Chapter 16:

Second Arc: New visitors (Part one)

From Assassin to Demon lord

Ever since the day I made a homunculi for Haba, rest of the denizens of my dungeon also wanted some gifts. For Kaen I was preparing a body but he said he doesn't need one right now, because it will only slow him down (makes sense).

Yuki was happy with the kiss and proclaimed that when our numbers increase, she will be my personal chef. Yet now she needed every hand she could get just to prepare food for young troops, under her only friend from village Filona (proclaimed by Filona herself, not by Yuki).

Renzir, the Great Spectre, guardian of the first floor only wish was for me to spank her. Which I didn't listen to. And even me ignoring her, made her happy.

Gobura asked for either new pickaxe or kiss so I gave Kaen some materials and let him made that pickaxe.

Hestia my former teacher decided to stay and teach some elvish boys how to use a bow. So I gave her temorary position of 'Instructor.' Some boys started calling her 'Sadistic Instructor' and after hearing that she was also my teacher in the past they change it to 'Devilish sadistic Instructor.' I can't say that they aren't right.

Our first days were peaceful. And they would stay that way if we didn't had a visitor.

It was a monster with spider-like features on human body.

"Hear me demon lord Zaru I name you pretender! Only demon lord in Astenna kingdom is Lady Arana!"

"Who is that? And why is he yelling at front door?"

"I don't know Yuki..."

"Shall I dispose of him my lord?"

"Yes, but don't kill him Renzir."

"Of course! I will make him understand a fraction of our power. Please watch the screen board and have fun!"

Realy? Fun?

We watched the monster to walk through the first floor.

"To think that there would be catacombs under so unsightly cave entry... and even this feeling of constantly being watched..."

Well, you are not wrong... but what do you mean 'unsightly cave entry'? There were skulls you know?

The monster was getting closer and closer to the boss room. When it stand before the doors they started to open very slowly. And behind those doors, was standing only Knight of death.

"Isn't that still an overkill?"

"Good question, but no. We want that man alive yes? Then my cute little soldier is enough."

Where is this 'special B-rank monster' cute exactly?!

"Hm... that is correct, we want him alive and if we hurt his pride then it will be easy to get him to speak."

The spider-like man took out his sword. "I'm sorry to do this to another warrior, but I need to defeat you floor boss to get to the demon lord."

"He have more hands, realy like a spider."

Total number of libs was eight, six hands two feets. In flash the two warriors started their bout.

"Master look here! Another visitor is outside!"

"What?! Queen of nightmares Arana the Arachne?"

"You know her?"

"Sadly, yes. We run into each other in Mutasa kingdom... it was gruesome."


"Yes. one of her generals back then tried to destroy the kingdom and I assassinate him. She came there just to see that and... it was troublesome for me."

"She tried to seduce him."


"Oy! You two! I did not fell for her charms."

Can't say it's because she is not an elf now, can I?

"Did you realy?"

"Yes. Her charm magic got strangely deflected that time."

"You was there to miss Hestia?"

"Sure I was Renzir-dear. After all, we had nice little date together right Zaru-dear?"

"Well I did invite you for lunch because I know that if I didn't you would force me into another training session."

"You meanie!"

"Don't fake your cry. Everyone here knows that you are just fooling around."

"Zaru-dear what would you say to some quick training session?"

"We have raid on our hands right now you know?"

"Okay. I will help! I'm going to punch some sences into that spider outside and bring it to you."

"Okay teach, have fun!"

"Won't you stop her?"

"Are you serious? Even with my stats I'm not prapared for her training. I am honestly suprised I survived it once."

"Is it that bad?"

"It IS that bad. Anyway what... ah, they are finished. Renzir go for that torso and bring it to me."

"As you wish master."

"I wonder what those two want."

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