blessing that would let you use it. So you hoped that your kids would get it am I correct? Well I know that I am."

"Then what do you want from me?"

"To kill you of course!"

I already took the kids away so at least someone was relevantly safe.

"Then do it already!"

"But that would be no fun!"

"You demon!"

"Demon lord to be exact. So you know I already turned this area into my dungeon so I know about your two friends who are locked in the basement."

As I said that I used spell called Dark prison, which made him unable to move. I took of the carpet and opend wooden door. I went down and find two pregnant woman with slave colars no their necks.

"Oy, you two! Wake up."

They had wierd look in their eyes. It was look of death. They wished they were dead.

"If you will not woke up now you wont be able to take revenge."

"Wha-what?" the look in their eyes changed a little.

"Everyone in this village are already dead. Only one left is the chief. If you become my subordinates I will let you kill him and forget everything that happened to you two here."

"Can you realy do that? All those things that he did to us?"

"Yes, I can. I am a demon lord after all."

And after that I throw a daggers to them. They took them and followed me upstairs. Village chief was getting more and more scared. The look in their eyes was now comletly different.

"We can't go home like this. But if those kids become subordinates of demon lord, then your planning will end destroyed. heheheh."

After half an hour village chief was stabbed to death. Those two girls realy enjoyed his suffering. And as I promised I wiped out their memories and replace them with new ones.

Tony Raven