Chapter 1:

Valkyrie Evergreen

I'll Be A Witch In My Next Life

Hi, I’m Klea Reynold, 26 years old and a public school teacher.

When I was young, my mother always says that “If you’re employed, you’ll have a lot of money.” You know what I think? It’s the biggest scam on earth.

Everyone has a lot of negative things to say about a teacher. We were supposed to be perfect. We should become models to our students when in fact we’re also humans. We make wrong decisions, we regret and we learn from it too.

Sometimes, we’re overworked and stressed due to paper works and we’re also looked down by other people. We deserve better.

I always follow everything but it is always a human nature to envy others.

I didn’t know why I had to die and why the f*ck I had to suffer in that miserable way. I even made my work the top priority. I didn’t even have the time to date. Damn, I was still single that time!

When I was pushed by my superior down the stairs, my whole boring life flashed in front of my eyes. I was so lonely that I didn’t get to relax and enjoy my life.

While I was falling, I was like “Ah? If ever I was reborn again, I want to enjoy my life more. I want to explore more. I want to have freedom. If I ever got the chance, I'm going to do whatever I want.”

When I fell badly, my head was bleeding so much that I couldn’t see clearly anymore. Everyone who saw the incident panicked.

“Miss Reynold, are you alright? Please call the ambulance.”

Do I look like I’m okay? I heard my colleagues trying to save my damn life.

Ah? I hope my family finds my savings for them.

That’s the last thought I was able to think before my life blanked out.

That’s what I thought…

I opened my eyes again.

“Why am I still alive?”

I touched my head.

It felt like a dream.

"Where the hell am I?"

I tried to stand up but my whole body was in pain.

It was then that a maid appeared in front of me.

"My lady, please don't force yourself to get up."

My lady? Why do I feel so special? Hahaha. It's so funny but I really thought I was really saved from the fall.

"My lady Valkyrie, you fell on the stairs yesterday. The duke and the duchess are very worried."

She sounded very relieved.

"I'll call them for you."

Valkyrie? Who's that?

After that, I tried to sit on the bed and I managed to see my reflection on the mirror. I saw a young girl with a beautiful face, brown curly hair and emerald eyes.


I reacted surprisingly.

It was then I realized I was reincarnated in another world.

"Oh my gosh, Dear! We're so glad you're alright! You fell down the stairs so badly!"

A woman who looked like a duchess hugged me so hard. She had a brown hair and brown eyes. I thought I was gonna choke to death when she hugged me. 

"I... can't... breathe."

I managed to say those words.

"Honey, calm down. Val cannot breathe."

A man appeared. He must be the husband. He had curly black hair and green eyes. They both looked so radiant. 

It was then the woman stopped hugging me.

"Oh, dear. We're so glad."

That man also hugged me. The heck! I heard "crack" sounds all over my body.

"Are you trying to kill me?!"

I yelled at them and they all looked very shocked.

"Honey, please call the doctor. Val is still unwell. Our baby is yelling at us. It doesn't make sense."

Said the woman to her husband.

"I am very sorry but I'm not your daughter. I don't remember all of you."

I explained to them. Because of that, that woman cried so hard.

"What's happening to our baby? She forgot all of us."

After that, the doctor came in and checked me. He diagnosed that I have an amnesia. Really? Not so fast.

"I don't have an amnesia!"

I said with all my heart.

"What are you saying? You are Valkyrie Evergreen! You're the only daughter of Duke Evergreen and the fiancée of our Kingdom's Crown Prince!"

Another man popped out of nowhere and said that. He had this black hair and green eyes. So gorgeous! 

P.S. He's very handsome. 

"Like I said I'm not Valkyrie!"

I was very determined.

Daughter of who? Fiancée of who? To hell with that.

"Val, listen to your older brother."

Said the duchess.

"My lord... Due to the shock, it appears that the lady lost all her memories and apparently, we all need to guide her to remember again. Please don't force my lady, it might worsen her condition."

The doctor explained.

After that day, I was showered with attention the next day. We were all eating in the dining table.

"Dear, do you want to go shopping?"

It seemed that the woman before was my mother and the Duchess.

"Yes, dear. You can buy everything."

And her husband was my father and the Duke.

"I'm fine. I don't need everything."

I answered so coldly.

They all looked so sad.

"Val, you also need to enjoy. It might help your condition to go out and have fun."

It looked like my older brother had something to say.

I don't have any older brothers before but it appears I have two older brothers now as Valkyrie.

The one who told me that I'm Valyrie and the one I'm dining with is my second brother, Vin. My first brother, Vandrel, is not present at the moment because he is serving the crown prince as his knight attendant. I'm really not used to it because I am an only child as Klea before.

"I appreciate your concern but I'm okay, brother Vin."

I said.

"Oh, do you want to visit the Crown Prince, Alexander, my dear?"

Mother seemed to liven up the mood by mentioning the Crown Prince.

"I'm not interested, Mother."

With this body, I'm already tied with the Crown Prince. Are you kidding with me? I want to be free.

"Are you really Valkyrie?"

My brother, Vin, dropped his fork.

"Why are you so shocked?"

I managed to ask them. Honestly, all of them were shocked. 

"Dear, you're madly in love with Alexander. Do you not want to marry him?"

They asked.

Well, that must have been true if it's the real Valkyrie but I'm not.

"I realized that I was shallow before."

Just how much did you spoil this girl?

"The Crown Prince do not love me and he has a lover. I do not wish to marry someone who do not love me. I want to cancel this marriage."

I heard all of these news from Dianne, my personal maid and the one who was there beside me when I opened my eyes to this world.

"You can-!"

Vin was cut off when a messenger from the royal palace came.

"My lady, Valkyrie Evergreen, you are invited to visit the royal palace. This is an order from the King."

Really? Can I not attend?

I was invited by the King.

Yes, I was invited so...

"Why are you here, brother?"

I asked my brother, Vin.

"Mother insisted that I should come with you knowing that you're not in a good condition."

He explained.

"What? I am in a good condition!"

I yelled.

"See? Our Valkyrie is the sweetest angel. She won't ever yell just like that. That's exactly why Mother is very worried."

I couldn't really argue with that. I am not really Valkyrie.

"Presenting, the Royal Highness, the King!"

When they opened that huge door, the King appeared in front of us. Oh my gosh, everything inside the palace is made of gold. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"What the-!"

I reacted. After that, Vin tapped my back. He must have been really nervous about me.

"It's good to see you, Lady Valkyrie."

The King smiled at me.

"Good day, your grace. You are looking radiant as always."

I lift my skirt and bowed. Vin also bowed together with me.

The King allowed us to stand afterwards.

"I heard you had an accident."

He seemed worried.

"Yes, your grace. Luckily, nothing serious happened."

I explained.

"But it seems like you're still in not a good condition, with Sir Vin here as your escort."

He added.

You knew and you asked me travel and come here?

"Valkyrie was still shocked due to the accident."

Vin also explained.

"Really? I hope you'll enjoy your time here."

The King responded.

"Presenting, the Crown Prince!"

The door opened again as the Crown Prince Alexander made his entrance.

"You're here, Alex? Good timing."

The King was pleased and directed his gaze towards me.

"Lady Valkyrie is here. Should you be her escort?"

It looked like he wanted to match the two of us.

"I'm afraid I cannot, your grace."

I declined.

Everyone was so shocked.

"I am still in not a good condition. I hope you'll consider my situation."

I closed my eyes and bowed again.

"I am sorry to hear that. Of course, you can leave now."

The King ordered.

"I am very pleased, my King."

I bowed again. After that, I opened the topic of cancelling my engagement with the crown prince.

"My King, you are the father of this nation and I am one of your children. The one who's part of your nation. As one of your children, I want you to honor a wish of mine."

Finally, I said it!

"Oh? What do you desire, Lady Valkyrie?"

He sounded like it's the first time I ever asked him about something.

"I want to cancel my marriage to the crown prince."

I said with all my heart.


The king reacted.


Vin was about to stop me but it's too late.

"I do not wish to marry the crown prince!"

I added.

"I am saying this out of the blue, your grace. I want to live my life as free as possible."

The king looked so shocked, same with the crown prince, Alexander.

"Why, Lady Valkyrie? Did my son offend you in some way?"

Well, aside from being a cheater, nothing else. He's not my type.

"No, your grace. The crown prince has been very gentle with me. He is everything a woman would ever dream of. That's exactly why I don't deserve him."

I explained.

"What the hell are you saying, Valkyrie?"

Alexander, the crown prince, blurted. Shut up, you whore! 

"Due to the accident, I seemed to have lost mostly of my memories. I heard that in exchange for my brother's loyalty, his highness the crown prince must marry me. I was very foolish."

I looked at him seriously.

"If being happy means sacrificing my older brother's life, I'd rather not be happy at all. That's why I would like to have my brother, the House Evergreen's heir, back."

I added.

"I can't seem to grasp the situation right now, Lady Valkyrie. You have been engaged to Alexander ever since you're five years old. I thought you said you loved him before."

The King was very confused.

"It is true that I loved him but I realized that I love myself more. I will be very happy if you'll grant my wish, my King."

I smiled.

Finally, I can go home and rest all day.



The King responded.

"I would like Lady Valkyrie to be my real daughter. I'm afraid I can't grant your wish, my lady."

He added.

"Your grace, please!"

I was about to cry. I don't even want to marry your idiotic son. Please save meeee!

"Although that's what I love to do, I would give you a chance to make your wish come true."

He said.


My eyes sparked.

"Have you heard of nobles who suddenly disappeared before? They were just like what you wanted. They gave up their titles."

What's your point now?

"Our kingdom was divided by status even way back before. Status is everything but what happens when you give up all of what you have now? You'll become nobody."

He explained.

"If you want to give up the title, you must become a witch."

A witch?



"I'll gladly become a witch if that's what it takes to be free."

I smiled.

"I guess you made up your mind."

The king smiled too.

"Lady Valkyrie Evergreen, you must become a witch within the next three months. If you fail, you will marry the crown prince immediately but if you succeed, your life will be completely yours. That is all!"

After that, the King left.

Yes, I did it.

Yeah, I did it but...

"Brother, have mercy on me."

Vin made me kneel outside the palace.

"What are you thinking? How could you become a witch? You couldn't even feed yourself. How will you be able to survive the enchanted forest?"

The enchanted forest is the place where all magical creatures, wizards and witches live. It's like the other side of the kingdom. That's why, the King couldn't touch that place.

"I can do it!"

I said.

"Mother will faint upon hearing this absurdity."

Vin touched his head.

"By the way, Brother Vin, let's go get Brother Vandrel."

I suggested.

"Are you even listening?" 

He said but a minute after he gave in to my cuteness.

After that, we went to the training grounds. There, we met my first brother.


When he saw me, he lifted me so high.


I reacted.

"Did you miss your older brother, my cute sister?" 

Omg, he smiled. Very handsome! My brother Vandrel had a silky brown hair and green eyes just like mine. The Evergreen family had always been born with green eyes. 

I don't have brother before but after becoming Valkyrie, it's really reassuring.

"You also came, Vin? Why are you two here? Do you want to visit the crown prince? "

He put me down and asked us. Who the hell want to visit that cheater? I wanted to end things with him permanently! 

"We're here to take you home."

I grabbed his left hand. 

"Let's go home, brother Van!"

I exclaimed. 


He seemed shocked. 

I hope that in this next life, I'll make myself happy.