Chapter 2:

Who Are You?

Spirit Chess

"Here. Please take this." She asked me while the bag was in front of my face. I was surprised. I thought that she was going to throw the food at me. I asked.Bookmark here

"Why?" I was confused why would she do this to someone like me. Bookmark here

"As thanks for everything." She asked.Bookmark here

"Eh?" I was confused. I continued.Bookmark here

"I never did anything." I implied. I never did anything good to them nor have I helped them at the cafe. But she said.Bookmark here

"You always came here every time after your games. You always ordered our cakes even though they were horrible. You always said our food was delicious." Bookmark here

I was shocked. It's true that I did come here after my games. I did order their foods even though no one ordered them. Their customers only ordered drinks. They said their cakes tasted morbid. But I never thought of it that way. I honestly thought it was delicious. So why?Bookmark here

"As the owner of this cafe, I have to pay you back for everything." She declared. I opened my mouth and spoke.Bookmark here

"Why?" I exclaimed.Bookmark here

"I'm just an arrogant boy. I don't deserve your thanks." I said. It was the truth. I always mocked others. Looking down on my opponents was a pleasurable feeling. When I lost, I then realized that what I was doing was incorrect. I never wanted to make fun of others. I just...wanted to be... noticed.Bookmark here

"I know that losing is painful. But you shouldn't dwell too much on the past. We learn from our mistakes but remaining in yesterdays can sometimes hurt our feelings." She said, trying to lighten up my mind. It worked. My mind was cleared of the hard feelings of my loss that day.Bookmark here

"So please...take it," She asked again, wanting me to take the food. Bookmark here

"Thank you so much, " I said while finally taking the bag from her hands. I never received thanks from others. But when I did, I started crying. When I got the bag, I finished my statement.Bookmark here

"Fumiko Rika-san." I finished, saying her name. Fumiko Rika, owner of Le Gâteau Café. My favorite café. My real...home.Bookmark here

"So you do remember." She said, relieved that I remember.Bookmark here

I turned my back and headed for the exit. I opened the door and turned my head back at Fumiko-san and said.Bookmark here

"I'll be going now..." I said to her. She responded.Bookmark here

"Take care..." We were like son and mother. Like a family. I smiled and left the café with the food my "mother" packed for me. Bookmark here

When I left the café, it was already dark. Looks like I spent a long time in there. The distance between the café and my apartment was just a 5-minute walk. I was just having a leisure walk around the town towards the apartment. Moments later, I finally reached it. When I got to the front of the apartment, I saw someone sitting curled up at a post.Bookmark here

A long white-haired girl was just sitting there with no one near her. It looks like she was sleeping. As I came closer to her, I noticed that her body was glowing and she had a crown hovering over her head. I didn't know why. I thought I shouldn't get involved with her, but as a man, I couldn't just ignore a girl all by herself. I got down on one knee and asked the girl.Bookmark here

"Um, excuse me?" As I asked, the girl suddenly woke up from her sleep and opened her deep blue eyes. She looked at me with curiosity. I asked her.Bookmark here

"Umm...who are you?"Bookmark here

To be continued...Bookmark here

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