Chapter 66:

Interlude: The unexpected on an unexpected date.

The Y-files [GL]

Sandra's POVBookmark here

So far this day has been hell! At work, several people had fallen ill and I had been the one that was asked to cover. I had to take calls all day about things I was not used to answering questions about. My evening wasn't looking much better. I had some chores to do, and then I had to prepare dinner for Fien and Elodie. Those girls were really sweet but on a day like today, it would have been nice if one of them could take over. Well, it was really my own fault. “There will be enough time for unpleasant things in life when you grow up.” I always told her when she tried to do something in the household. But sometimes I feel that that attitude of mine might have been a mistake.Bookmark here

Just when I left the office, my mobile rang. I felt a little irritated that people weren't leaving me alone. I had just done nothing else but answer the phone for the last eight hours.Bookmark here

I picked up thinking it would be someone from work that wanted me to yet again start working or look something up, so I answered the phone in a biting tone “What now?”Bookmark here

Oops, it was Lisa and not someone from work. “Sorry Lisa, you caught me at a bad moment.” I quickly apologized. We sometimes visited her brasserie. She was a very pretty lady. Always super friendly, but she also exuded a form of sadness, no matter how cheerful she looked. I was on good terms with her, but not good enough to snap at her on the phone, or ask her about that sadness.Bookmark here

Apparently, Elodie and Fien were friends with her daughter Claire, and they were doing something for the FBY at their house, and she asked if it was alright if they spent the night. I remembered Fien and Elodie telling me something about joining some school club. This was probably it.Bookmark here

I asked a few more questions. I wanted to know who else was going to be there. I wanted to be sure there were no boys. Nothing good ever came from interacting with boys. If anything, I wanted my daughter to learn from my experiences. She told me the girls were working together, and that they were all girls from the immaculate institute. Claire did have a brother, but he was older, and already had a kid. He would also be working in the brasserie until late. When she told me Eline would be there too, I immediately asked what Rosa had said.Bookmark here

Lisa had yet to contact Rosa. I felt an opportunity to turn this day around, so I immediately said “Leave Rosa to me, Lisa. The girls can stay over.”Bookmark here

I know that that was bad parenting. It is a school night after all. But a chance to spend the night alone with Rosa did not present itself very often. We might even be able to go on a date with just the two of us!Bookmark here

I called Rosa and explained the situation. We decided to meet up at a restaurant in the city center and have dinner together. Rosa told me she would make reservations, and texted me the address of the restaurant. Then she gave me a kiss through the phone and told me she had to go back to work.Bookmark here

Suddenly my evening looked a lot brighter and I regained all the vigor I lost at work.Bookmark here

I went home and took a shower and made myself as beautiful as I could for my date. I went for a traditional evening dress and even used some of Elodie's things to style my hair. Thinking of it, this would be our first out-of-the-house date as a couple. I felt a little nervous. It reminded me of the time when I was still a teenager.Bookmark here

When I was ready I decided to call a taxi. Not being able to drink on a date would be really lame after all.Bookmark here

Of course, the traffic had to be jammed, and I arrived at the restaurant 15 minutes late. I noticed Rosa was already sitting at a table. She really was a beautiful creature. Just seeing her made my heartbeat go up. I went to the table and gave her a short peck on the lips and apologized for being late.Bookmark here

You are always late Sandra. Even back in high school I always had to wait for you.” Rosa said, a bit angry.Bookmark here

But there was a traffic jam. Normally I would have been on time. I really did my best.”Bookmark here

Rosa started giggling. It was clear she had just pretended to be angry. She got me alright “I am sure there was. I remember you always had something happening to you when you needed to be somewhere on time.”Bookmark here

Now I was being made fun of. But she looked so cute when she was laughing so I just sat myself down.Bookmark here

The waiter brought us a big cocktail with a gigantic heart-shaped straw for 2 persons.Bookmark here

Since you were late I already ordered the “couple special menu” for the both of us.”Bookmark here

I see this was going to be my punishment for being late. Well, it looked a bit silly to be having a drink like that at our age, but at the same time, it felt good to do something so silly together with Rosa.Bookmark here

We took a sip together and started giggling afterward. It felt like we were a couple of teenagers again.Bookmark here

That was a lot more embarrassing than I thought it would be,” Rosa said with a little giggle in her voice.Bookmark here

We talked about our day and our girls while enjoying the “couple special menu”. Apparently, that meant that all our courses were heart-shaped. Even the croquettes that went with the main dish were cute little hearts. It was all a bit childish but at the same time, I knew I was going to remember this evening and the silly heart-shaped dishes as a fond memory for the rest of my life.Bookmark here

After the main dish, I saw Rosa grow a little nervous. She then asked me “You know we talked about moving in together last time, and telling the girls about us?”Bookmark here

Oh no, I hoped she wasn't thinking we were rushing things. I did not want to push her into anything she did not want.Bookmark here

Of course I remember,” I answered her, “I have been thinking a lot about how I would no longer have to miss you after work.”Bookmark here

I noticed some relief on her face. So she was afraid that I would have changed my mind. Like I would ever. I loved Rosa so much I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. If anything I was having trouble holding back.Bookmark here

I want to make the explanation to our daughters a little longer,” Rosa said to me.Bookmark here

Then Rosa suddenly stood up and knelt down beside me and said “I thought a lot about this, and decided I never ever want to let you go again. Please marry me, Sandra.” She then offered me a beautiful diamond ring.Bookmark here

I noticed the entire restaurant go silent. Everyone was looking at us. I felt tears starting to roll down my eyes. I felt so happy. Finally, everything would be like it should be. I nodded because I could not get the words out due to my sobbing, and held out my hand so that she could put the ring around my ring finger.Bookmark here

Everyone in the restaurant started applauding, and Rosa hugged and kissed me. Our waiter brought us a heart-shaped cake with fireworks. The words “congratulations on your engagement” were written on the cake in chocolate.Bookmark here

The cake was served with only one little fork, so we would have to share and feed each other. Then my penny dropped. “You sure had me fooled. “Couple special menu”. Of course there is no such thing. You arranged this from start to end, didn't you?”Bookmark here

Guilty as charged,” Rosa said.Bookmark here

But how did you know? You couldn't have possibly started arranging this after I called you?”Bookmark here

I asked Eline to help me get an evening alone with you. I knew an opportunity would arise. I told Eline the two of us needed to talk. I am sure she will be a little angry that she couldn't get this scoop.”Bookmark here

So Rosa had been scheming to surprise me since before I called her. Well, this proposal made me fall for her even more. Rosa really was the love of my life.Bookmark here

After feeding each other the lovely chocolate cake we decided to head back to Rosa's place. The second we closed the door behind us, we embraced each other and started kissing. Soon we lost ourselves in the moment. I was sure I would remember this moment as one of the most passionate in my life.Bookmark here

If her proposal and this evening was a sign, telling me how our marriage was going to be, I looked really forward to spending the rest of my days with Rosa.Bookmark here

Taking her proposal and this evening as a sign of how our marriage was going to be, made me look forward to spending the rest of our days together.Bookmark here

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