Chapter 23:

Arc 3: Everyones day off. Part one: Zaru and Lizzie

From Assassin to Demon lord

Afrer signing peace treaty and aliance declaration with Arana the arachne I decided to give everyone a day off. As I declared it, Lizzie didn’t wait and teleported with me outside of the dungeon. Honestly I didn’t know she had such magic.

The city we teleported to was Dulitor, city where I used to work as adventurer.

„With our day of I thought we could take it easy and went for a date! Just the two of us!“

„Yeah… I can hear Yuki complaining already, but let’s enjoy ourselves… also we should stop by the guild and contact guild master.“

„Yes, and also… take this.“

Lizzie give me two bracelets. One was enchanted with Hide status and the other one was enchanted with Body transformation.

„You want me to look like I used to right?“


„Okay. I understand, we can’t realy walk around with demon lord around the town can we? Also, those three guys may be still here.“

„I think they went after me when I left, actualy.“

„Well… that is also a posibility…“

„Let’s not think about such things now! Let’s enjoy this day!“

With that we both left the back alley and walked to the main street.

I looked around the town. There was a newly opend market that we went to. There I found a lot of interesting things. I got some gemstones that were rare in the dungeon and I got some raw materials. Getting some mithril was something I was looking for the most.

„So, what are you planning with those things? Are you planning to make for example… engagement rings?“


„So you do? Zaru I love you!“

Lizzie jumped and hug me. The merchant smiled at me and added some things as a gift, which I accepted. For some reason his daughter winked at me. What da’ya want from me?!

From this place we continued through the market and we sit next to fountain and eat some skewers.

„Dear… look over there…“

Lizzie pointed at back alley near us. There was a group of men and it seemed they were punching something.

„I will be right back.“

I used Hide presence and walked to them. I looked over and I saw a little girl. Right away I started to beat down all the mens around me. After they were finished I signalised Lizzie to came over.

„What happ- a beastmen? Those trash-heads!“

„Could you cast healing magic on her?“

„On it! [High heal]“

„Thanks… she have a slave collar on her… do you think…“

„Yeah, they probably used her as bait for monsters.“

„We could give them one.“

„You read my mind Dear.“

„But first. Do you hear me girl? Woke up.“ I slightly shake with the girl.

„Uhh… what… what is… happening? My… my head doesn’t hurt? What happened?“

„We happend. I’m Zaru, this is Lizzie my lover. What’s your name?“

„W-w-w-what?! L-l-l-lover!“ Lizzie started blushing.

„I-I’m Bree… Onee-chan… she is still there! I need to help her! Plese I know that its unbecoming of someone like me, but please save also my sister!“

„Okay! Okay! Slow down, take a deep breath and start from the begining.“

…So to summarize Bree‘s story.

She and her sister, Tara are from Tundra wolf tribe. Her village was destroyed by monster about a year ago. Her brother and father died protecting the village. After that she with her sister and broken mother decided to move to another village, but they were caught by slave trader. He then sold her mother to a noble who raped her right in front of two girls. After that he took her away to never see her again. Not long after that they were given to those adventurers who worked for underground company called Night breeze.

„Night breeze, that sounds familiar.“

„It should. Their boss was first one I assassinated after coming to this town. So they regroup eh? I think I should pay them a visit again.“

„No, WE will pay them a visit.“

„Okay Lizzie. I will use a spell on those guys, let’s see if they knew something useful. 'Mind reader'

Mind reader is spell similar to the spell I used on those two pregnant elves in the village, actualy I used it on them as well to learn what they been through and I almost throw up back then.

„Seems like they are in slums. Near south gate. Lizzie take Bree and go to the adventurers guild and show her to the Guild master, tell her that I am on the move.“

„Sure! Let’s go Bree, Dear will save your sister.“

„Onii-chan… be safe…“

„I will.“

Why did she called me onii-chan? Now I feel old!

When Lizzie and Bree left I killed all adventurers lying around me, and stuffed their bodies in magic bag.

„Now, let the hunt begin.“

I silently flown to the place from adventurers memories.

As I stood before doors I used Sence presence and found out ten people behind them. In the underground part I senced about twenty smaller presences. Those were kids. I also felt one stronger near one much weaker. Is that… he’s raping a kid?!

My blood begin to boil. I shot a fire ball at the doors. All mens behind started to pull out swords in surprise one after another, but they were no match for my thread control.

I silently, but quickly continued to the underground. There was a fatso on little girl.

„Are you enjoying yourself?“ I said in cold voice.

Men, suprised at my voice he didn’t knew turned around. But it was too late for him I already activated my thread control and disabled his movements.

„W-who are you?“ the man said.

„Me? A demon for people like you.“

I moved my finger and his genitals fell off.


„Why are you crying? You raped that little girl and thought you wil get away without punishment?“

„P-please! Somebody help me!“

„No one can hear you. I killed everyone on my way here. Now you will dance for me.“

I cut of his fingers on both legs and hands one by one. After that I continued to cut of his his limbs until only a torso was left. But he would die quite easily with that so I used fire magic to close his wounds by burning them.

The girl was lying on cold ground covered in blood. Looking at the men, she smiled. Even though she was weakend she grabbed all her strenght and sit. Her ears of cat tribe twiched a little. She stand up and walked towards the torso. Evil grind apeared to be even brighter.

„You are not so tough without your dick now are you?“ And with that she took his eye. As he started screaming she grabbed his tongue and cut it of with her claws. After that she opend his fat belly and took his guts out. At this moment he was already dead but the girl was still scratching and destroying his body compleatly. After everything was done she took out his heart.

„I thought it was stone… but what ever.“ She crushed it in her palms.

„What do you want to do now girl?“

„I’m not a girl, I’m Hikari, from Bloody cat tribe. You are not a human right? A demon? No… a demon lord yes?“

„That is correct.“

The girl fall on one knee.

„Then from now on forward I swear my undying loyalty to you my demon lord.“

„What?“ I couldn't belive her words, she was weakend girl of barely fourteen years old, yet she acted like an adult.

„I will follow you until end of time and space.“

„Hold on! Don’t you have a place to return to?“

„I do not. I am your servant from today onward my Lord!“

„Ugh… I understand. So… go unlock every cell here people from guild will come soon. I’m going to look for a girl named Tara from Tundra wolf tribe.“

„My lord I know about her, she is in the deepest cell here. Her sister, I assume you are familiar with, is out on the job with adventurer now.“

„Thanks Hikari.“

She's trouble! Big time!

„Yes my lord.“

I walked to the deepest part and opend the cage. There was a Tundra wolf girl sitting with hands in handcuffs rised so high so she couldn’t sit properly. I destroyed them right away and the girl felt to the ground. She was alive, but extreemly weak. One of her legs was from knee down missing.

„Tara, your sister send me for you…“

Her ears twitched a little. And she woke up.

„Wh-who are... you?“

„I’m demon lord, my name is Zaru.“


„Yes I know. I saved your sister.“


„Yes, she told me about you.“

I walked back where Hikari and nineteen kids were waiting. All of them were between six and fourteen years old.

„So… who of you have somewhere to go?“

No one answered.

„So, you wanna come with us?“

Their eyes sparkled.

„Okay, I will take you with me to my dungeon. My name is Zaru, and I’m demon lord.“

„Please take care of us Milord!“ the kids said as one.

Eh? Wasn’t that little bit easy?

„Understood. Everyone who can read at least a little go with Hikari upstairs and collect all evidence on this group. This is their headquarters all documents must be collected and used acordingly. After that meet me at front door. I have dried meat on me so those who work hard will recieve some.“

„Yes Milord!“ the kids said while saluting and some beastmen startet waging their tails happily.

I walked towards front doors. I casted 'Pure Black' spell so nothing could be seen from outside but it allowed looking out  from the inside.

„When I tell you, you will jump out okay?“

„Hm? But why mister demon lord?“

„Because I am a demon lord see? On the other side are adventurers and some priests already know that that magic is from demon. So we will need to convince them that I am dangerous.“

„But why? Master is amazing no? Master is helping everyone?“

„Do you realy think that they will understand that? I am a demon lord, being that is considered as evil as it can be. This will help you all.“

I took off both bracelets and prepared myself.

Right after kids returned with papers, which I stored in my magic bag, Guild master came and prepare her Holy sword. I took a mask from magic bag and put it on. That mask was magic item I gain from quest few years ago and Guild master knew wery well about it's effects. Mainly becouse I used it to pull a prank on her.

'Blue flame wall'

I used spell previously shown me by Haba. Then I signalised Tara to jump. She gave me a nod.

„Waaah! Help me! It’s a demon! A Demon!“

„Onee-chan! Here!“

Tara jumped, but fell on the ground.

„You two! Take her away! I will open this rotten doors! 'Holy flash!'

„That‘s our Guild master Tonia! No one could stant their ground from that!“ cheers were heard from adventurers.

My pure black spell got disspelled and everyone could see us.

„Well, well, well. What a turn tables. A holy knight… no a Paladin, I didn’t expect one to be here of all places.“

„We got echo on your movements... ...Lower the wall and give back those children!“

„Don’t wanna.“

„You demon! I ask you for last time! Give those kids back!“

„To who exactly? Those dead lumps of meat? Or to the slave trader? No I will keep them. Raise them as mine in my dungeon. 'Greater mass-teleportation!'

With that I return to the dungeon. We apeared in the throne room. In next moment Kaen apeared next to me.

„You retuned my lord?“

„Kaen, great! I will need you to help these children. Take them to the elvish kids okay?“

„Yes, understood. Miss Filona is in middle of training with the kids so I think more playmates will be the best thing for them now.“

„Great. I will return now to the town.“

„Have safe traveles Milord!“ Hikari said.

„Thanks… Yes, one more thing, Hikari, from today you wil be leader of beastmen, is it okay with you?“

„As you comand Milord.“

I used teleportation and retuned to the back alley next to the adventurers guild and put bracelets Lizzie gave be back on.

There I used back door and walked right to the guild masters office.

„Yo, I’m back.“

I was welcomed with a slap.

„That’s what you say after all that?! You know how much paperwork I have to do now?“

„Sorry, Tonia. We didn’t really had another option.“

„Really now? Well… I’m still glad you are OK. Lizzie told me already what happened to you so don’t worry about it. We already send a message to the cenrtal guild in the capital city to investigate them. And what are you planning with these two?“

„Well they can’t really stay here they would become slaves again or they would be killed. This kingdom hates beastmen after all. So I think I would make them into my servants.“

„Really?! We can be with you onii-chan?“

„Yeah you can!“

„That raise another question.“

„You said you will raise as your own, does that include Lizzie to?“

„Eh? Guildmaster?“

„What? You also wanted to ask that question no?“

„Th-that’s true…“

„Of course, I do. She is valuabe partner for me. And also… I already accept her as my wife.“

„Fufufuu… congrats Lizzie. Seems like you got yourself a husband.“

„Wawawawawa…“ Lizzie turned completly red with those words and tried to turn away so I grabed her hand and kissed her deeply. After that I told Tania everything that happened and my plan for future. When she nodded in satisfaction, me, Lizzie still red in face and sisters Bree and Tara teleported back to the dungeon.

Tony Raven