Chapter 15:

Arc one: Demon lord of the Snowy Mountains Final part

From Assassin to Demon lord

"So you massacre the elves, kidnap five other kids and brainwash two pregnant womans? And you are not feeling even slightly remorseful?"

"Yeah? I mean those two chose it so it's not like I force them I just broke their chains and give them daggers."

"Thats not the point! Tell us what did you changed in their minds!"

"Well I make them think that they were kidnaped by their lovers who worked for different demon lord, but they died in battle so they were forced to run and couldn't return to their home."

"And then you give them a helping hand right?"

"Well they will be useful no? I think they can start helping Haba right away no?"

"That's not the point!"

"Sorry Yuki. Well you will have more time to help me at least..."

"Well... thats okay I guess..."

I got her!

"If that is okay than I will go..."

"Wait a moment. One more thing master."

"Wh-what is it Yuki?"

"What did you do with the bodies?"

"I kept three female bodies to turn into homuculi vessel for Haba and three male bodies with higher leveles for Kaen. I stufed the rest to the core."

"Okay. I understand."

"I used rest of my DPs to turn outside area into the dungeon so we have covered about one hundreadth of this mountain, well not like we are near. Well its still nothing compared to other demon lords."

"Yes it is. But as long as we can live like this we will be fine."

"Yes Yuki. You're right. Oh, could you call Haba for me? I want her to meet me at alchemy lab."

"Understood master."

I headed right to the alchemy lab which was one of the first rooms created in dungeon. Unlike rest of the dungeon, which was dark gray in color, this room was cleanly white. I had a marble table in middle of the room with a magic sealing circle engrave into it.

The table was something hightly valuable for alchemist. Only thing with more value would be an emerald board. The desk was from single-colored type of marble.The most important thing was that it must not have any impurities. The engravement itself was made from metals such as silver and gold.

I put three womans bodies on the table and prepared some other magic crystals. I recite a magic formula and three bodies become one. Sadly, during this proces their clothes got teared into pieces. And into this situation Haba and Yuki arived.

"Wha-wha-what is this?! I left just for few minutes and you have new girl naked on the table?! I can't belive you Master!"

"Calm down Yuki! This is homunculi I created for Haba to inhabit."

"What is that thing on the neck?"

"I had to grow it back you know? I cut everyones head clean off."

"Once assassin, always assassin right?"

"You can say that again. I put ten magic crystals into its body so you should have enough space for growth. And we can always add more later no?"

"Thank you master. I will enter the body right away."

Haba stood next to the head of the homunculi and touch its forheads crystal, which was only one to be seen from outside. In a flash moment Haba disapeared and entered the body. When she opened her eyes, they were blue and she had faint azurish green lines coming from their sides. Her skin turned slightly greyish and fingers turned blue, just like in her original form. Maybe because I made the homunculi from elvish bodies but she had pointy ears with blueish tops.

"How are you feeling? Everything OK?"

"Little heavy, but I didn't had a weight as a spirit to begin with so I thing this will be alright. Just... my breast got smaller..."

And what? You had D-cups! This body have fine C-cups, so I think its okay!

"That's what you are thinking about? Realy? I think this body is okay, so can you put something on? You are in same room with a man!"

"Yes, about that. There is one thing I have to do now... That I wanted to do for long time." Haba jumped of the table and put her hands around my neck. In the next moment she kissed me... very, very deeply.

"Fufufu... Kiss of eternal vow... I got it first."

"Wha-wha-wha-WHAT is happening?!"

A strange mark apeared on my left hand, near elbow. It was triangle like thing with circle around it. For Haba it apeared under her bellybutton.

"What is this?"

"Nothing to worry about. It's mark of eternal bond between us. So even if this body gets destroyed I will be by your side."

"No fair! No fair! No fair! I want one too!"

Y-Yuki... I can't run from this dammit!

I grabed Yuki around her weist and pull her close. She was bright red and so was I.

I got closer and kissed her. I think I felt teeths there... well she is inexpirienced, so it's not suprising. I worked with my tongue and she let me do what I wanted. Unexpectidly subbmissive.

When I left her mouth she was still bright red.

"Are you okay Yuki?"

"Yes master, thank you... very much."

She hugged me. And with that our revenge against elves was over.

And at the end of the arc let's look at some stats.

Name: Zaru
Race: Demon Lord
Class: Demon lord of assassination
Level: 87

HP: 74,500
MP: 78,880
Strenght: 25,250
Deffence: 15,430
Dexterity: 50,490
Magic: 24,680
Luck: 800

Skills: Identify, thread control, assassinaton technique, hide presence, sence presence, bow, daggers, alchemy, long sight, summoning, price evaluation, cancel temperature, red magic, green magic, black magic, demonic magic, fly

Name: Yuruki (Yuki)
Race: Snow elf
Class: Chef magician
Level: 21

HP: 90
MP: 480
Strenght: 80
Deffence: 85
Dexterity: 125
Magic: 1,100
Luck: 400

Skills: Master chef, magic mastery, disintegration, sewing, cleaning, blue magic, red magic, complete comperhension, calculation, unyielding

Name: Gobura
Race: Hobgoblin
Class: Miner
Level: 28

HP: 1,280
MP: 300
Strenght: 2,000
Deffence: 1,230
Dexterity: 680
Magic: 120
Luck: 1,120

Skills: Optimized mining, body strenghtening, item box (unlimited), lucky miner, fortune miner, greater luck.

Name: Kaen
Race: True fire spirit
Class: Craftsman
Level: 50

HP: 15,000
MP: 15,000
Strenght: 10,000
Deffence: 10,000
Dexterity: 5,000
Magic: 10,800
Luck: 10,500

Skills: Smelting, blacksmithing, goldsmithing, cooking, red magic, workaholik, green magic, hammer

Name: Haba
Race: True fire spirit (Homunculi)
Class: Head maid
Level: 1

HP: 9,000
MP: 10,000
Strenght: 8,000
Deffence: 7,000
Dexterity: 4,500
Magic: 9,900
Luck: 5,080

Skills: Cooking, red magic, workaholik, white magic, sewing, weaving, cleaning, teaching

Name: Hestia
Race: Vampire
Class: Assassin
Level: 259

HP: 85,000
MP: 100,000
Strenght: 90,450
Deffence: 80,060
Dexterity: 150,700
Magic: 101,000
Luck: 90,050

Skills: Assasination technique mastery, thread control mastery, daggers mastery, bow mastery, hiding mastery, presence sensing mastery, black magic mastery, blue magic mastery, long sight, blood control mastery, Vampirism

Name: Filona
Race: Forest elf
Class: Wind magic user
Level: 12

HP: 400
MP: 2,000
Strenght: 500
Deffence: 600
Dexterity: 700
Magic: 2,000
Luck: 400

Skills: Green magic mastery, magic control mastery, cooking, spear

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