Chapter 10:

His Home

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

The road was not opening. He looked at his watch. He was late already. He drove his car to side road and tried to find a low traffic. But it was no use. He used narrow streets and could arrive the hotel which they agreed to meet.

He was surprised that he could find an empty place in auto park. However, when he was on elevator, he realized that he forgot the stuffs in his backseat. He sighed once and returned to auto park. It took long to find his car again. He took the bag that he put the stuffs like condom in. While he was heading to the elevator, “I hope Ando would not get angry too much for my being late,” he thought.

He had researched so much about that issue. He didn’t want to hurt Ando so he had bought the best quality brands for condoms and gels. He couldn’t rely on the sex stuffs in hotels.

When he entered in hotel lobby, he saw his all-family members in the big hall and got shocked. All of them was having fun there. He saw his grandfather and Yamato were sitting on a sofa. Two drunk bodyguards were dancing and hugging each other. One of them saw Eita and “Eita-sama! We are thankful for your arranging this party!” he said.

“I do not remember that I arranged a party like that,” he answered with frustration. Then he saw Yamato’s smile. Yamato got up and came closer to Eita. “I heard you were talking about having a funny night on the phone and I thought you wanted to have a party with family. You should be thankful for having a friend like me. I arranged all the things instead of you,” he said by laughing.

Eita started to rage.

He woke up to alarm voice. He turned to other side by yawning. He closed the alarm and sat up. While he was rubbing his eyes, “Damn Yamato! You didn’t give me peace even in my dreams!” he muttered himself.

He thought about his psychology. It became a thing that he was being able to see Ando and just a condom in his dreams, not more. “What kind of pervert I have become...” he muttered to himself. Even though that was a dream, he would still beat Yamato.

Ando, prepared a little bag for himself since he would spend the night out. He checked his bag last time. He planned to text a message for Eita about where they would meet. When he took his phone, he received a message from Eita. It was saying that he came to get him.

Ando jumped out the house. Eita had really come just in front of his house. Even though Eita came with a normal car, Ando looked around in case a family member saw them together. Then he got in the car.

“Good morning!” Eita said with a smile. He seemed like he was not aware of the danger. “Good morning, let’s go.” Ando answered in hurry. He was still looking around with panic.

Eita was still smiling since he was aware of the situation. “We shall go but won't i have a good morning kiss?” he asked with joy. “If you won’t run the car in three seconds, I will get out.” Ando answered. Eita said okay and run the car.

After Ando believed that the danger was gone, “So, where are we going?” he asked. Eita stopped at the red light. “You're not always going to hide. This time I won’t tell you where we are going,” Eita answered.

Ando looked at him by narrowing his eyes. He was controlling the red light at the same time. Three seconds left to the red light, he turned to Eita and kissed his cheek. Eita stopped breathing for a while. “The green light...” said Ando and Eita stepped on the gas.

Ando guessed that they would spend the weekend out of the city. He thought he was right because Eita was driving to north exit of the city. They didn’t talk about what they would do on this date but Ando guessed that Eita was trying to say “let’s do that thing” by saying “let’s spend weekend together”. And he guessed they were going to a trip.

They arrived to a small town before midday. Eita stopped the car and asked Ando to wait him for a while. Later Eita returned with a big flower bouquet. Ando got surprised to those flowers. At first, he thought that those were for him but Eita put them on the back seat of the car. Ando got embarrassed for thinking they were for him. Eita run the car again.

They stopped in front of a house whose back side was looking at a mountain. When Ando got out the car, “It’s pretty cold even though we are in summer,” he said. He was cold because of his thin t-shirt. When he was rubbing his arms, he startled with the jacket which was put on his shoulders by Eita.

“Good thing I remember how cold here is even in summer,” Eita said while he was returning to the car. While Ando was wearing that jacket, he looked at Eita. Eita was wearing his denim jacket, too. When Eita put the flowers on the back seat, Ando thought that Eita ruined a surprise for him and he said “careless yakuza” in his mind. While he was smelling the jacket which smelled like Eita, he got embarrassed one more time.

Eita took the flowers and asked Ando to hold them. Then he took some stuffs out of the trunk. “If we need anything else, we shall come again,” he said.

Ando looked around to figure where they arrived. He thought that this luxurious and deserted looking house was useful for a yakuza about his personal matters. Then we wondered if Eita had brought a woman here before. He got depressed himself.

“I know it’s fait accompli but I bought these flowers as a gift on your behalf,” Eita said by coming closer to Ando. Ando didn’t understand.

At the same time, two old women were seen at the door. “Eita-sama! Welcome!” one of them said. She tried to get the packets on Eita’s hands. Eita didn’t let the old woman to get them by making excuse they were heavy. Then the women greeted Ando, too.

While they were entering in dooryard of the house, Ando saw a woman who was running to the door. As he got closer to the woman out of breath, he couldn’t help but think how she was beautiful. She was not Japanese.

“Eita!” the woman cried and hugged his neck. Eita was trying to hold both packets in his hands and the woman for preventing her falling. Ando put the bouquet with his one hand and managed to take the packets in Eita’s hands. After Eita’s hands were free, he held the woman’s waist and pushed up not to her falling.

After a short hugging, “Don’t you know running is forbidden for you?” Eita said. The woman raised her head and hit Eita’s chin with her forehead. “A mother who hasn’t seen his child for a long time is let running and jumping,” she answered.

Ando was shocked what he heard. He knew Eita’s father was died in his young age and he thought that his mother was living in Fumikaze mansion.

Since Eita knew there were only socks on her foots, to prevent her stepping on the ground, he took her two steps and put her on the entrée. After she tidied her hairs and clothes, she greeted Ando with a kind smile. Ando smiled and greeted her, too.

“He is Ando, mom,” Eita said. Ando smiled again and bowed his head. “These are for you,” he said and gave the bouquet to her. She got the flowers and “You’re so kind, Ando-chan. Thank you so much. These flowers are one of rare things that I am not allergic,” she said happily.

“I’m glad that you like them,” he answered by smiling. But he stared at Eita a few times. The woman invited them in.

They were having lunch on the table but there were cookies in front of Eita’s mother. While she was eating one of them, “Sofia-sama, please do not eat them before the lunch!” one of maids said.

“But... But it has been a long time since I ate Aunt Mizu’s cookies,” she said and ate one more.

“Therefore, Aunt Mizu prepared a lot of things for you,” Eita said while he was sitting at his chair. He had washed his hands. “I hope you won’t get weight since you eat everything in a day,” he added. Sofia forked his son with anger. Eita said “I said for your health...” but he ate a fork one more time. Ando liked that punishment style and laughed.

After a while, Sofia turned to Ando and “I’m really glad that Eita has a friend who he wants to introduce to me,” she said happily. Then “I have been living here for a long time since Tokyo’s air is not good for my pulmonary illness. So, I'm always worried what if a headstrong child like him can’t find a friend,” she added with a sad voice.

“Do not worry, ma’am. Your son has a lot of friends. He is pretty popular especially by females in his school. And he is treated like a prince,” Ando answered by smiling. Eita coughed once.

Sofia took her cheeks in her palms and “Is that so?” asked with joy. “To giving birth a handsome child is proud for me,” she said. She sighed once and turned to Eita. “But you should be together with the people who value your personality. Do not forget that,” she added. Then she turned to Ando again and “Ando-chan! You’re more handsome than my son!” she said with joy. “How could you do that to your own son?” Eita asked. They all laughed.

“How bad you’ve come for only lunch... Stay longer on your next visit, please,” Sofia said. Then she learnt Ando’s department and a lot of different matters. After the lunch, she showed a lot of childhood pictures like every mother while they were drinking tea.

On the farewell time, Ando acted fast and got in the car. Therefore, he had time to think. He never thought that Eita would introduce him to her mother. But he liked that. Maybe he was going to be nervous if he knew he would be introduced before. He remembered what he thought about this place and got embarrassed. He thought that the impatient one was himself and got depressed.

Eita got in the car. He looked at Ando. Ando’s facial expression made him uneasy. “I suppose you’re angry with me since you didn’t know you would meet my mom. If I said that earlier, I thought you could be nervous. If you don’t like it, sorry.” he said.

Ando didn’t think his facial expression gave that meaning to Eita. “I’m just surprised but not angry,” he answered. Eita wore his seatbelt. “Are you sure?” he asked. Ando smiled and said yes.