Chapter 24:

Arc 3: Part 2 Haba / Filona

From Assassin to Demon lord

Haba’s free day:

Master today said we can have a day off. And because I always do my job perfectly, I went to check on my underlings, aka two pregnant elves. The older one is Tifa and the younger one is Rafa. I was little worried when I saw them for the first time. I thought that they were his lovers and got a little jelous. After all master loves elves of all shapes. That Yuruki girl is Snow elf, rare breed of forest elves, and she took a head start to me like nobodys bussiness. Luckily that Gobura girl seems harmless, but one never know what will happen if I left them alone.

Truth is that only reason why I asked for my homunculi body to be made from elvish part sis because I know about masters preferences. And master really made one for me! …true, my brother Kaen was supposed to also recive one but out of consideration he declined! Truly I have amazing brother.

„Tifa, Rafa, how’s it going?“

„Miss Haba! Everything is just as perfect as it can be! Master Zaru said we can have a free day right? So after finishing food preparation we will head to the library master build few days ago.“ Tifa said while smiling.

„Yes, master is amazing isn’t he? Rebuilding entire room in matter of seconds!“ added smiling Rafa.

„He truly is. I wish only for him to look at me more… after all I am a head maid!“

„He definitely will miss Haba! You are charming person after all!“ Rafa said.

„And cute one too!“ Tifa added.

„You girls… thanks. You know what? I will release you for today and finish this place.“

„Thank you miss Haba! We are most grateful!“

After the two left I quickly finised the preparations and left for my room.


The room was for everyone off limits. Even Zaru and Kaen, Haba’s brother, were not allowed inside. When Haba opened doors piles on piles of dolls were everywhere.

Dolls of what exactly you ask?

Every doll was made in shape of her master, Zaru. There were a lot of shapes and sizes. And on her bed was one made in his life size. Haba jumped on the bed hugging the life sized doll.

„I’m back my love!“

Filona’s day off (1/2):

When Master Zaru left with Lizzie, I deciced to train with rest of the kids from village. With me, eighteen kids in total, plus two pregnant adults, who I never saw before. Their names are Rafa and Tifa.

Acording to Master they left their village to live with their loved ones in some other demon lord teritory. But the demon lord was defeated by another one so they had to escape. While traveling through the Snowy mountains they met Master Zaru who just finished massacring the villagers.

Master left them in care of Haba, the now homunculi inhabiting True fire spirit, and honestly I don’t realy trust her. Her room is always locked and she never let maids-in-training enter… well, Yuki once did but she didn’t tell me anything, and I'm her friend!

Well back to the topic. Elves. From eighteen kids most of them are under fifteen years old. Actualy me, Yuki (which is not in numbers under me, as she is Master Zaru’s secretary) and boy named Ruzu are only ones eighteen years old. Ruzu is one of ten boys, the rest eight, including me, are girls.

Names of girls are Hanna, Triss, Gatta and Jolla, who are maids-in-training then Grin, Weisa and Kolka who are assistants of secretary Yuki. The last girl is Marza and she is only two years old so she is under care of Rafa.

Names of boys are: Ruzu (as the oldes boy he helps me with their training), Mint, Hiiro and Ruffi are training their mining technigues under Gobura under the dungeon. Next are Gazda, Jiiro, Marco and Yuno are hunters. The last two, by the name of Hagu and Ult have class of thief so they train their stealth together with Gurako and Kesugi on second floor.

Wait I don’t have anything to teach them! What should I do? If this continue I will be jobless and Master would be angry! I can’t let that to happen! I need a job that will fully utilize my powers… but I’m a magic caster, and only one at that… well, Yuki can use magic but… she’s always so cold to me… other option is to ask that Lizzie girl… but she left with Master today! Urh… what should I do?

Well If you can’t find a way calm yourself down and try thinking about somthing…

I know! I will help Yuki with her job, how hard could it be right?

Tony Raven