Chapter 62:

Putting the house in order

The Y-files [GL]

Kath Lyst's POVBookmark here

I had left Claire to deal with Anna. I hoped she could get through to her. I really could not handle going through another period of Anna in that room. I don't know what Cath did, but I saw everything very clear now. I felt like I had seen the light. That I had touched a deeper layer of our existence. I could see it all clearly. What happened, what went wrong, what needed to change and I felt like I had obtained the power to change it right now.Bookmark here

I went back downstairs. I saw some of the guards surrounding and restraining Thea and Cath.Bookmark here

What do you guys think you are doing to our guests!?” I shouted. They were a bit taken aback but answered me. “These are the boss' direct orders. He saw what happened on security footage.”Bookmark here

You let them go now! I will deal with him. Thea go home. Cath, you’ll have to come with me. You wanted to discuss business after all.Bookmark here

I marched with Cath toward my husband's office. Cath was looking at my every move with a lot of interest and from time to time she took some notes with a pencil on her note block. Having Cath with me, gave me even more strength and confidence. I knew that what I was doing was the right thing to do.Bookmark here

I barged into Vital's office. His secretary, who was sitting on his lap, closed her shirt and quickly ran out of the office with a red face.Bookmark here

Vital looked at me quite angrily. “You dare to humiliate me like that! Don't think I did not see you letting Claire go to Anna's room. I will ruin you along with Claire!” it was clear he was really seething angry because I barged in with Cath.Bookmark here

Even though he was intimidating, that intimidation game would no longer work on me. I knew what had to be done.Bookmark here

No it is you who are finished. I'm tired of your games.”Bookmark here

Now he started to look less certain of himself. He was clearly wondering what I had up my sleeve.Bookmark here

You cannot do anything to me without harming yourself,your precious political career and your family’s name. You dedicated everything to the Lyst name. I even had to take your name, just for the prestige of the family. You would never do anything to harm that. That Claire was naive to think she would get away with Anna. I have already given orders that nobody can leave the estate, and that includes you. I own you and Anna, and you will do as I say!” Vital was barking mad. How was I ever afraid of that? He is just loud and throwing a tantrum. How weak. Frankly, seeing him like that, he looked quite impotent to me.Bookmark here

Those days are over. I can understand that you play nasty against your competitors, but this is about our own daughter's happiness. All I ever did for her was to ensure she had a better future, but you are just playing with her future because you were bored, and found a new victim to play with. I made serious plans, and you are undermining me. I worked hard for that future you know, and when there is finally some light, after being in a dark tunnel for ages, you start acting like the villain in a comic. I will have no more of this!”Bookmark here

He was clearly stunned at my energy and hostility. So I used my momentum.Bookmark here

I can play nasty too. I checked our books. All shares we own are in my name. You made me sign those papers yourself.”Bookmark here

He coughed a bit nervously. “Well yes, for fiscal reasons, that was a better approach.”Bookmark here

I am divorcing you, consider yourself fired.”Bookmark here

Vital looked with big eyes full of disbelief. :”Y-you would do that to me? You know that divorcing would be the end of your political career. No way those conservatives will still support you. I sacrificed everything for this family. I even took on your name just to please your mother.”Bookmark here

I had pressed a button that would call the head of the security. I explained to him the situation and asked to escort Vital off the premises. Vital was still shouting some nonsense that he would have his revenge. That pathetic man did not even realize he was finished.Bookmark here

My heart was beating heavily, and I felt exhilarated. But I was not done yet. I did not yet have everything I wanted, and right now I wanted it all.Bookmark here

Cath, sorry you had to witness that.”Bookmark here

Oh I do not mind. It was very entertaining to say the least. Ms. owner and CEO of the Lyst group.” Cath said smiling. I felt very nervous now that I was alone in the room with her. I needed something to tie her to me. So I said “Let us discuss business then.” I offered her the contract we had prepared, in case the deal with the CYA had gone through. When she saw the amount on the contract, Cath almost got a fit. She was quick to sign it.Bookmark here

I was so happy. Cath and Anna were the most important people to me and now I was well on the road to have the power to put myself close to the two of them. They would both be mine. That way I could still help Anna to keep on the right track. I did not see Anna take over the Lyst group, she was weak and cowered in fear each time I mentioned her responsibilities. But Claire, she might have what it takes. Seeing her background, it was clear that she would also need my guidance.Bookmark here

In the long run I wanted Anna and Claire to get married. But I knew better than to force things on Anna. She just flips if you do that. I learned that the hard way. I learned that you need to manipulate her surroundings and friends to get Anna to do what you want. That had worked to get her to go to uni too. I pretended to be against her studying psychology to her friend Thea, and of course it reached Anna, and Anna went out to do just that.Bookmark here

But that one win had made me over confident back then. As soon as she left that room I tried arranging an optimal marriage for her, getting her back on the perfect track. That had pushed her away from me. I had learned from that mistake. This time I would be patient and manipulate her slowly to ensure she makes the right choices to always be happy. After all, a mother always knows what would make her daughter the happiest!Bookmark here

Now, I just have to renegotiate that deal with Claire. I still needed the Lyst group and the CYA to be tied together to get into that ideal position to get everything exactly like I wanted it.Bookmark here

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