Chapter 11:

A Passionate Dance

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

During the trip, they talked about Sofia-san's health condition and Eita’s childhood pictures. Then Ando couldn’t wait and “So, where are we going now?” he asked.

“Where? We’re returning to the city,” Eita answered calmly. Ando didn’t ask anymore. He thought Eita meant they were going to return home without spending the night together. He decided not to show his frustration to Eita.

When they arrived to the city center, the car was run to another place from family regions. Ando had no idea where they were going. “Aren’t we going home?” he asked. Eita looked at him and “Who said that?” he asked. Ando looked at him, too. “You?” he asked. Eita shook his head as if he wanted to say he had not said a thing like that.

When they entered in a parking garage under a tower block, “Do you want to go home?” Eita asked. This time, Ando shook his head as if he wanted to say he had not wanted to go home.

Eita stretched out on the back seat and search for something. He took a bag from there and gave it to Ando. There were a hat and a wig in it. Ando looked at Eita with wonder. Eita averted his eyes from Ando and “We’re in a place where we can’t be recognized but I don’t want you get hurt because of being seen even if there is a little risk. I don’t want you to hear any unpleasant thing,” he explained by shy.

Ando smiled and he wore the crimson and long-haired wig. He asked how he was looking. Eita smiled and “My outfit is not suitable for this wig but if you don’t want to wear it, I can do,” Eita said.

Ando imagined that Eita would wear that wig on his wide shoulders with the slim t-shirt which he wore and laughed. “You would look great,” he said. Eita laughed, too. Since Eita had tried to wear it at home, dreaming was easier. But he couldn’t let Ando learn that trying.

Ando wore the hat on his wig. Then he took Eita’s sunglasses from his collar and wore it, too. Eita laughed so hard. “That sunglasses take attention more,” he said.

They planned to give their bags to bellboy and have dinner at the restaurant of the hotel. While Eita was talking to reception, Ando listened to them and figured that Eita had booked a room three days ago. He tried to suppress his hopes.

After the dinner, Ando took out hat and wig as soon as he entered in room. He was fighting with his embarrassment and “I suppose I took attention so much as a 180-centimeter woman,” he muttered. Eita was still on the door.

Finally, Ando was able to take his attention to himself and see what was waiting for him in the room. He looked at the big red rose bouquet on the bed for a while. Eita watched Ando for a few seconds while he was looking at the roses. He went to Ando’s behind and hugged him from his waist. He gave a kind kiss to his back neck.

Ando was still looking at the bed. “How many roses have that bouquet?” he muttered. “Is it matter?” he thought then.

“Sixty-five roses...” Eita answered. He kissed Ando’s neck one more time. “It has been sixty-five days since I saw you on that garden,” he added. Ando smiled with shy. What kind of lover would count a thing like that? Also, that lover was a careless yakuza.

Ando hold Eita’s wrists which was hugging him and make them release a little. He managed to turn behind and he wrapped his arms around Eita’s neck. After they watched each other for a while, they started to kiss. As the kisses went harder, they bodies got closer more.

When Eita’s hands entered under Ando’s t-shirt and went up, Ando stopped kissing and “Let me take a shower,” he said.

There were two bathrooms in that suit room. Even if Eita knew it was better if they took shower in separate bathrooms, he teased Ando by insisting to go shower together. Ando managed Eita not to come to bathroom with him by force and locked the bathroom door. He began to prepare immediately.

Eita stayed longer in shower. No matter how much he cooled the water, he still felt hot. At last, he opened cold water fully. After he entered into the cold water, he finally could calm down. He never felt inexperienced like that even though his virginity was taken when he was fourteen years old.

In fact, he had searched what kind of preparations should be done in sexual intercourse between two men and learnt them. But uncertainty of which position which he would take was making him horrified. He could not imagine that he would be bottom and he could not ask Ando which part he wanted. He was afraid of hurting Ando or breaking his heart.

He hit his own head on the shower wall. He saw his dragon tattoo on his back from the bathroom mirror. “Ashamed of yourself...” he muttered. There was nothing to fear. If Ando would want to be top, Eita was going to be bottom. He began to prepare with shy.

After Eita got out the bathroom, he figured that Ando was still in. When he removed the roses on the bed, he saw his phone light. There were a lot of messages and a few missing calls. His phone was on silent since this morning.

He ignored the ridiculous messages from Yamato and Tachibana. He headed to the window side by wondering if his grandfather had called him or not. While he was controlling his missing calls in front of the big window glasses which was looking at a beautiful Tokyo view, he heard the closing sound of the bathroom door and forgot his phone while looking at Ando.

Ando finished his preparation and got out the bathroom. He was walking slowly and carefully since he was not sure what Eita was going to do. He could pop out from nowhere. He saw Eita was in front of the big window. He was looking at his phone. He was wearing just a boxer and there was a towel on his shoulders.

Ando saw the dragon which was lying between his wide shoulders. He was seeing his tattoo clearly for the first time. “I suppose that thing would not seem so good on me,” he thought. He closed the door by making noise intentionally.

Eita turned to Ando by hearing that. They looked at each other for a second. Then Eita got closer to him. He smiled and “A bathrobe?” he asked. He touched Ando’s hair. He didn’t like it was still wet. “You didn’t dry them well,” he said. He took the towel from Ando’s neck and dried Ando’s hair one more time. After he got satisfied from his work, he sat on the bed. He pulled Ando onto his laps.

Ando sat on the Eita’s lap by an unexpected move. He couldn’t look at Eita for a while because of his embarrassment. He could feel very well that Eita was looking at him so deeply. Ando felt the blood stream to his cheeks. He dropped his glance to his own hands.

Eita, got Ando’s hands and took them to his own lips. After he kissed them, he took one of his hands to left side of his chest. “I’m no different from you,” he whispered. Ando felt Eita’s heartbeats and calmed down a little.

“You make me think the only person who feels like that is only me. I’m not used to it,” Ando said. Eita smiled first sweetly then wildly. “You will regret and miss these days which you can’t feel my deep feelings. Because I'm going to come on to you like an avalanche,” he said and stuck Ando’s lips.

Ando’s lips were being sucked with passionate. When he felt the tongue which was not belong to him in his mouth, he started to suck that tongue. Since that move turn Eita on, he made Ando turn to him and spare his legs. Therefore, Ando sat on his pubic place. Both of them were being able to feel each other’s hard things.

Eita started to work on Ando’s chin and neck by kissing and smelling. When Ando felt the tongue was going from his adam’s apple to his chin, his breathing was about to stop. That made Ando make a nice sound. That sound made Eita take Ando under him. But he was still sitting.

Eita started to kiss from Ando’s neck to his ears again. Then he kissed his lips. He spared Ando’s arms and hold his wrists as if Ando would run away. He stopped kissing and whispered his name once. Ando opened his eyes and looked at him. “Do you want to be on top or bottom?” Eita asked timidly.

Ando got shocked to that question. He had never imagined that he would be on Eita’s top since he realized he was in love with him. He was always on bottom in even his dreams. He didn’t think that a heterosexual guy like Eita would accept to be bottom, though. He started to laugh.

Eita got up by thinking if his question was stupid or not. He let Ando’s wrists free. “Why are you laughing?” he grumbled. Ando got up, too and sat on the bed. He got his face closer to Eita and “Does your question mean that you accept to be bottom?” he asked by teasing. Eita gulped once. He showed that what he wanted with this reaction. And that reaction was so cute.

“You’re a man and I'm sure the thing which were greeting me under your bathrobe wants to enter in somewhere, too,” Eita said. He turned his head to other side. As he saw Ando was giving a lot of free shows with under his bathrobe, he was afraid of dominating Ando. Then, he thought his averting his eyes from Ando could be misunderstood as if he didn’t want to see his naked body. So, he looked at Ando again and “I won’t do anything that you don’t want. I prefer to be bottom than hurting you,” he said. There was so kind and shy tone in his voice. “I even prepared for this,” he added with more embarrassed voice.

At first, Ando didn’t say anything. The man who Ando was in love with, who he was admire for a long time was thinking him than Ando himself. Ando was being loved by the person who he loved. He felt that feeling and jumped on Eita spontaneously. “I love you so much!” he said and hugged him. When he was onto him, he took his lips to Eit’s ears and “I’ve never desired that I would be the top,” he said. Then he added more embarrassed tone to his voice and “I prepared, too,” he added.

Eita hold and put Ando next to him by sliding. He looked at him by love. “Are you sure?” he asked. Ando smiled and nodded. Eita kissed Ando’s forehead and “I love you, too. So much more...” he said. He began to kiss him again slowly. Thus, this beautiful and passionate dance began.

In morning, Eita woke up first. His arms where was lying under Ando’s head got paralyzed. However, since he saw Ando was sleeping next to him, he forgot that numbness. He watched Ando’s sleeping face.

They had done all the way at night. He thought that was less painful than his guess. But he knew he should ask Ando about that.

The first thing he remembered about last night was Ando’s trying to run away when Eita saw his naked front side in case Eita would see Ando’s erected thing and give up sexing. Eita felt like as if his heart was being crushed when he remembered that scene. He would never escape no matter what. On the contrary, he had turned on so much. He hoped he could show that feeling to Ando last night. “Three rounds for the first night must be enough for this,” he thought.

He saw a bruised place on Ando’s lips. He had done that last night by biting and sucking. He was a little upset but not regretful. He was holding himself from kissing even now. He saw Ando’s long lashes. “How can a yakuza be so beautiful?” he asked himself.

Ando woke up. Eita saw Ando’s eyelids were opening slowly. He felt like the sun was rising. “Good morning,” said Eita with a smile.

“What a beautiful morning... The first thing I’ve seen is you,” Ando answered by smiling. Then he got up suddenly. “I guess your arm went numb,” he added. Since he got up suddenly, he felt dizzy. Eita asked he was alright and made him lie again. Ando said he was alright.

“We booked this room for two days. You can rest as you want. We can order something for breakfast, too,” Eita said with a worried tone. Ando smiled and pulled him to bed and “All I want is you,” he answered.