Chapter 63:

A new offer

The Y-files [GL]

We were immediately released. “I have relieved my soon-to-be ex-husband from his duties.” Kath proclaimed.Bookmark here

I saw Anna tense up while Kath walked toward us. “Rest assured, I will not make the two of you do anything as part of a deal. Things are going to change around here. But I do want to renegotiate the deal we made earlier.”Bookmark here

I did not really feel like a repeat of the previous discussions, so I asked if I could call Ms. Lourdes to represent me. She was the head of the CYA after all, and at the moment she was the only patent holder not present, so it made sense to me that she would be here too.Bookmark here

Kath let out a sigh, but then agreed, and let me call Ms. Lourdes. Now we had some time to kill in a not-so-pleasant atmosphere. It was Kath who broke the silence again.Bookmark here

Anna, I know we did a lot wrong in the past. I promise we will do things differently from now on, and I promise that I will listen to what you say, but in return, I want your commitment to this family too. We are still family and whether you like it or not, you are the heir of this house. So I will expect you to act like it.”Bookmark here

Anna kept sitting curled up and looked a bit weary at her mom. I should be worried about her but could not help but think that she was really cute in those cat pajamas.Bookmark here

Your father is out of the picture now. You don't have to fear his games anymore. Things are really going to change this time.”Bookmark here

Then she turned toward me.Bookmark here

Claire, I am sorry for the jabs I took earlier at you. I wanted to see how long you could keep that act under Thea's hoop petticoat.” and she started giggling, “That was sure bold, bold but stupid if you thought that was going to work. This isn't a comic you know. Here Anna became a bit more interested and said “Show me what happened.”Bookmark here

Argh, my face turned red from embarrassment. It seemed like mother and daughter could finally unite under the let's embarrass Claire banner. Why was it that every time I dealt with the Lysts it ended up with me getting into the center of attention, with high embarrassment levels? Normally if you visit someone's mother, they bring out baby pictures and the likes, so it should be Anna taking the brunt of it. But no such luck for me. At least Anna was still in those cute pajamas. Although she had gotten rather quickly over the embarrassment of being caught in it. I think I would have changed at the first chance. Just how used to wearing something like that was she?Bookmark here

Kath tapped a bit on her tablet and a screen came down on the wall and a video montage started playing at the point where I saw myself getting under Thea's skirt outside of the estate.Bookmark here

So they knew before we even arrived. Now I felt even more stupid. When Anna and Kath noticed how surprised I was, that we were already caught before the start they almost did not come too. Anna was looking with big eyes at the screen. “I can't believe you went under Thea's skirt...” she mumbled, putting on a little pout.Bookmark here

Now she was getting jealous. After all, I went through for her... So I answered her: “I only did that for you, you know.” She said nothing but nuzzled her cat head against my shoulder.Bookmark here

The scene went on until we saw Ms. Odes spray something in Kath's face.Bookmark here

What was that?” Anna asked.Bookmark here

Suddenly the door burst open and Ms. Odes entered. “I am glad you asked. This is my new yuridium-theory-based invention.” I had completely forgotten she was still here. She showed off a little air dispenser. “I liquefied the active particles in the éclairs, when inhaled it makes the subject create their own yuridium particles, I had expected a similar effect as we had seen so far, but yuridium seems to have a different effect on Kath here.” She then took a device and scanned Kath. Ms. Odes' face started to look a little pale.Bookmark here

What? What is wrong Cath?” Kath asked.Bookmark here

It seems like the reaction has changed your genetic make-up. These changes will be permanent.”Bookmark here

Ms. Odes started noting the numbers from the device in her notebook and started acting like we weren't there. Kath on the other hand became quiet. Anna looked a bit worried at Kath. Then Kath started laughing haughty. “Hohohohohooo! I don't mind, I have never seen things so clear in my mind as I have now. It is good to know that this clarity will remain. Everything will be finally in my grasp.”Bookmark here

I thought Kath sounded a bit like a villain there. I should be wary, but quickly distracting me from those thoughts out of the blue, Cath started to scan me and Anna. “Yes, just like I thought...” Ms. Odes said and she started taking notes again.Bookmark here

What the hell. She was doing it again, wasn't she? I took her pencil and note block away and said. “You can't do that! What do you mean just like you thought? Explain! Now!”Bookmark here

Ms. Odes looked a bit sad that she no longer had a note block or pencil. She sighed when she realized she had to explain everything to get it back.Bookmark here

The two of you also show changes in your genetic make-up. You see.'' She showed me the screen of her scan device. I saw some complicated-looking calculations and some graphs. Like I would ever be able to make heads or tales of that. “Once your body creates yuridium itself, it writes itself into your DNA.”Bookmark here

But what about my éclairs? I thought we received the yuridium like that?” I asked.Bookmark here

It seems your bodies kept producing yuridium themselves. I would think it has to do with the two of you feeding your feelings for each other.”Bookmark here

So we were brainwashed?”Bookmark here

No nothing of the sort. Like I showed you the other day, it only releases what was already there. In the end, I think it just means the two of you are seriously attracted to one another. Both mentally and physically.”Bookmark here

I felt myself starting to blush. What was she saying in front of my mother-in-law?Bookmark here

But then what about the effect on my mother? How come that is permanent?” Anna then asked.Bookmark here

Ms. Odes swallowed and then said “Let us just say everyone loves in their own unique way. She decided on what she needed to do to get what she wants. The yuridium is still very active, so she is pursuing her love for girls in a way the yuridium approves so to speak. Just know that I am just theorizing. I am still studying the phenomenon.”Bookmark here

At that point, one of the servants came to notify us that Ms. Lourdes had arrived. Ms. Odes was happy she was off the hook. I gave her back her pencil and notebook. She started scribbling away immediately.Bookmark here

Kath told her to let Ms. Lourdes in. When she entered the room, she ran toward me and hugged me. “Are you alright Claire? We were all so worried.” Then she looked at Anna and couldn't suppress her laughter because of the cute pajamas. I guess the style break was too much for her. Anna hid her face behind her hands and cuddled up behind me to hide her embarrassment. Ms. Lourdes shook her head noticing Anna's embarrassment and became serious again.Bookmark here

She looked at Kath with some disdain. “Let us talk business.”Bookmark here

Kath started by apologizing profusely to Ms. Lourdes for the incident at the TV station. I would have thought Kath to be too proud to apologize herself for getting slapped in the face, but I guess everything is possible if there is business and a lot of money on the line. Then she started to explain the changes in the Lyst group before finally starting to discuss the deal.Bookmark here

When Ms. Lourdes heard that Ms. Odes had already signed a contract, I could see that Ms. Odes was in for another severe scolding session. After that, their discussion intensified. Ms. Lourdes went into every detail, added several lines to protect the integrity of the bureau, and to make sure everyone was getting a fair deal. It was clear this was going to take a long time, and I noticed that Kath was avoiding answering any questions about why she was so adamant about sponsoring the CYA and sharing our research.Bookmark here

It was getting rather late, and at one point Ms. Lourdes proposed that I sign a letter to give her power of attorney, so she could deal on my behalf. She added a little clause that for any contract she signed, I would have the right to revoke it within 48 hours. That way Anna and I could go. Frankly, I did not really care about all this complicated business stuff. I just wanted to get Anna back. I knew Ms. Lourdes would always do what she thought was best for me. So I agreed.Bookmark here

I took Anna's hand, and then we left them to discuss the business among themselves. As soon as Anna and I left the estate, Thea ran toward us and hugged Anna. “I am so glad you are okay.”Bookmark here

She then looked at Anna and said “I see you still wear those pajamas I made you, and she nuzzled to feel its softness.”Bookmark here

I really hated the fact that Thea knew so much about Anna, and I hated how close she was acting to Anna right now. I felt some strong stings inside my chest while Thea was hugging her. Thea was the same age as Anna, and they shared so many memories and apparently, she even made cute cat pajamas for Anna.Bookmark here

I coughed to let them know I was here too. Thea looked at me. A smile formed on her face and she released Anna. She then made me tell her everything that had happened after she was sent away. She looked with big eyes when she heard that Kath had thrown out Vital.Bookmark here

You know Claire, I always wondered what was so special about a rather plain regular girl like you. But somehow you always manage to do the impossible. I would have thought it to be impossible to get Anna out of that house again. But you... You even made Kath Lyst take your side. You gotta share your secret with me.”Bookmark here

Now Anna was looking at me with questioning eyes too like I was about to share some profound words that would share their word views.Bookmark here

I don't know what they expect me to answer. They were both there. It was Ms. Odes that used the yuridium device that saved us here. So I just answered, “I don't really have a secret, I just did my best to protect what is important to me.”Bookmark here

Yes, I would always protect my kitchen, time for cooking, and of course also Anna and my family. I realized that I should not say it in that order out loud though...Bookmark here

Anna hugged me with tears in her eyes. “You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Claire. ” I felt really embarrassed because Thea was watching us, but Thea was right. Those cat pajamas were blissfully soft. So I indulged in the hug and then kissed Anna.Bookmark here

Kiyaa!” Thea squealed. “Another one of those miracles. I never would have thought Ms. I only need 2D, Anna, would open up herself to anyone like that.”Bookmark here

I felt myself starting to blush, and saw Anna's cheeks were reddening too. I released the hug and took her hand and gave it a little squeeze.Bookmark here

We all got into Thea's car so we could finally go home again.Bookmark here

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