Chapter 3:

A Spirit?

Spirit Chess

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The wind is cold tonight. The cold breeze slightly blew on my long, white hair. I wasn't shaking, but my floating body was being struck by the chilly air. I stayed in my curled-up position, trying to reduce the coldness my body was suffering. Despite that, the situation wasn't getting any better. Bookmark here

"Mhmm, why did they have to send me here?" I pouted while thinking. I continued. Bookmark here

"They wanted me to wait here, but I wonder why?"Bookmark here

They wanted me to wait for certain someone and apparently "show them the way" whatever that means. I had no idea what that meant but I guess only time will tell when I know what that phrase holds. For now, I needed to focus on my current situation.Bookmark here

" long am I going to stay here?" I started wondering when would this someone show up. I was suffering from the freezing gust of wind. I just wanted to get out of there. Suddenly I heard someone walking in my direction. I can feel their footsteps getting closer to me. Although I know that they are nearing my body, I remained in my position. I knew that no one can see me. While my eyes were closed, I started pondering.Bookmark here

"Hmm...maybe this is them." Finally, after hours of waiting, they were finally here. Even though my mind was working, my physical body was still sleeping, invisible, and was suspended in the air while remaining in its posture. After a few seconds, I noticed that the footsteps had gone. They had vanished. Suddenly, I felt someone touching my shoulder. I sensed their large hands on my slender upper arm. Bookmark here

"Eh? They can see me?!" I yelled in my head. Bookmark here

"No one should be able to see or even feel me. They said that the only one who should see me is the one, so maybe this is them?" I heard someone call out to me in the voice of a young man.Bookmark here

"Umm... who are you?" I opened my eyes and looked up to see where the voice came from. I saw a boy who looked to be in his teens. He wore a black suit with a blue striped tie and pants. He seemed to have come from his school. He also wore a long white coat with some fur on his collar and cuffs on top of his suit. An outfit perfect for the cold season. His deep blue eyes, the same color as my own, looked at my face while his dark black hair was swaying in the cooling wind. I decided to answer his question in a soft tone.Bookmark here

"My name is... Megumi."Bookmark here

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"Megumi? Umm... What are you doing there?" I asked the levitating girl, wondering what she was doing.Bookmark here

"And... How are you floating from the ground?" I was dumbfounded by her being able to levitate. No human should be able to float, at least, not on its own. She answered.Bookmark here

"Umm... Because I'm a spirit?" The girl answered me in a confused tone.Bookmark here

"A spirit? Like a ghost?" I wondered aloud while thinking inside my head.Bookmark here

"A spirit? I thought they didn't exist? " My mind was filled with questions about her. But, I quickly read the situation and snapped out of my thinking state. A girl is out sitting on the post on a cold night. As a man, I needed to do something. I couldn't just leave her there.Bookmark here

"Umm.. do you mind if we continue this inside?" I asked the girl. I wanted to take this conversation inside my apartment. I didn't want to spend another minute outside where it was freezing cold. When I touched her, I felt her cold body on my fingers. I thought that this was best for both of us.Bookmark here

"Umm... are you sure?" The girl asked me. She was probably skeptical about my sudden invitation. Bookmark here

"Yes, of course," I said, reassuring her. I wasn't going to do anything to her. I may be suffering right now, but I don't have to take it out on someone. Even if I was being agonized, I still had pride as a man.Bookmark here

"Okay..." She answered in a soft voice before getting ready to stand. Bookmark here

"Here," I said while reaching out my hand, trying to help her get up. She was probably already suffering from the cold. I didn't want her to push herself.Bookmark here

"Thanks." She said as she took my hand. I firmly held her hands and slowly help her stand. When she stood, I noticed that she was still floating. I decided to pay it no heed and just speak.Bookmark here

"My apartment is just up there." I pointed to the room at the top right. The room at the very edge was my room. I began walking towards the stairs. I looked behind me and saw Megumi following close to my rear. Not that rear, I meant behind me. She didn't say anything the whole time. Even as we made our way upstairs, she was silent and just looked down. Of course, I also kept quiet. I stopped walking as soon as we arrived at the door of my room. I reached for my right pocket and got the key for the place. I inserted the key into the keyhole and twisted it to unlock the door. When the door opened, I retracted the key and held it in my hand. I carefully pushed the door. I entered the room and looked behind me.Bookmark here

"Come on in. Don't be shy." I smiled as I gestured for her to get inside while holding the door. Bookmark here

"Eh?!" She quickly rose her head. She seemed to be in a trance as she was shocked by my sudden speech. She swiftly shook her head, trying to stay focused. Bookmark here

"Looks like she's tired," I thought. The night was cold so I could understand what she's going through. I was tired myself, so I wanted to get inside and warm up. But I knew she was experiencing much worse, as she was shivering when I first saw her outside.Bookmark here

"Okay...Then, please excuse me." She said before stepping foot on the tiled flooring. I quickly closed the door behind her so as to not let the cold wind enter the room. I took off my shoes and left them at the entrance.Bookmark here

"It's a bit small, but please make yourself at home.' The room was small, but the size didn't really bother me when I first rented it. I just wanted a room of my own, instead of sharing a single space with another classmate. That's why I didn't want to sleep in the school dormitory.Bookmark here

"The bathroom's over there." I pointed to the room just beside the kitchen. I wanted her to warm up first because she was out there longer than me. Although...Bookmark here

"Do spirits take baths?" I questioned myself. They have to right? But were different creatures, so do they need to take one? But she's been shivering for a while now... so she needs to, right?" My mind was again filled with questions about spirits. My brain started panicking.Bookmark here

"Umm... are you ok?" Megumi looked at me confusingly. No wonder, as I was dying mentally.Bookmark here

"Yes, I am. You can take a bath first. We can talk afterward." I assured her. I had lots of questions about her, but I had to think about her position first.Bookmark here

"Umm... ok then." She said so and went to the bathroom. She opened the door, went inside, and closed it, not a word. I went to the living room and put down the bag of coffee and cakes from the café. I took off my coat and put it on the couch's armrest. I took off my school uniform, yanked my tie off, unbuttoned my shirt, and threw them in the slightly full hamper. I was planning to do laundry tomorrow as it was Friday the following day, but I guess it's going to have to wait for now. The only thing I didn't throw in the basket was my white coat and pants. I sat at the soft cushiony couch to try and relax just for a bit and the seat sprang me right back. I leaned into the backrest of the couch, looked up, and thought.Bookmark here

"Hmm... maybe I'll give her some clothes." She was obviously going to need some clothes when she exits the bathroom. I quickly stood up and went to my wardrobe. I opened a cabinet and found a small white shirt with blue stripes. Maybe it was from my middle school days. I grabbed the blue-striped shirt. I also saw some red jogger pants. They were for my P.E. class. I also grabbed that and then went to the bathroom door. I knocked on the door twice.Bookmark here

"Yes? What is it?" I heard her answer to my knocks. Her voice was slightly muffled due to the door blocking our way.Bookmark here

"Umm, It's me... Here are some clothes for you," I said from the other side of the door. Bookmark here

"Umm, thank you so much. Please leave them there." She answered. I held the doorknob. I blushed and hoped that she wasn't on the other side when I open the door. I may be a growing boy, but I need to control my desires. I shook my head and twisted the doorknob and pushed the door. I saw that her silhouette was on the opposite side of the bathroom glass.Bookmark here

"Thank god..." I thought. Something bad could've happened if she was on the other side. Bookmark here

"I'll put the clothes here..." I said while placing the clothes in the small basket near the bathroom glass door.Bookmark here

"Yes, thanks." I heard her thank me before I left the bathroom. My mind was again filled with a thirst for seeing her clothless body on the bath. I shook my head and slapped my cheeks to let it out of my mind. But to no avail.Bookmark here

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A few moments later, I heard the door open and saw the white smoke exit from the room. It was probably from the hot water. I then saw a long, slim, hovering leg leave the room. The second leg came out, also hovering off the ground. Her whole body was now out of the bathroom. I was shocked by what I saw. Her slightly dripping long white hair with a towel on top of it. The towel was slightly covering her deep blue eyes. She was wearing the blue-striped shirt with the red joggers I left at the basket. My mouth was opened by the gorgeous creature in front of me.Bookmark here

"Umm... is something wrong?" She asked me. Bookmark here

"N-No, it's nothing," I uttered while thinking. Bookmark here

"Yes, there is, inside my mind." My mind was again filled with my desires. Ugh, when will it end? I shook my head again and focused on the subject.Bookmark here

"Please, take a seat." I gestured to the seat in front of me.Bookmark here

"Ah, thank you." She said before taking a seat on the couch.Bookmark here

"Anyway, should we continue our conversation?" I asked her if she was ready to resume our discussion. Bookmark here

"Yes." She answered with a stern face.Bookmark here

"I see." I acknowledged her statement. I asked her the main topic.Bookmark here

"Then, Megumi-chan, can you tell me..." I slightly paused and looked her seriously in the eye. I continued.Bookmark here

"Who are you really?"Bookmark here

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