Chapter 65:

The aftermath

The Y-files [GL]

Thea dropped us off at Anna's place because Pussyni was in urgent need of some care. I was a bit nervous as it would be the first time that I would enter Anna's apartment. When we entered, I was amazed by how big she lived.Bookmark here

Anna noticed my amazement and said “Mom gave me the apartment because she did not want me to live somewhere 'unworthy'. I would have preferred living a bit smaller myself.”Bookmark here

I took a look around and noticed that all the bookcases were filled with yuri novels and manga, and she had a few show cabinets full of cute manga figurines. So she had two of these rooms... Well, that I knew off. Then I noticed there was also a big fluffy cat-shaped castle. When I approached it, a tiger-striped cat walked up to me with a complaining voice. I started petting it, and it nuzzled a bit against me. Cats really are so unbelievably cute!Bookmark here

While I was preoccupied with Pussyni, Anna had filled a plate with some cat food. As soon as she could smell it, Pussyini left me for the better deal.Bookmark here

I am thinking of keeping her in the office at school during the week. My hours have been crazy lately and she would be less alone over there.”Bookmark here

I thought about it, and then just said “I think it is a great idea. I think she will be loved by all the girls there. I don't think Ms. Lourdes will bother as long as we keep her in the office.”Bookmark here

There was a class keeping a rabbit, so why would we not be allowed to keep a cat?Bookmark here

After that, I told Anna that I needed to go because everyone was still waiting for news at Femme Fatale. When she heard that the girls were sleeping over, she grew silent but then asked with a little pout “Can I stay too?”Bookmark here

Did she just become jealous? If I am honest I had to admit that it felt quite good. It felt like I was in control for a second there. So I said “Sure Anna. We'd love to have you. I think everybody will be happy to see we got you back.”Bookmark here

Anna instantly took out a suitcase that was already fully packed and ready, and a little kennel for Pussyni. “Then let's go,” she said. My fresh feelings of control went out of the window only a few seconds after I had them. Did she just plan and prepare this in the short time I was occupied with the cat? I just took the bait in an unguarded moment, didn't I? Well, I loved the fact that Anna was staying over so I did not really mind losing the battle. But I would need to be better aware or she would play me like a fiddle. I should never forget that Anna was also still that woman. I needed to stay on top of my game.Bookmark here

Anna had called a taxi because her car was still parked at the brasserie. A few moments later we arrived home. The brasserie was already closed but everyone was still up and waiting for us.Bookmark here

I opened the door to the apartment and instantly Fien squealed and ran to hug Anna. Anna was a bit flabbergasted by the affection of the piece of excitement that was hugging her.Bookmark here

Those cat pajamas are so soft and cute!” Fien shouted.Bookmark here

Ugh, I had gotten so used to the fact that Anna was wearing those, that I forgot to make her change at the apartment. I could see Anna was thinking something along the same lines.Bookmark here

Everyone came up to us and looked very happy that I got Anna back. Mom walked up to us. She slapped Anna in the face and said “That was for leaving Claire alone when facing adversity. Never do that again!” Anna looked a bit sad like she was about to cry, and said “I'm sorry, it won't happen again.” Before she could actually start to cry mom hugged the two of us and said “Then that is settled. I'm so glad to see the two of you are okay and back here together.”Bookmark here

I could see Anna was really happy with the motherly affection my mom was giving. Well with Kath Lyst as her mother I doubt she ever knew this kind of warmth at home.Bookmark here

Then Gazette came up with Elodie following her enthusiastically like a loyal puppy. “I am so happy the both of you are back here together,” Gazette said. Elodie then said “Please tell me where you got those cat pajamas. I want some too, they look so cute.” Gazette then asked, “Oh do they have dog pajamas too?”Bookmark here

Anna told them that they should ask Thea because she was the one who made it. They looked very happy with that answer. I guess they aren't familiar with Thea's prices. Then Fien noticed the real cat in the kennel. “That cat is so cute!” Anna asked mom if it was fine to release Pussyni in the apartment, and after she got the okay, she opened the cage. Pussyni quickly got away from the excited Fien. Fien looked a bit sad and said “Why don't cats ever like me?”Bookmark here

You were way too excited for Pussyni,” Anna answered her. “But she will be coming to the office during the week so you will have plenty of chances to win her over. If you want, you can feed her tomorrow morning.”Bookmark here

I could see Fien's eyes change into heart shapes and I could see the plans to win Pussyni over forming in her brain at speeds not even quantum computing could match.Bookmark here

Now Fien had gone silent, Gazette said Look what we did with the help of Ms. Tick and Ms. Trine.” Bookmark here

Gazette showed us the headlines on the Belgian news sites. The videos they made, and Ms. Tick's speech were trending all over the headlines making Kath Lysts position in her party hard to maintain. Anna looked at those articles with very big eyes. “I might finally be relieved from having to say that my mother is the Kath Lyst, the far-right figurehead.”Bookmark here

Your work made the news too.” Gazette then showed me an article where the divorce of the Lysts was announced. Kath was also announced as the new CEO of the Lyst group in the same article. There was even a picture showing Kath letting security throw Vital out of the house. It seemed they had their own Gazette working for them.Bookmark here

The FDF had distanced themselves from Kath Lyst who had abandoned her husband to protect their sinful daughter, and their new figurehead from now on would be… Vital Lyst, who still stood for good old-fashioned principles. He would show the nation the strength of a real man.Bookmark here

I guess Vital must have gone immediately to the FDF himself. He sure did not give it some time to let it all sink in. Bookmark here

So in the end not much changed tonight. To me it seemed like the both of them just switched chairs...Bookmark here

Anna looked a bit crestfallen and said “Now that she finally needs to resign from the FDF, my dad takes up the position. I will never get rid of that FDF reputation, will I? Well, at least my mother won't cause me any more trouble. She will be busy managing the Lyst Group.”Bookmark here

Luckily we weren’t in a manga or a light novel. Otherwise saying something like that would be tripping a major flag.Bookmark here

That may all very well be,” mom interrupted us, “But it is very late and tomorrow is a school night, so all of you are off to bed. You girls can talk while you get ready.”Bookmark here

When we got to my room, I saw a double air mattress and a single one prepared for the night. Weren't we missing one? So I went to mom.Bookmark here

We don't have any more mattresses so I hope you and Anna don't mind sharing the bed for a night?” She answered me.Bookmark here

My cheeks instantly turned red. I would be spending my first night with Anna in the same bed. Not that anything untoward would happen, because we were sharing the room with 3 other girls. But it still felt very special to me. I felt so nervous, I hoped I would be able to sleep.Bookmark here

When I got back to the room, Gazette and Elodie were already in their pajamas getting cozy together on the double mattress. I told Anna that we would be sharing the bed and she started blushing too. Gazette and Elodie giggled at that. “I was so nervous for our first night in the same bed too,” Elodie said. They already slept together? They sure moved fast. For a second there I thought we would all be sharing that first time...Bookmark here

Now that I think of it, this was the first time ever I had friends staying the night in my room. The atmosphere in my room felt really cozy.Bookmark here

Fien came back in her pajamas and dropped herself on the double mattress on top of Gazette and Elodie, and hugged them. Then she got up and did the same with me and Anna. “This is the most fun sleepover ever! I can't believe all the stuff we did today! And now I get to spend the night with the four of you!”Bookmark here

Fien's excitement seemed to be infectious and the girls all started talking about everything that happened. I let them continue among themselves and went to the bathroom to get ready for the night too.Bookmark here

When I arrived back in the room they were talking about love, and Fien just blurted out the question “Anna, at your age you must have a lot of experience. How many girlfriends did you have before Claire?”Bookmark here

Seeing that I was back in the room everyone grew silent. Anna turned red being put on the spot like that. I wanted to say that she did not need to answer that question but then she said “None, I never had a girlfriend before. I had a fiancee because of a stupid marriage arrangement. But I only saw him once to break up with him. I never wanted a relationship, if it could not be just as beautiful as in 2D.”Bookmark here

The other girls squealed at that statement. Something that was gnawing slightly at my heart was removed. I was surprised by how relieved I felt to hear that. Now I knew that all the new experiences I had would be shared by the two of us. It made me feel a lot closer to Anna. I sat myself down on the bed next to her and cuddled against her soft cat pajamas.Bookmark here

We kept on gossiping and talking for a bit until mom came to tell us that we really had to go to bed right now. We kissed each other good night. Mom waited until everyone was laying down and turned out the light.Bookmark here

I thought about how I almost lost Anna today. I was happy she was so close to me. I kissed her, our kisses intensified and we shared a few deep kisses. My heart was beating fast and I felt very hot. The realization that I almost lost her came to me. I was so happy she was still with me. A few tears were starting to roll down my eyes. so I laid my head on her soft bosom in the hope she would not notice. Anna started caressing my hair. We fell asleep in each other's embrace. Even though it was our first night sleeping together, sharing our warmth like this, to me, felt like the most natural thing in the world.Bookmark here

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